The headline story in the Dec. 21 Press and Dakotan was about Nebraska Gov. Pete Rickets issuing a “Holiday Warning” regarding the rapid spread of COVID-19 and appealing to Nebraskans to “help out by getting vaccinated.”

The front page also notes that 100 South Dakotans have already died of COVID this month, bringing our small state’s total death toll to over 2,400. Yet, after two years of pleas from South Dakota’s medical professionals, and now from a neighboring Republican governor, South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem refuses to lead. After two years, she seems mostly oblivious to this partly avoidable tragedy, instead repeating her mantra of “personal freedom.”

In the same issue, we find press releases from Noem promoting her three-topic 2022 legislative agenda, all of which would negate personal freedoms. She wants to reimpose school prayer, which was long ago ruled unconstitutional; make another run at exploiting the non-issue of transgender participation in sports; and ban our teachers from educating students about any American history that might suggest that we have not already achieved the most perfect union possible.

Gov. Noem’s priorities have one thing in common: they do not serve our people well. We need responsible leadership to address the ever-expanding plague of COVID. And we don’t need the governor building her right-wing credentials at the expense of denying freedom to those who do not share her religious beliefs, those with non-majority sexual orientation, our professional teachers who work hard to build responsible citizens, and our young people who must learn to think for themselves.

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I agree. Thank you.


Governor Noem is almost as smart and well-informed as Sarah Palin, and she’s certainly prettier, so it’s quite possible she has some kind of future in Trumpian politics.

And ignoring the “ever-expanding plague of COVID” is really just a prerequisite for leadership as Kristi burnishes her culture war bonafides in preparation for her try at national politics.

As one can see from the comments of Abe, Voice and Larry on these pages, the Trumpian base will die for their strange concept of “freedom.”

This even despite Trump’s last minute conversion to vaccine rationality.

Trumpian magical thinking is so much a part of Republican politics that it doesn’t even need Trump anymore to perpetuate it. So it’s unlikely Kristi will change her trajectory.

That could only happen after medical science learns to perform personality transplants.

So don’t expect miracles.


Self and

Egocentric, self aggrandizing, narrow minded describes Governor Noem. The worst type of “leader”. Her views are the only views that matter. Very dangerous.




A large majority of NYC's population are vaccinated, yet they continue to contract and spread the virus. Health officials continue to push Remdisivir as the main treatment for covid patients despite the drug's horrible and often fatal track record. Add to this, the fact that effective, proven and affordable medicines have been rejected by the CDC, NIH and derelict physicians across the board.

So, it seems we have an epidemic of stupidity coupled with your gullibility and self-righteous attitude.


Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump. SoDakD and the rest of you sure have a strange obsession with Trump, it is kind of like your great democratic leader AOC that is spouting this sexual obsession that she says the republicans now have with her, your words are meaningless and no one is listening, it would all be very comical but you are trying to destroy America with all this, so it isn't funny. Strange how you talk about a republican governor taking freedoms from people but your party does nothing but take people freedoms and you stand on top of the hill and complain about republicans, just like the defund the police movement, that is your party yet you all claim the republicans want to do it now. People know your lies, everyone is seeing them, they are seeing your America hating party ways and are tired of it, just look at the polls, I can't wait for November, it's gonna be a wonderful time for American's that love America and want their freedoms back. Happy New Year everyone!!!


I notice that you Abe and Larry still have no response to Trump’s abandoning you and embracing the vaccine.


The one, simple fact that undoes all your fellas’ misinformation is that the unvaccinated are almost 15 times more likely to die than the rest of us.

This 15 to 1 statistic would still be the determinative number even if all your misinformation were true.

And even if the courts decide your concept of liberty requires that vaccinations can never be mandated, I still can see that the odds clearly fall on the side of vaccination as the best way to fight this plague - both for myself as an individual and for ourselves as a nation.

The growing surge of this most recent Covid variant, Omicron, may not lead your “ilk” to abandon their magical thinking, but for my ilk the writing has been on the wall for some time.

