I have written about this before and was told they will no longer place name addresses on streets that are on private property.

OK, here we go again: My street address is 105 Beaver Lane, Yankton. I have lived here for six years, paid taxes and everything else others do on all other streets. The thing is our address is not listed on GPS, so therefore we do not exist when it comes to deliveries, ambulances, DoorDash, etc., and now I want to voice my opinion about this new law on IRS being able to watch our bank accounts. I am angry; I should quit paying taxes. If I don’t exist, why am I paying taxes on something that does not exist? I ordered something for Door dash and there is no way to let them know that I do not live by Utica.

Something needs to be done.


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Carol, I’ve had the same issue. My house built in 1962, inside the city limits. Had a fire and watched the fire truck drive right on past going to a wrong GPS location.

So how do you get it fixed? Your not going to get it fixed by trying to talk to Google. They don’t know who you are and probably don’t care.

You get it fixed by the county. More specifically by County EMS located on Capitol Street just north of 8th St. once I found the right place, it was an easy fix and the EMS people were more than helpful. It will take some time got Google to update their mapping software, so hang in there.


Carol, I can't help you with the address issue, but as far as the IRS watching our bank accounts, my plan is to do a $600 transfer between my banks daily, every day of the week, I can set it up to do it automatically, don't care what it costs me, and wait for my warning from Joe Biden and his IRS team that I am being watched for suspicious activity. Yet another action by this administration that makes zero sense except to those that don't mind having their freedoms taken away by this socialist administration. So everyone knows, this is part of the $3.5 trillion dollar "infrastructure" plan the democrats are trying to pass, bank transfers as part of infrastructure, wow, you people need to go and read what is in this bill, it will scare the heck out of you (except to the socialists, they will love it).


[thumbdown]. Way off topic.

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