China told the World Health Organization (WHO) that the VIRUS was not contagious, which in turn, the WHO told the world not to worry about the COVID 19 VIRUS. This was in January of this year. This was also related to Dr. Fauci, and to the Trump Administration. It was soon discovered that this was not true. That is when President Trump stopped all flights coming in from China. Joe Biden said that President Trump was a racist for stopping the flights from China.

If you vote for Biden/Harris, we will have higher taxes, more sanctuary cities and you will lose your private health insurance and all of us will come under Medicare.

Biden/Harris are for pro-abortion, defunding all police agencies, eliminate ICE and open our borders to everyone who wants to come in.

The Democratic Party supports the riots going on in Portland, Minneapolis, Seattle, Chicago, New York and the list goes on. WHY? People have lost jobs, business owners have lost their businesses and hundreds of millions of dollars have been lost. Again WHY? If you think the protests/riots are peaceful, as the Democrats and liberal media wants you to think, ask your smart phone to show riots in Portland, etc. You can also Google the riots.

Ms. Kamala Harris, Democratic vice-presidential candidate, is rated more to the left than Sen. Sanders. Now, that is saying something as he is a self-proclaimed socialist.

If you want America to become a socialist country, vote for Biden/Harris.

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oh my, I have listened to a lot of what Biden has said and I have never heard him say he was for defunding the police,, please site proof with accusations also I would rather be a socialist country than a dictatorship. Neither sound great but you are fooling yourself if you think we can as a county go 4 more years of this tyrant


[thumbdown] Your letter is full of misleading information and LIES. I`m a Democrat and you cannot speak for me because I do NOT condone violence. This has happened on Trump`s watch buddy, so put the blame where it should go. Trump doesn`t do anything to unite this country. NOTHING. He`s in it for himself. His properties have already benefited from nearly $1,000,000 of taxpayer money. Socialist? Really? What do you think the $billions in Farmer bailouts was because of Trump`s ridiculous trade war with China ? What do you think the stimulus was because of COVID( which he failed to control ) .I bet you ran to the bank with that $1,200 check. Sure, that wasn`t a problem. Before you spout nonsense, do your homework.


For the person who said they would rather be a socialist theN have trump because he is a dictator. Well do you know that Cuba is a socialist who was their dictator Fidel Castro. The last 4 years we have been a free country I did not hear Trump taking our freedom away. If you have Harris-Biden you will have freedom taking away look around at the Democratic cities what have you seen. They slowly are taking our freedom away and AlL there rioting and looting

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