And those initial warning words have grown into a massive list of hundreds and hundreds of thousands of preventable deaths.


Abe, Voice and Larry pretend that no one cares about January 6th.

THEY may not, but the FBI, the Justice Department and the January 6 Commision certainly do.

So do a majority of the American people, who join me in thinking it’s important to find out what happened to cause America's first violent insurrectionist attack on our Capitol.

In fact, some 65% of Americans - including many Republicans - support the Jan. 6 Commission.

And that ain’t “nobody.”


Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump. Maybe SoDakD, it doesn't matter to me if Trump, in your words, abandoned supporters, I am not as hung up on Trump as you are, you really need to look for other things to be mad about, maybe all the things your administration is doing to destroy this economy, our freedoms, the American way, you should focus just a tad bit of your energy on Biden, Harris, heck, anyone in the democratic party that is destroying a once great nation. And Covid, I am just trying to keep caught up on all the policy changes the Fauci is making, not sure why he is still making policies, he really isn't an elected official now, is he? Oh yeah, and now Biden is putting the responsibility back on the states for the Covid response, again, not his fault, someone else now to blame, and he broke yet another election promise. So do I need to triple mask today, which booster or vaccine do I need to get, which one does my newborn grandchild need to get and when does she get her booster, still trying to find a mask for her to wear. Since AOC doesn't have to wear a mask in Florida, do I need to wear one in New York, does she need to wear one? If I am an elected official, do I have to mask up, heaven knows masks are keeping all the liberals in Washington D.C. from getting Covid, wait, no it's not. When I get Covid, do I have omicron, or which one, do I quarantine for 10 days, 5 days, or keep working if I have a mask on but am vaccinated, or do I need to have a third or fourth booster and double mask? Can I be around my family, my kids, my parents? Am I allowed to go to a Christmas party, or someone's wedding? Wow, just so many rules and no one to really tell you which one to follow, I know, I won't follow any and live a free, happy life, you can go live in misery and be all alone for the rest of your life, not me, I am going to enjoy life as much as I can under the tyranny of the democratic party, breaking every mandate (not law because mandates aren't laws) they have proposed.


And SoDakD, now it is being reported that your wonderful administration has taken control of, and is not distributing life saving monoclonal antibodies treatments, how can this be? Wouldn't Joe Biden want as many people in America to get a treatment that could save their lives? Why are so many states reporting requesting these treatments and Biden won't release them? What is Biden up to SoDakD, you don't think he is pushing for a vaccine so hard so all his rich friends can get richer that he would let American's die, would he now SoDakD, not Joe Biden, he is nothing but trustworthy, 100% transparent, 100% for the American citizen, surely he would not do anything to harm us, would he? Bull, you are foolish like all the rest, he, like the rest of your party are all talk, you care nothing for anyone but special interests, you fall in line with whatever they say, you fall for their lies, you flip flop just like they do, and now Biden is intentionally not shipping life saving medicine, this is your great leader.


Abe, Voice and Larry pretend that no one cares about January 6th.

THEY may not, but the FBI, the Justice Department and the January 6 Commision certainly do.

So do a majority of the American people, who join me in thinking it’s important to find out what happened to cause America's first violent insurrectionist attack on our Capitol.

In fact, some 65% of Americans - including many Republicans - support the Jan. 6 Commission.

And that sure ain’t “nobody.”


