Stop and think about the push to be “green.”

Think about the materials needed to go green and where they come from. E.V. batteries contain lithium/cobalt/copper/nickel. Lithium is a salt, and it takes an extreme amount of water to process one ton — 500,000 gallons plus. Deposits lie in areas it is scarce. Cobalt comes from Congo area — child labor is used for mining it, and again, water is used. Copper is mined. Again, there’s likely not enough copper to sustain industries. Just Google clean Wind turbines? Again metals used. Blades are made of wood/aluminum/carbon fiber covered in fiberglass. It takes oil to get all materials. Carbon fiber? Made from heavy crude. Biden just shut down a valuable source in Keystone pipeline! John Kerry himself admitted on Jan 27 2021, if the U.S. shut off all emissions on that date, it would not make a bit of difference in world climate change. Google it.

Why is there no uproar over SpaceX rocket launches? Rockets burn 60 gallons a second and are huge emitters of CO2. Isn’t that what we are trying to shut down?

FYI John Kerry flew to meeting on Jan. 27 in his private Jet. It wasn’t an E.V jet either.

Solar power? That photo electric film is made from oil.

Can you spell “BOONDOGGLE”? And when did politicians ever have our best interest at heart?  

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Friedrich Farmer

This Skow guy has an inexhaustible reservoir of silly, half-baked ideas that prove - to him, apparently - that there is no hope for humanity.

If there are more like him lurking in the backwaters of Colorado, let’s hope they stay there.

Chicken Little

The Sky is Falling‼️ The Sky is Falling‼️ And we must tell the King‼️


Has anyone noticed that Mr. Skow is always lambasting everyone for not “offering solutions”?

Even as he enumerates what he sees as insurmountable problems due to the hopeless perfidy of humankind.

At least he’s always good for a chuckle.


Thanks, Mr. Skow.

On March 4th the President Trump will be sworn into office, and all the liberal pedophiles will be jailed. Some will be executed.

Then your detractors will discover the Truth of Q.

Where we go one, we go all!

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