I strongly think we should stop using fossil fuels and polluting the air. Instead, we should use renewable energy such as wind energy, hydroelectric energy and solar energy. If we keep using fossil fuels there will be none left, and there would be toxic chemicals in the air.

We could put solar panels on roof tops so homes can make their own electricity. Solar panels take less space too. Burning fossil fuels also increases climate change. We should also continue wind energy expansion.

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Larry Skow

Issac: Excellant letter. Let me ask you this. On your ideas. what is possible without fossil fuels/petrochemicals? Take oil out you then have have no film for solar panels. No rosins/fiberglass for wind turbine blades now bear in mind they have wood frame so trees are cut down. How do you forge steel an metals needed for frames etc? How do you make tires for your bicycles? Carbon fiber you say can replace them---sorry made out of asphalt oil. Plastics? sorry petro chemicals. One can't grow enough soybeans for bioplastics. Now that said lot of small tweaks could be done. All the refineries, all the power plants could an should of been injecting their exhaust gasses deep into earths crust. technology is there to do so. CHEAP! In the end shareholder/stock holders are demanding a high rate of return on their investment--there lies the problem why we have some of the issues we have. Not even the local hog farmer/feedlot owner wants to spend a few pennies per head to make the manure better quality fertilizer so it pollutes less. It all can be done the world could be cleaner place for sure. But in the end we will still need fossil fuels.

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