Here we go. The evidence is piling up more and more. It appears Mr. Trump was right about China turning the virus loose to poison an control the world. Dr. Flip Flop aka, Dr. Fauci & his cohorts likely had a hand in it. Appears our own taxpayer money was used against us. Is this not treason? Obama highly likely involved as others.

Where is the outrage? Where are the mighty Democrats not calling/supporting all out investigation? The sheep are being lead to the slaughter house. Are they going to put Gov. Cuomo in charge? He has the experience. Where are the mighty voices of Democrat outrage at his actions? Plus the ME TOO movement has grown still. Silenced with money?

Why does the left wish to destroy the USA? The system, while not perfect (but name one which is), worked for them. It made them what they are.

Racism you say? How did Obama rise to the top? Maxine Waters? And number of other folks of color.

And plenty of Republicans have blood on hands, as well.

It’s time to do what is right for citizens of USA. Not what is right for party affiliation. We are a federation of states. We the citizens can take back the swamp. It starts by eliminating the corruption. Bottom up. Want Facebook/Twitter to straighten up? Drop it from your life. We control our own destiny. Stop being sheep. Do what is right!

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Yankton resident

Larry: I will do what is right, I am responding to you incoherent comments.

You ask the question, "where is the outrage?", It is with you and all your co-conspirators.

You ask why is it not being investigated? It is being investigated. Please begin, at some point in your life, to be informed rather than to pass around baseless information.

You made a statement that Dr. Fauci and former President Obama had a hand in releasing the COVID virus to control world population. Please prove that for me with evidence that is factual and undisputed. I know you won't because you can't.

You, Larry are not a part of the solution, you are part of the problem, by passing on all your unsubstantiated QANON theories with no proof or substantial evidence. You should be ashamed of yourself, but I know you aren't because of the lack of your intellectual ability. I am so sorry for you.


Ah another leftist covidian cult member still attacks Larry without answering a key question. Why was Fauci involved in the Wuhan Lab a couple years before this virus hit in 2020? You leftists are the dumbest people I have ever seen. I mean dementia Joe and kamlaho? What an embarrassment.

Yankton resident

bmbb1234: I can answer that. Can you? Simply put it was a multi-national deal. And guess what else, Trump was part of it and Fauci was working for Trump at the time. It has to be put simply for you extremist Qanons like yourself to understand, as you folks do not know how to research and fail to accept the truth, facts, and evidence even when it is put in front of you. Your only goal is to attempt to exonerate anyone whom you support and to never accept scientific fact and truth if it might harm those you support. Intellectual ability is difficult for those such as you to understand, as you would have to do actual research and accept truth, rather than to quote your crazy Qanon theories, attempting to push that garbage off as truth even after those theories have been proven wrong time after time. There is simply no hope for some.

Mr. T

How happy Trumpsters will be if they can bring down Fauci and draw attention away from Trump’s incompetence that resulted in more Covid deaths than any other nation in the world.

Trump's willful negligence was exposed when he declared in a taped interview with journalist Bob Woodward on February 7, that he knew that COVID-19 was airborne and 'deadly stuff,' but he wanted to 'play it down.'

The results are evident. The body count tells the story. Our own bmbb1234, says “leftists are the dumbest people.” But they DO know how to count. And the numbers don’t lie.

But back to Fauci. At this point most scientists say it's possible- but not likely - that the pandemic virus was engineered or manipulated. Experts still call it unlikely though worth investigating. And despite right wing hysterics - that still remains to be proven.

And if the virus WERE engineered, it also remains to be proven that China, in fact, sacrificed so many of its own people to intentionally release it on the rest of the world.

And actually it is being investigated. U.S. intelligence agencies are redoubling their efforts to investigate the origins of the coronavirus.

And come to think of it, didn't we all see the January 6th violent insurrection on TV? Why are Trumpsters blocking a commission to investigate that?

