I was pleased to read the Yankton School District is resisting Gov. Noem’s imposed dictation about our school classes. I am biased on this issue because all three of my kids attended YSD preschool through high school and our school district did a very good job with course material and providing a solid education such that our eldest enrolled in the Air Force, another earned a degree in biology from USD, currently working in a lab, and our youngest is enrolled at USD.

What is more fundamental than for our public schools to make our own decisions on educating our children? Was there a ground swell from all the state school systems in asking for social study standards? What drove the Governor’s decision and why does she know better than our educators?

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Re-elect Biden

Couldn't agree more with this letter, as a democratic party we need to stick together to show the republicans in this nation that they are on the wrong side of education. We need to do as our democratic party leaders want, we need to do as our local democratic leaders want, keeping republican ideals, keeping opposing opinion's out of the discussion, is what matters more than anything, doing this keeps our way of life safe and secure and it insures our children will have the same thoughts and opinions as our own and our leaders.


Who’s writing your stuff, “Re-elect Biden”?

You sound like what Abe and Larry (or our dearly departed VoiceforAllTrumpsters) imagine is a stereotypical “FoxNews liberal.”

If - in the unlikely event you’re for real - your clueless, snowflake demeanor reminds me of the old saying:

“With friends like this, who needs enemies?”

Re-elect Biden

Now that is the second time you have accused me of this SoDakD, not sure if you are the moderator of this forum or just a bully? Am I saying something wrong? Am I not supporting the democratic party the way I am supposed to be? I've been a lifelong liberal and now I don't appear to be meeting the expectations of someone like you whom appears to be more knowledgeable than most on the topics on this forum. If you are indeed the moderator, I guess you have the power of removing my comments before they appear or at least you can tell me what comments are acceptable and which are not?


What you call “bullying” I call “observing the obvious,” Re-elect Biden.

Which is either that someone is trolling us with a representation of a hopelessly sycophantic liberal or that’s just what you actually are.

Either way, I’m likely to call it out when such slavish drivel is posted on this forum.

Like the following:

…what matters more than anything, doing this keeps our way of life safe and secure and it ensures our children will have the same thoughts and opinions as our own and our leaders.” 🔺[Give me a break. 🤦‍♂️ So your kids have to be sycophants too?]🔺

“We need to put an end to people thinking they know what is best and let our political leaders decide and tell us what is right.” 🔺[A lot easier than thinking.]🔺

“It is a shame the republicans can't be like us democrats, one leader, one voice, one way. 🔺[Do you even read the news? There are all kinds of factions within the Democratic Party (ask Joe Manchin or Kyrsten Sinema or AOC. Only the madness of the Maga folks keeps them more or less united.]🔺

“Our party is much better off than the mess the republicans are in having to deal with debates and discussions, that needs to stop.” 🔺[Debate and discussion is what a healthy democracy needs, and there is a lot of it in the Democratic Party (see above comment)].🔺

“Ok, so why is our own White House Counsel working to find more classified documents in President Biden's possession? Time to move on. Who cares?” 🔺[This sounds like Trumpster nonsense making excuses for their Dear Leader. Everyone should care if national security is threatened.]🔺

“Biden is the President, he needs to gather the troops and get everyone on the same page and keep this information from getting out, right? We are losing control of social media.” 🔺[Nobody has control of social media, and “keeping information from getting out is a coward's last resort.]🔺

“Never forget the so many lives 🔺[Five at the most.]🔺lost on that day, never forget the total destruction 🔺[“total destruction”? The attack caused approximately $1.5 million worth of damage to the U.S. Capitol building.]🔺 of our capital building…”

🔺[Exaggeration doesn’t help make even a valid point. However, it does make you look like an ignorant idiot.]🔺

“Does Shane really think what he says matters anyways, thankfully it doesn't and the sooner he realizes our party is in complete control the better off he will be.” 🔺[“complete control ”? Did you happen to notice that the Trumpsters took over the house?]🔺

“Does anyone in America even care that we are selling our strategic reserves to China? What's this going to mean to our close relationship with China?” 🔺[There's no “close relationship with China.” In fact, Biden is making a bipartisan push to contain China both economically and militarily.]🔺

“The democrats need to step up and push to get our oil reserves sold, I assume China needs it more than we do since President Biden has been doing this for so long now, what am I missing?” 🔺[What you’re missing is the least shred of credibility.]🔺

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