Again SoDakD, I can guarantee you that the average citizen when standing in line at their local store to purchase groceries and seeing their costs skyrocket weekly, or when they pull up to the fuel pump to buy gas and can't fill their tank because the price has gone up so much, or when they look at their monthly heating and electrical bill and have to decide which one to pay because they have gone up so much they can't afford to pay both, or when they sit and ponder what new restrictions are going to be implemented now or which freedom they are going to loose this week, or when they try to go out and eat at a local restaurant and don't have their vaccine passport with them and can't get in, or when they think back to the times they couldn't go and visit their loved ones in a nursing home, and some of those poor people dying alone because of Fauci and Biden, or when they had to figure out how they were going to home school their children due to Fauci shutting down schools, since both parents had to work to pay for Biden's spending bills, or when they had to sit at home on Sunday mornings because Biden closed churches, or had to go out and find a new job because Biden's vaccine mandates forced them to quit their jobs, etc. etc. etc. This is what people are going to be thinking about, not Jan. 6th. I know you are excited because the one year anniversary is coming up, odd how people like you will celebrate a day like this on one hand but on the other sit there and say what an awful, awful day it was for America. Enjoy your celebration, no one cares, wonder what you are having at your party, I am betting it all costs a lot more this year than it did last year at this time?


Voice, you write, “[The Biden] administration has taken control of, and is not distributing life saving monoclonal antibodies treatments.”

Well, Voice, your right-wing spin is only half right. The Biden administration HAS taken control of monoclonal antibody treatments. But they ARE distributing them.

However, what is happening is that they’re distributing the expensive ($2000 per treatment) and relatively scarce monoclonal antibody treatments equitably to all the states.

States that discourage vaccination like Florida want more than their share for their unvaccinated citizens, instead of encouraging them to take the less expensive ($20 per dose) and readily available vaccine.

If I didn’t have many family and friends who share your anti-vax foolishness, I’d say it serves you science-deniers right.


You and most Trumpsters have made yourself very clear over these months, Voice.

The price of gas will always trump any concern over a deadly pandemic or an attack on our Democracy.

BTW - how are you processing Trump's abandonment of your anti-vax crusade? Will you vote for him in 2024?


I love how the liberals keep trying to scare people on the Jan. 6th "attacks". SoDakD, how many of those "storming" the capital that day were carrying guns and weapons? I can guarantee you there are more guns on one street in liberal controlled Chicago than were being carried that day in the capital, so how exactly were unarmed citizens supposed to take over the, at the time at least, strongest democracy in the world? Were they just going to do sit ins and our country was going to fall? It is laughable that the liberals have so much fear of these unarmed people taking over our democracy, liberal and progressive rioters that destroyed businesses and personal properties in democratically controlled cities throughout this country had more weapons than these few people that were inside the capital. And why did Nancy Pelosi refuse to bring in the National Guard when she was told ahead of time that something like this could happen? Maybe Nancy didn't want to stop anything, maybe she wanted something like this to happen? This is all a distraction to keep people from focusing on the real issues in this country, nothing good is happening, people are suffering and the only thing on liberals minds are Jan. 6th, no one cares anymore.


Again? “No one cares?”

Abe, Voice and Larry pretend that no one cares about January 6th.

THEY may not, but the FBI, the Justice Department and the January 6 Commision certainly do.

So do a majority of the American people, who join me in thinking it’s important to find out what happened to cause America's first violent insurrectionist attack on our Capitol.

In fact, some 65% of Americans - including many Republicans - support the Jan. 6 Commission.

And that sure ain’t “nobody.”


Voice, so many of your outraged certainties depend on Fox News misinformation.

You might want to broaden your sources a bit before wandering into these diatribes of magical thinking that persuade you of your own righteousness.


Concerning your Nancy Pelosi declaration:

Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy implied on Fox News that the Speaker of the House held back the National Guard on January 6. But she has no role in the matter.

The D.C. National Guard is controlled solely by the PRESIDENT who can delegate this authority to the Secretary of Defense or Secretary of the Army.

But as much as you despise Nancy Pelosi, the callous disregard for our endangered legislators on January 6 remains on the shoulders of those who initiated the insurrection.


