South Dakota and others have proven standard and flex-fuel autos operating on up to at least E40 are identical twins:

In 1987 the South Dakota Corn Utilization Council hired consultant chemical engineer Fred Anklam to see if the proposed E85 met the specifications to be an approved renewable alternative fuel. CEO Dan Iseminger successfully led the lobbying efforts, and when E85 pumps first became available, there were no factory-designated flex-fuel autos — though all were flex-fuel autos enabling many thousands of pioneering South Dakota big-vision leaders/others to blend to at least E40.

Five years later, factory designated flex-fuel autos became available to blend to at least E40 and, like standard auto owners, they consistently reported and today report: “I save money, have more power and can’t tell a mileage difference.”

Iseminger also wrangled an invitation to the White House gaining President Bush’s permission to road test the nation’s first E85 car or a 1988 Corsica affectionately known as the South Dakota corn car. At first, Lake Area Tech’s auto technician instructor, Al Kasperson, had to manually blend the E85 and tuned it in such a way that a 107-plus mph speeding ticket was the only problem as all modifications were completely removed.

South Dakota Cooperatives placed the nation’s first E85 blender pumps, and the Glacial Lakes Energy E30 challenge proved standard and flex-fuel autos are identical twins when comparing parts, power, mpg, etc.

Ethanol will gain 50% of South Dakota market share within 10 years.

Join other S.D. big-vision leaders at the Farmers Union convention Dec 11 at Aberdeen Ramkota to learn about “gasoline-gate” and write policy taking South Dakota ethanol market share to 50 percent within 10 years.

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In ten years we'll only have about a year until the end unless we ban "ALL" fuels. You know that darn climate change problem the dim/libs keep talking about. It's going to be hard at harvest time when all you have is a bicycle. Planting may be fun with a bike but harvesting will be very difficult.

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