This is Trump’s usual playbook - blame someone else for his own biggest failings.

And what better person to attack than Doctor Fauci who has done more than any other person to help contain this virus. Because of this, he still remains more popular than both ex-president Trump and President Biden


Larry! We meet again so soon, old pal! Golly, another unproven conspiracy. It’s really so hard to keep up with you … 🤦🏻‍♂️

It’s a long list of doubtful conspiracies you're accumulating. But I won’t be distracted. I’m still waiting for you to make a response to a previous unsubstantiated claim. And it’s one that can easily be determined by examining public court records.

If you remember - after your charges of serious Democratic corruption - E pluribus challenged you to come up with as many folks who fell afoul of the law in the last THREE Democratic administrations as there were in just ONE term of the Trump administration.

I’ll send another copy of his list shortly, good buddy! Maybe this time…?

Old Hugh

I’ve got this covered, Clown. Don’t rob an old man of a simple retirement pastime.

Keeping on top of Larry’s serial conspiracy mongering is like weeding dandelions or brushing your teeth.

It’s never “ One and Done.”


I agree with you on some of your points Larry, not all but that is what makes America great, at least for now, we can agree to disagree, unless you are a liberal and then it is their way or you are a racist, homophone, etc. etc., whatever the new label is that they come up with to make you look like a bad person. But this is typical leftist playbook items, deflect the questions and change the subject to push their own socialist agenda, getting pretty common amongst today's democratic party. Where is the outrage over the Minnesota Rep. Omar comments on comparing Israel and the U.S. to terrorists states, the media will bury it and bring up something else with Trump. I am fascinated about how they are pushing the critical race theory, their new push, keep an eye on that people, they are pushing socialism harder and harder, it is just he beginning. Also, look how they are starting to rename things like "mothers", they want them to be called "birthing people" so no one gets offended, really, shouldn't this offend mothers? Quit towing the socialist line all you democrats and look at what your leadership is doing to this country before it is too late. God help us all.


Here you go, Larry. I am going to do “tag team“ duty with Old Hugh.

E pluribus is too measured to keep hassling idiots like you.

But I (and presumably Old Hugh) have no such compunctions.


PAUL MANAFORT, Trump campaign chair. On financial misdeeds in special counsel Robert Mueller investigation. RICK GATES,​ Paul Manafort’s deputy on financial misdeeds in special counsel Robert Mueller investigation. LT. GENERAL MICHAEL FLYNN, ​Trump’s first national security adviser. Pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI. MICHAEL COHEN, the president's former longtime fixer and personal attorney. Pleading guilty to making false statements to Congress as well as a separate campaign finance and tax crime case bought by federal prosecutors in Manhattan. DUNCAN HUNTER R-CA, one of the earliest Trump supporters in Congress. Pleaded guilty to conspiring to misuse $250,000 of campaign funds for his personal expenses. Rep. CHRIS COLLINS​ R-N.Y., on charges related to securities fraud conspiracy and making false statements. SAM PATTEN, Washington-based lobbyist pleaded guilty to illegally funneling foreign money into Trump's inaugural committee. GEORGE PAPADOPOULIS, Trump campaign's former foreign policy adviser, convicted of lying to investigators. GEORGE NADER, businessman and lobbyist with ties to the Trump world pleaded guilty to charges related to child sex trafficking and child pornography possession. ROGER STONE,​ Veteran GOP operative and longtime Trump adviser. Found guilty on all seven counts related to false statements to Congress, obstruction of justice and witness tampering.


