My friend, Amber Cimburek, ended up in the hospital & now needs both prayers & help finishing her Fostercare Scholarship Program, so PLEASE read my request.

Amber needs to fill a Mosaic grid up with photos. The finished photo mosaic will be presented to the high school she graduated from in Yankton. Each person who submits their photo into her “Acts of Kindness” gift being made for her Program project ... gets a free download copy! Plus, she’s giving out some “Thank you for helping” gfts: You could be one?

But with Amber in the hospital dealing with her health concerns, I’m doing my part to help her. We ALL need to chip in:

• Submit a photo; it does cost to put the photograph in, but that is how she is raising funds to send Fostercare to College & it’s only $20/ the price of 1 delivered pizza & certainly we can give up 1 pizza to change her life .... I’ve been out of work since mid-March due to my right kidney & I found a way to help. All I’m asking is that you do this one time favor for me to help her.

Thank you for understanding, caring, & helping her to finish. I’m hoping we can help her finish BEFORE she gets out of the hospital.

Then perhaps one step of kindness more by asking three people to do the same; Amber will have a good thing to look forward to when she gets back home.

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