With as dry as it is in South Dakota and the entire upper Midwest, I fail to understand Gov. Noem’s desire for fireworks in the Black Hills. Can you explain further why you believe we need fireworks? The possibility of fire in the beautiful Black Hills frightens me.

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My guess is that it is a pissing contest.

I saw a post the other day that really summed up the question over the fire works.

"to be clear...Noem has fought harder fro a fireworks show then she ever had for cancer patients, PTSD suffering vets, opioid-ravaged families, epileptic children, over-incarcerated folks and every other casualty of our government's overreaching and cruel war on drugs."

Meth: we are on it!!


JMDrury is right, its a pissing contest.

Its awfully dry around here too, and we're going ahead with our fireworks.

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