RUDY GIULIANI, ​Trump's personal lawyer.​ ​ Under criminal investigation for his business relationship with two men arrested in an alleged campaign finance scheme. LEV PARNAS ​&​ IGOR FRUMAN, Rudy’s associates. Accused of circumventing election laws that prohibit straw donations and foreign contributions to federal political campaigns, including a super PAC supporting President Trump's re-election campaign. BOB KRAFT New England Patriots owner and a close personal friend of Trump's, a Mar-a-Lago member who gave $1 million to the inaugural committee and who faces charges in Florida related to alleged solicitation of prostitution. IMAAZ ZUBERI. Gave $900,000 to the Trump inaugural committee, was indicted last October for allegedly making illegal foreign straw donation, violating foreign lobbying laws and evading taxes

Old Hugh

Please, Clown, I’ve got this covered. Don’t rob an old man of a simple retirement pastime.

Keeping on top of Larry’s serial conspiracy mongering is like weeding dandelions or brushing your teeth.

It’s never “ One and Done.”


Democrats are trying to destroy America.

This is quite true. Democrats are trying to change the principles that have shaped America since its beginning: principles of greed, of exploitation, of excessive consumption of resources, of honoring the wealthy and ignoring the poor.

Democrats would like to make our country a place where there is greater opportunity for people who have been oppressed or mistreated, and where our abundance is more evenly distributed.

Democrats want to make housing, food, education and health care available to everyone. They have a vision of an America that functions well, because when everyone has their basic needs met all can contribute to a healthy, prosperous nation.


That’s a fine list of right-wing culture war issues you’ve got there, Mr. VoiceforAll.

How well they feed Trumpster outrage while conveniently ignoring the hundreds of thousands of unnecessary covid deaths and a violent, treasonous insurrection that resulted from your man’s presidency.

How very significant it is that the FBI is not finding any of your despised “socialists“ among the Trumpster traitors who stormed our capital…

And do you really think historians will rank Minnesota Rep. Omar comments as a commensurate offset to this deadly reality?

BTW: You need to pick another name. Your postings always feature an “us versus” them theme. Clearly you don’t even want to be a “voice for all.“ Who picked such a silly and inaccurate moniker anyway?

Larry Skow

Seems the great men of Oz have spoken. May I suggest all of you on left side. Start next week off reading LEGACY by James Michener. Also use your search engines for something besides The Great Pelosi. Seems even the EU is calling for investigation on Flip-Flop an point of origin. But Also Why in Bidens budget--why are we still funding Wuhan Lab? Read the budget its line item. But we should all be asking viable questions. As far a Jan 6. senate report blames lack of training/prep on Capitol Police dept. Who is in charge of Capitol police dept? Why none other then SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE--Nancy Pelosi! Maybe while you at it. Google Harris/trip to Guatemala/Mexico. She came home as they told her to leave an border is Biden policy fault. People you can't not face the facts. Not dodge the question. Start with Legacy. Now it is more complicated then your usual see Spot run book. Have good day folks until I express my opinion again--an I will. I can make the fire an take the heat. An I understand the left hunts in packs. But they have no teeth. All Bark. Also I have no clue what Q is nor care. Does seem Yankton Resident is very well versed on it. Double Agent? I belong to no Blog sites face book bull don't twitter. I am my own man I blaze my own trail. But Yankton Resident seems to fallow the Q. How Odd.

Larry Skow

Also seems Democrats are always preaching the are for working man. yet one never sees HELP WANTED: DEMOCRAT OWNED COMPANY WILL PAY $12 hr. MORE THEN THE REPUBLICAN YOU WORK FOR NOW. Odd how you never see that. Also Yankton Resident is all up on this depopulation he talks about. I never brought that up. yet he won't talk about dr. flip flop finding research at Wuhan. Records show it started under Obama. Funding is in Biden's budget for continued funding. Democrats continue to chase the monkey around the mulberry bush. yet never address the root cause. Harris was told by 3 presidents of countries to GO HOME-your admin. is cause of Border issue. A.O.C own grandmother counters her by saying Trump is not at fault for Puerto Rico's troubles. The fault lays with OUR ISLANDS POLITICIANS--democrat by the way. But where is the ME TOO crys on Gov. Cuomo? Cuomo put the Covid sick in nursing homes! No one had to die from Covid--Ivermectin/Hydroxchloroquine cures it FAUCI knew this! CDC knew it. Dance around all you want Yankton Resident/Old Hugh/Clown Rus--you all fools an sheep. Dancing to the puppet masters tune. I bow my head to no man on this earth. Never have never will

