Sen. Chris Murphy, a Democrat from Connecticut, recently spoke before his colleagues. His speech coincided with the anniversary of the murder of innocent children at Sandy Hook Elementary School. He announced to his Republican colleagues that he was tired of their party stating they were the pro-life party. Republicans assert that because they are against abortion they are pro-life. But are they really pro-life? If they are truly the pro-life party, why do they not support practical gun-control legislation that would prevent innocent children from being murdered in our schools and streets? Why do they support the death penalty? How does the arrogance and selfishness of those who refuse the COVID vaccine align with pro-life? Why do they not support legislation that would make health care accessible and affordable for all Americans?

Our founding fathers’ vision was stated in the Declaration of Independence: All men are created equal and are entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. How can all Americans pursue happiness when they are murdered in our streets and schools? How can the nearly 17% of the children in the U.S. who are currently living in poverty attain happiness? How can all children pursue happiness when Republican legislators take funds from public school children? How can ALL Americans attain liberty when Republicans are promoting the big lie and writing legislation that attempts to keep certain Americans from the most basic liberty of all, the right to vote? How can all Americans be entitled to their most basic rights when legislators do not support affordable health care for all?

I’m hopeful that state and national legislators realize that having a pro-life stance ensures that all Americans are truly entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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With over 20,000 federal, state and local gun laws already on the books, how many more do we need, is it a matter of not enough laws, or it is a matter of too many liberal policies like the ones that release criminals back into the streets with little to no bail that isn't working? How many more laws do we need until you finally get to the point of no one being allowed to own a gun, that is your ultimate goal in the end. It is estimated that since 1973, over 61,000,000 abortions have been performed in the U.S. and the democrats are ok with that, democrats want to control guns but walk away from stopping abortions and the killing of innocent babies. Again, democrats calling anyone that doesn't bow down and get a shot are killers because of what the democrats think is best for you, so no matter what anyone else believes, you are immediately labeled a murderer by the democrats, freedom of choice and the constitution means nothing to democrats. You quote our founding fathers when it is convenient for you, so you want people to be able to pursue happiness, then stop taking their freedoms, stop killing babies, stop dividing this country into republicans versus everyone else, stop letting criminals out of jail just so they can convict more crimes, stop forcing people to quit their jobs just because they won't get a shot, stop telling our children that anyone that is white is a racists, stop telling parents that they have no say in what their children are taught in their schools. You talk about protecting children, yet your party is the party that is pushing to let grown men into women's bathrooms because the man says he is a woman now, democrats are ok grown men being in the same bathroom as our little girls and women, republicans are not. Who can't vote, tell me one person that cannot vote, there are so many options and help available for everyone already, who can't vote? All republicans want, is to ensure everyone that votes is legitimate, that they are U.S. citizens, that they only vote once, that they are actually alive. If a person can get a drivers license, a government issued identity card, welfare, tax refunds, etc, why is it so difficult to get a voter I.D. card to insure safe and fair elections? You all have vaccination cards, the democrats made sure of that, but you will stop at requiring voter I.D. cards. The definition and ownership of basic rights is not owned by the democrats, you will tell us they are, but they aren't, your party is the party of socialism, of wanting to get rid of the constitution, of wanting to change the design of the U.S. flag because it stands for racism. Your party is the party of creating mandates, not laws, that take away peoples freedoms, that shuts down businesses, churches, schools and anyone that has a different opinion than yours. Your party is the party that wants to control what the media can say, what can be put on social media sites, what books are allowed in schools, what version of history should be taught. You say you stand behind the constitution, but you do nothing but throw it in the trash just so your woke ideas and party, your socialists ideas, and your desire to have more control over everyone can succeed, and I am thankful that more and more people daily are seeing through your lies and smokescreens and seeing what your party really stands for.


Voice, since you always share a permutation of this list at every opportunity, why don’t you get an editor and create a comprehensive and better-written essay you can simply cut and paste over and over?

Just a suggestion…

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