Nope, no one cares SoDakD. Skyrocketing inflation, high gas prices, high heating bills, crime out of control, freedoms being taken away, illegal immigrants pouring across our southern border, illegal drugs pouring across our southern border, supply chain problems, democrats closing down business, schools, churches, and teenage suicide rate higher than ever before due to liberal polices that force them to stay home, wear masks, and the constant fear mongering from the democrats, it has worn on everyone, including our children. You just don't get it SoDakD, failed liberal polices, failed liberal leadership, mandates, constant changes in the Covid response, constant division from your side, constant hate from your side, constantly promoting how America is bad, how everyone is a racists, foreign governments laughing at the U.S., on and on and on. Nope, no one cares about Jan. 6th, but keep it in the headlines SoDakD, your parties extreme failures keep coming to the top more and more everyday so it really doesn't matter, people are done with it, I can't wait for November when America starts making a comeback.


I just have to comment on your statement, "callous disregard for our endangered legislators", really, this is where you are going? Our "endangered legislators", holy cow that is a good one, there were 1,400 capital police on duty that day, none of the people in that entered the capital building had weapons, and our poor legislators were fearful for their lives, wow, you really need to get a hold of your thoughts on this SoDakD, endangered legislators, wow. Your endangered legislators are the same leaders that let rioters, and at times encouraged rioters, to destroy businesses, peoples lively hoods, homes, they stood back and claimed these rioters have the right to protest and destroy things, that is your party that is ok with this. Our poor, poor endangered legislators that walk around with armed guards yet stand behind a podium and say as a citizen, you should not have the right to own a gun, give me a stinking break, this is pathetic.


Well you've certainly convinced me that you Trumpsters don’t care, Voice.

Still, you might take a peek now and then at what the Jan. 6th Committee is uncovering.

What they’re discovering likely won’t affect the midterms much - especially with all the changes being made to our electoral system.

Most likely we’ll be going back to at least another generation or two of voter suppression.

But we’ve survived for almost two and a half centuries without ever really living up to our “one person, one vote” democratic aspirations.

(White liberals are freaking out, and our Allies are looking askance at our waning democracy, but at least this time Afro-Americans will be accompanied by a more diverse lot of disenfranchised voters in our latest version of Jim Crow politics.)

In any case, I don’t really anticipate that this Jan. 6th investigation will change any Trumpster minds, Voice.

But at least it will be a peek at what History will present to future Americans as we struggle toward that elusive “more perfect union.


Voice, it’s always fascinating to me how Americans can look at the very same political phenomenon and come away with entirely different conclusions.

I wonder how you would explain the initial reactions of Republican politicians in the immediate aftermath of the January insurrection. (Before they stuffed their candid, immediate responses down the “ Trumpster memory hole .”)

Kevin McCarthy: “Trump bears responsibility for Wednesday’s attack on Congress by mob rioters. He should have immediately denounced the mob when he saw what was unfolding, These facts require immediate action by President Trump to accept his share of responsibility, quell the brewing unrest and ensure President-elect Biden is able to successfully begin his term.”

I have more quotations from prominent Republicans, but I’ll save them so you can focus on one at a time.


You will know the truth in due time. Until then, we can expect you to hold on to the MSM dribble and attempt to push their propaganda. There is so very much you don't know, and I find it sad that you believe in the official tropes of the lying administration and their media clowns.

This isn't about dems vs repubs. It's about truth and justice vs. evil and corruption. Again, you will see the truth revealed, but are you ready to accept it?



Oh Abe how unoriginal. You need to up your game.

So once again you’re going to declare, “Just you wait, you’ll be sorry!”

If I remember correctly, this was almost as popular on the playground as “I’m gonna tell my mom!”

Is that what we will be hearing from you next?


Seems your “no one cares” theme is becoming more and more ridiculous, Voice.

Government estimates are that as many as 2,500 people who took part in the events of Jan. 6th COULD STILL be charged with federal crimes.

That includes more than 1,000 incidents that prosecutors believe could be assaults.

The feds are doing this with information from thousands and thousands of online sleuths - ordinary folks who call themselves “Sedition Hunters,” They’re going over the thousands and thousands of photos taken during the insurrection.

(If only the British troops who stormed the capital during the war of 1812 had been so foolishly cooperative as to take bragging photos of themselves.)

Already authorities have made more than 700 arrests — with little sign of slowing down.

