I’ve been responsible for more pollution and health issues than most people. Over 53 years processing several million cattle and hogs, I knew it from day 1 that it was something that shouldn’t have been done.

There were many people in the same business that did the same as me. We were directed by the EPA and forced to spend from $500,000-$1 million on holding ponds for liquid manure. It made no sense due to the fact that we were then told it was all right to pump it over farmland for the production of human food. A few million tons of solid manure were hauled to farmers and gardeners free of charge. Most of this was applied along the boundaries of the James and Missouri rivers.

There are tons of pouch manure from local packing firms that could be more dangerous than that manure. The manure piles at livestock operations are interesting. On the manure piles that will be hauled onto the fields as fertilizer includes diseased baby pigs, baby calves and aborted baby calves, including diseased animals and poultry that the rendering plants will not pick up because they’re too small to process. It all ends up used to grow food.

Stockmen’s Livestock was directed by the EPA where the lagoon should be located. I didn’t agree but did as directed. If you look on an aerial map, it is located near the Missouri River. Do you call that good judgement?

Manure management has not changed to modern technology. Any factory farms with large numbers of livestock must utilize technology that is available. This technology can be for the production of products other than to pollute the soil with e-coli and other dangerous contents. If they are allergic to change, they should exit the business. Ask people with cancer about their opinion.

Sen. Mike Rounds is holding meetings, including Yankton, concerning government agencies that don’t follow the Rule of Law. Also, there’s the high level of politics involved in the judicial system in South Dakota. When the results surface, it will make front-page news. Judges, lawyers, state bar officials will be exposed.

I would like comments. It will be interesting to see how many people mentioned above will respond. If you guess the exact amount, I will donate $50 to the winner’s favorite charity.


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Concerned & Proactive American

[unsure] My guess is ZERO politicians will answer or reply to this post.


Sounds liks a form a buyers remorse. Human waste has more harmful things in it than livestock manure im guessing. Heavy metals in any sewer are very high and not good for anyone. If you point is composted aminal waste and compoted dead animals are cousing our health problems , I personal thing you are a little off base. The chemicals farmers are spraying are much higher on the list. Look at the loss of small animals in and around farm feilds. GONE! Look at the honey bee problem also. Livestock waste isnt the problem. You bought these cattle from many people including us for years and now you are having second thought? Reduce chemicals or we are all in trouble.


Sorry that it took her over 50 years, but the problem still exists none the same. And at present in Yankton County, we are being inundated with more factory hog farms than most can imagine or know about. Most of them that are under construction as of today, are being built without a valid building permit. At the very least, the permits need to have clarity before continuing.

Your comments about the chemicals being used on row crops are valid as well and have done untold damage to our food, our foods food, and other animal and plant life.

Human waste is toxic, and that is why it gets treated for the most part. Our septic systems get tested and approved as well. Livestock waste gets NO treatment, just "disposed" of as deemed appropriate by those who are unaffected by that decision.


Do you realy know how human waste is treated and what is done with it?


You are right about chemicals but wrong about human waste bring worse. Aldo, the loss of small animals has a lot to do with farming practices of drain tiling everything and destroying every inch of habitat.

Jolly Roger

★ So why are you folks supporting the Party of Trump which guts the EPA and denies climate change? That makes ZERO sense. ★


You’re correct Jolly. Thank you

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