I am from Brookings High School. I am president of the Student Council, BHS Republicans and the Turning Point USA Chapter. We could be saving money on mowers, gas, and government employees while reducing CO2 emissions, but instead we’d rather mow random patches of grass. I want to raise the issue of wasteful spending and loss of natural environment to the public’s attention. The amount of manpower, money, and CO2 that comes from mowing land senselessly may seem like a small issue, but it’s an issue that can be fiscally and environmentally impactful. This is a bipartisan issue with a common ground solution all philosophies can get behind.

Steps that can be taken are by putting regulations on the government and forcing them to write why they’re mowing the grass. They must have a legitimate, useful reason as to why they are mowing in order to mow; otherwise, they will not be allowed to mow the area. Some reasons may be waterflow, bug control, or any other issue that is solved by mowing the grass.

This is a significantly bipartisan issue that would be very appreciated by having your support. There are big names supporting the cause on both sides of the aisle such as Fred Frerichs, a local farmer and former state senator. You can join the movement by looking up Regulate Government Mowing on Change.org.

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OK Jonny. Important stuff there. [lol][lol]


Hi Iman! Maybe it's not an issue that will be streamed on Fox News or CNN for 24 hours, but it's definitely an issue that helps save money while preserving the environment!

E pluribus

This IS important stuff, Johnathan. And I’m not ridiculing you like Iman is.

Iman is an old man and will be dead before the ravages of climate change hit your generation and the generations to follow.

Unfortunately for you, his generation and the politicians they’ve elected are leaving you young folks with a challenge you’re just beginning to appreciate. Your generation will have to select better leaders than the science-deniers now in charge. And you’ll need more than a bipartisan effort. You’ll need to make common cause with young folks across the planet as the seas rise and extreme weather hits the interior of every continent. Good luck!

Jolly Roger

You’ve taught young Johnathon an important lesson, Iman.

Some old men stomp on the optimism of youth.

Progress is best made when they are ignored.


Way to go, Iman! Squelching youthful optimism wherever it may arise.

Remember: “Don’t ever be ashamed of yourself. That was your parents’ job.”

Friedrich Farmer

You may have thought your suggestions were so “common sense” they would receive bipartisan support. But that’s not the world you’re growing up in.

Unfortunately, Iman is emblematic of the way Boomers have split themselves into two warring factions. The result for your generation is that you’re inheriting a planet with a deteriorating climate and government with a huge and growing deficit.

The sooner your generation realizes your elders are squandering your future, the sooner you can begin to fix things. Might as well get started now. And you have. Good for you. And good luck.

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