I would like to talk about vaccines and how they have impacted our world. The history of vaccines dates back over 200 years and has helped prevent the spread of many infectious diseases. Tuberculosis, papilloma virus, chickenpox and many more infectious diseases have been lowered in number because of vaccines. The Carter Foundation has helped nations that are impoverished by providing needed medical care and vaccines.

With the current pandemic, the impact of vaccines and their study can be felt everywhere. The course that a vaccine must take to be approved can take months to years for it to be able to be used in the public. For example, the Gardasil series was under testing for a year and a half before they gave it to a test group. The four years that the series has been out it is estimated that two-thirds of the age group received the vaccine and the cancer outcomes for that generation will be down by 75%.

Although vaccines are important and a need in society, some populations do not like vaccinations and will refuse to have them. Some of these populations include the Amish, anti-vax groups and immigrants. These populations are usually covered by what is known as herd immunity, but that may not be enough anymore. With the herd immunity, at least 93% of the population must be vaccinated, otherwise there can be outbreaks in those that do not have the antibodies. An example would be a measles outbreak in an elementary school because of a new student that was originally homeschooled.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), newer illnesses like the COVID-19 and Human Immunodeficiency Virus /Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome are more difficult to find a vaccine for because they can go back and forth between species.

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