This is written in response to the “Point of View” column by Yankton County Commissioner Dan Klimisch (“Focusing on Solutions,” Press & Dakotan, May 7).

Fact! Yankton County has one of the more restrictive ordinances in the state. Tightening these regulations on ag producers only serves to limit producer and ag business opportunities.

Fact! The current suggested changes to the ordinance authored by Dan Klimisch and John Harper completely eliminates livestock feeding operations from the definition of agriculture and does not place it anywhere else. That is not compromise.  

Fact! By excluding hunting/game farms and salvage yards from needing a CUP, it appears to benefit your family, Dan.

Fact! Allowing a decrease in property tax assessment for properties without actual sales data to support your position promotes a self-fulfilling prophecy and hurts our county.

Fact! The current zoning ordinance requires a CUP for anything over 999 animal units, not 1! By changing the interpretation of the ordinance, members of this commission has left it implied that a CUP is needed for any amount of livestock.  

Fact! The commission must follow the ordinance in order to change it! Following the ordinance as written would save Yankton County many lawsuits.  

My recommendation to the County Commission: Use your resources. You have talented people that can help the commission follow the law if you listen to them. Please make any changes that the public supports, but be transparent and legal. Back-door changes occurring during a pandemic when little public input is possible and when our farmers and ag businesses are at their busiest shows lack of consideration and continues to harbor ill will.

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Danny's credibility is mostly non-existent at this point. His voice is now virtually irrelevant on the Planning Commission, County Commission, and in the community at large. His 'lie first and then lie later' approach has alienated himself from just about everyone (minus some sycophants). He should resign for the greater good of the county and to help end his disgrace.

Larry Skow

Odd isn't it that politicians families on all levels of goverment always seem to benefit the most? Democrats are for working class. Republican Parties color is Red. Communist party motto is we are for working man. Communist party color is red. Seems communist party favors family members in rulings an positions. Odd or Irony? Any party in control to long is not good for average Joe.

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