A week after a violent mob assaulted America’s Capitol, Gov. Kristi Noem explained it all: The problem wasn’t Donald Trump spewing the lie of a “stolen election.” Or her jetting to right-wing rallies around the nation echoing his bogus complaint. Or Noem’s McCarthyist slandering of Georgia’s new senators as communists. No, the answer was simple: Instead of learning our true and complex history, kids should be taught pride in our greatest nation ever. And she would provide the curriculum.

Perhaps Noem got through school without learning that democracy requires honoring truth, that the will of the voters must be respected, that name-calling shows you can’t win an argument on its merits, that demagoguery is the tool of tyrants, and that insurrection is a deadly crime against democracy. More likely, she simply believes that self-promotion and grasping power justifies any means. And she likes our history glossy.

Amazingly, the governor who spent months promoting Trump’s lies had the nerve to attend President Biden’s inauguration! I hope she heard the words of young poet Amanda Gorman: “Being American is more than a pride we inherit. It’s the past we stepped into and how we repair it.”

America is a great country, but it is not “unique,” as Noem suggests. If our democracy is brought down by demagoguery and insurrection, it will not be the first. So, if the governor is serious about educating young people to defend our democracy, here are some lessons:

• Truth matters. If we love our country, we reject cheaters and lies;

• Patriots defend democracy and respect the peoples’ votes;

• Put on a mask and do your job instead of showboating and telling teachers how to do theirs.

Our grandchildren must inherit more than pride. Let them inherit democracy, healthy air, water and land and devotion to truth.

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My goodness, this is sure opinion and statements that are also unproven. Not sure why this was posted.

Earth Man

The question was asked, “...why was this posted?” It was posted because it’s based on facts!




Make your case, Kate. If you can. One word won’t do it.

Jolly Roger

Kate, you’ve been on this feed as long as I have. And here, again, you weigh in with your approval of the Trumpster politics without actually making your position known.

So I’ll ask you the same questions I keep asking other Trumpsters.

Maybe you’ll answer. Maybe. But probably like all the other Trumpsters, you won’t. You're in good company. Trumpsters have no answer.

So here goes. Let’s see, your man has been caught 1)- inciting an armed insurrection, 2)- “downplaying” a runaway pandemic and 3)- thereby causing an economic collapse.

How about it, Kate, are you Trumpsters tired of winning yet?


Kate 70: [thumbup] Good for you. You know Poppycock when you see it. And don't fall for the trolls trying to bait you into a "discussion" that they have no intention of ever agreeing with you on anything. I've never agreed with much Jerry Wilson has written, but I will agree with him on one thing he said this time: "name-calling shows you can’t win an argument on its merits".


Thank you. Very well said.

Larry Skow

Looks like the Wilson Whine is rolling again. Always critical of everything the other side tries to do or says. Mr. Wilson I ask you. Why no solutions to the your whines? You are a writer. Why don't you ask to become involved with writing the Civics to be taught? Bring a solution to the issue. Put on your big boy pants an help solve the crisis. Democrats as a whole are fully of hypocrisy--name calling-whine-never the solution. Old Story that seems to hold true--just the names change. Goes like this. Give a Democrat a fish an you feed him for a day. Teach a democrat to fish and he will steal your rod, take your wallet, sexually assault the fish, then blame Gov. Noem or President Trump. seems to hold very true these days.


And we’ve become accustomed to YOUR whining on this feed, Larry. It always goes something like this: First you ignore all the disasters your man has brought upon us: I including but. Retail you not limits to:

✔️“Downplaying” and mishandling the worst pandemic in a hundred years ✔️Presiding over the subsequent economic collapse and ✔️Inciting an armed insurrection.

Then you whine that no one is stepping up to solve the problems your man has created.

But even though I chuckle at your whining, Larry I do defend your right to whine. Especially since folks like you are tearing the GOP apart.

And for that I’ll always be grateful.


Mr Skow i think you should practice what you preach, and you know nothing about life in South Dakota and how our governor does her job, We do need Civics taught in schools again. However Mrs Noem uses this subject as a smoke screen for all of her other bad policies


Well said!

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