Since June 2019, Xcel Energy has asked Public Utility Commissions for rate hikes in several states to fund wind and transmission line projects: Colorado (Rush Creek Wind Project), Texas (Hale Wind Project), New Mexico (Sagamore Wind Project) and Minnesota (Courtenay ND Wind Farm). How many times have we been told wind energy will decrease rates? Xcel Energy received $8.2 million from South Dakota taxpayers in 2017 for wind energy.

It was just reported in the Minneapolis Star Tribune that Xcel’s CEO is compensated $26 million a year! Xcel received so much money in production tax credits it hasn’t paid federal income tax from 2008-2015 and in 2018 made $1.4 billion but still got a $34 million rebate.

The next falsehood is that wind turbines are environmentally friendly. They are just the opposite, with each turbine using 900 tons of steel, 2,500 tons of concrete, 45 tons of non-recyclable plastic and 900# of rare earth elements plus the fossil fuels used to manufacture, deliver, erect and maintain them.

We are told wind developers and utility companies “make huge investments” but I only see taxpayers and rate payers making those investments.

Maybe some reporter should investigate the collusion between our state government, Public Utilities Commission, wind developers, lobbyists and our governor’s push for the Green New Deal. Just start following the money.

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Very amusing. Gregg. I agree, following the money is always instructive. When I Google “Bon Homme agricultural subsidies” and select “Search for farm subsidy recipients” I notice that you and your supporters get hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayer money to line your pockets. No doubt you’ll get some educated pushback on your spin of these other “facts” you’re spreading. But to many of us your hypocrisy is stunningly laughable.


Now Gregg! Don't be trying to bring facts into the discussion.

Jolly Roger

Iman! We’ve missed you. Mr. Hubner’s “alternative facts” fly in the face of progress being made in Wind Power everywhere. Did you know that despite the best efforts of Hubner and other naysayers and miscellaneous global warming deniers, South Dakota already produces over 30% of its electricity with wind? Someday we’ll be earning revenue by exporting our excess electricity. And as the Argus Leader wrote in September, “The rapid expansion of wind energy will reach across the state...” Instead of tilting at South Dakota’s wind turbines maybe you and Hubner should be joining the Flat Earth Society?

E pluribus

Mr. Hubner, I’ll let others comment on your take on the details, but I read your book, and you don’t say much about global warming, which you label a “phony threat.” The only other time your bring it up, you write, “ own opinion is that climate change is blown way out of proportion and may even be a political hoax altogether.” As South Dakota floods, and our seas rise, that’s all you have to say on the subject?! As the kids say, “OK, Boomer.”

Friedrich Farmer

We need new economic opportunities to replace the agricultural markets we’ve handed to the South Americans. Why can’t we develope wind power like the folks in Iowa?


I had not been aware that Mr. Hubner and his supporters enjoyed such taxpayer support. But I am puzzled about his detailed enumeration of the resources that go into each wind turbine. How is this worse than the resources that go into building coal-fired electric plants, oil drilling rigs and miles long oil pipelines?


I think if it is Mr Hubners point to take out the tax payers money from the development of wind energy, I for one dont want my tax money to be spent on supporting farmers anymore. The tax payers of this country pay a huge portion of a farmers crop insurance policey, prevented plnt program, market loss program (not sure if that is what it was called when China backed out on soybean purchases), livestock death loss due to weather, fence rebuilding due to flooding and on and on. Not to mention the tax breaks that are avaliable to ag producers. Were can a small business owner buy insurance to gaurentee a certian level of income if they have a bad year? A prevented work program if it is to wet? A market loss program if a compeditor gets a job and they dont? If you are worried about how tax payer money is wasted on wind energy you better look at the free handouts you and your family have gotten, are getting and will continue to take. Maybe lets look and the amount of steel, fossel fuel, rare earth metal and so on the are used in ag equipment. Am I bashing ag, no. Just trying to point out a few things how MY TAX MONEY is being spent on things I feel as unfair.

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