“Nobody cares?”


Abe, Voice, Larry: Since you fellas distrust our Mainstream Media you may be interested how Europeans see our insurrection.

You might observe this first anniversary of our national humiliation in the eyes of the world’s democracies by leaving Fox News for a bit to Google “BBC Capitol riot” and see how the Brits see our floundering democracy.

Jon Wick

All this talk from the leftists on this thread about an “insurrection”. Well….

Maybe Democrats should all look to Kazakhstan to see what an actual “insurrection” looks like. A government toppled, the presidential palace and parliament building burning, dead bodies in the streets, armed protesters who do shoot back, armored personal carriers, tanks, and Russian troops rolling in. Does this look anything like what happened on Jan. 6? Not to me.

Was there a riot on Jan 6? Yes. Should it have happened? No. Should the individuals who participated be punished? Yes. Was it an insurrection? No. Was the liberal media coverage and political events held on Jan 6, 2022, just juvenile political theatrics? Yes. Was Jan 6. a threat to democracy? No.

Let the Jan 6 committee do its work. My concern with is this exercise is that is just another politically motivated predetermined Democrat conclusion desperately looking for “evidence”, much like the failed impeachment attempts. This all reminds me of a quote from Stalin’s top-secret policeman Lavrenty Beria, who said, “Show me the man, and I will find you the crime.” But I’m willing to wait and see.


If the intentions of those who allegedly planned the Jan. 6th “unpleasantness” and the actions of those who then stormed the Capitol were all in an effort to stop the peaceful transition of power in our troubled democracy, then it was, indeed, an insurrection.

Certainly it’s not in the same league as the folks in Kazakhstan are experiencing (with a big assist from Mr. Putin.)

But good for you, Mr. Wick, if you're serious about taking a “wait and see” approach.

But even a clumsy, clownish, and amateurish insurrection can be a harbinger of what’s to come. (The failed “Beer Hall Putsch” in 1923 Munich is an excellent example.)

No, I'm not comparing anyone to Hitler. Hitler was a malevolent, cunning, political genius.

The Ship of Fools who apparently sailed us into these troubled waters don’t belong in the same category.

I suspect we’ll be discussing this anon.

Jon Wick

SoDakD, you're purely speculating on the intent of the Jan.6th rioters. That's a big "If" without any proof at this point in time. I think waiting to see what develops out of the investigation would be the prudent thing to do. Wouidn't you agree?

Even though we don't share the exact same concerns/beliefs on the actual impact of Jan. 6th on our democracy, I thought your reference to the Beer Hall Putsch was very interesting. I had not considered the Jan. 6th riot in that context before reading your post, which makes me curious about something.

What are leftists like yourself so afraid of from those who do not share your ideology? You referenced it in your post "can be a harbinger of what's to come". Would you please explain this to me so I can gain a better understanding?


What’s so speculative about conclusions drawn from rioters who were shouting “Hang Mike Pence” after being told by Trump that he hoped Mr. Pence “did the right thing”?

And the “right thing” was refusing to certify the results of the 2020 presidential election as he had been urging Pence to do in the weeks preceding the insurrection.

But I’ll be ready to adjust my speculations to the facts uncovered by the Committee.

Will you, Mr. Wick?

My reference to the Beer Hall Putsch is simply observing that although Germany was a functioning Democracy at the time of Hitler’s amateurish Putsch, the German politicians of his time eventually guided Hitler to power thinking they could control him. (Sound familiar?)

The politicians thought “it can’t happen here,” but by the time Hitler followed up with his much more successful and deadly Kristallnacht it was too late to save their squandered democracy.

With 40% of Republicans believing that violence may be needed to save our way of life (as they see it), it’s clear that support for the insurrectionists is widespread among today's strange iteration of “conservatism.”

This threat is not a product of liberals' imagination.

It’s not conservative ideology I fear, Mr. Wick. It’s today’s conservatives' willingness to ignore and downplay a violent threat to the peaceful transfer of power.

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