Yankton resident

Larry: You are so ridiculous. Nothing you say is factual. Example; you state that you do not belong to face book, blogs, other social media, and you don't tweet. Such a lie, this is a blog and you are registered on it. Furthermore you state you have no clue what Qanon is, if that is truly a fact, then how can you say I follow it. That is such a lie also, because if you did not follow those conspiracy theories you could not make the statement that I follow them.

Larry, if there were anything truthful or factual in anything that you say, you might have some credibility, but you always prove yourself wrong. However, I did like the idea that you think I am a double agent. But you know that is a lie as well, don't you?

Larry Skow

Dear Yankton Resident/Old Hugh/Clown Rus. an all anti Trumpers. Read the new report that just came out. rememeber when Mr. trump was blamed by D.C Mayor an media for tear gassing protestors for photo op at church? Well report clears Mr. Trump. It was D.C Mayor Muriel Bowser that actually ordered the tear gassing! Report is now public. Gassed citizens an lied about it. For 1 year the Democrats have pushed lies on the matter. Also Jan 6 incident? Senate report actually blames lack of preparation/Training of Capitol police force. Who is in charge of such force? None other then the speaker of the House. In this case that is? Nancy Pelosi--what a shocker! Democrats in essence are at fault it appears. Biggest Oxymoron? ? At least in Yankton Cty? None other then a SMART PHONE owned by the 3 stooges Yankton Resident/Old Hugh/Clown Rus. Nation wide would be all Democrats. Well most there are some good ones.


If there’s one thing Larry says that we can all get behind, it would be when he says, “I blaze my own tail.”


Opps. That was supposed to be “trail.”

Though maybe “tail” is more appropriate…🤠

Yankton resident

Larry: I do not have a smart phone. You lie again. Just for your information I do things the old fashioned way, real research. You just cannot be trusted with anything Larry, it is all lies. Do yourself a favor and take a cold shower, it may help your thought process. Note, I did not say it would help, I simply stated that it may help. I haven't research the shower issue, but if I get bored I may.


I am no fan of Pelosi but if you want to throw someone under the bus be sure to have your facts straight.

"The jurisdiction of the United States Capitol Police centers on the United States Capitol building in Washington, D.C., the adjacent congressional (House and Senate) offices, and the Library of Congress buildings. This primary jurisdiction is about 270 acres (0.42 sq mi; 1.1 km2), with about 58 acres (0.091 sq mi; 0.23 km2) the Capitol-grounds itself.[4] The U.S. Capitol Police also have extended jurisdiction over parts of Northeast, Northwest, and Southwest Washington D.C.[5]

FOUR congressional committees have statutory oversight.[6] The authority of the Police Chief is, in many ways, restrained. The Capitol Police chief reports to the Capitol Police Board, a three-person group composed of the Senate and House Sergeants at Arms and the Architect of the Capitol."

So there are LOTS of people to answer for the insurrection, numerous accounts from FACTUAL reports of what really happened that day, but to say that since they "answer" to the speaker of the house Pelosi it was all her fault.

The Sergeant at Arms during the insurrection was Paul Irving who has service his position since 2011, but "resigned" on Jan 7th, 2021. Another man picked up the mantle right away but only held the office till April 2021, when he also "resigned". Now we have General W.J.Walker who according to research is a decorated individual with a amazing honorable service record. But people like Larry won't care about that, because of who appointed him.

Gimmy A. Breake

When folks like E pluribus and JMDrury

Drown Larry with facts, it should make him worry

‘Cause he only sinks; he doesn’t swim

And they each always get the best of him.

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