Anyone following social media or reading the local newspapers can clearly see there is an ever-increasing divide eating away at Yankton County. Discussion and debate are healthy, but is what we are seeing constructive?

There is a basic understanding that respect and civility are necessary to ensure effective dialogue. But that is not what is happening. More and more comments and articles are Ad hominem fallacies, or personal attacks. This methodology does not reflect well on your case, and typically alienates much of your audience. If you disagree with someone or something, attack the argument not the person. This would require listening to the opposing point of view, something sorely lacking currently.

Quality of Life for South Dakota, a local non-profit, has worked tirelessly in efforts to enlighten the local populace of the negative aspects that accompany hog confinements. The information provided via website and Facebook page questions the production model and provides factual data collected over decades of research and study. Unfortunately, the group, its members, and like-minded people have been the target of numerous personal attacks by a select few who stand to gain financially from engaging in this production model.

Questioning actions, motives and methods is appropriate and necessary in all things that affect a community. But when questioning turns into personal attacks we’ve moved away from any attempt to find common ground, or viable solutions. Yankton County, we are better than this.

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Have we forgotten the last 3 years? Quality of Life charged ahead, relentlessly, with personal attacks and abuse of public officials. “respect and civility” on their behalf when out the door on day one. Have we forgotten the death threats, vandalism, and grown adults in masked vigilante t-shirts throwing full on temper tantrums at County Commission meetings? They have attacked almost every modern farming practice from CAFO’s, commercial fertilizer, herbicide, GMOs, or pesticides with the same enthusiasm of any San Francisco Liberal.

Quality of Life “has worked tirelessly in efforts to enlighten the local populace” with fake news on par with Anti Vaxers and Flat Earth theories. Any deserting views are almost religiously persecuted and any attempts to offer reality based counter arguments are just deleted off of various Facebook pages.

Quality of Life is just an obstructionist movement backed by out of state environmentalist groups. They bring nothing to the table in terms of real solutions for fixing the county’s, state’s, or regions problems.

So yes, we need better than this. Effective dialogue can only happen in an environment of good faith and rational thinking. We have seen neither from Quality of Life or the current County Commission.

Local Resident

Maybe both sides are to blame, but it certainly isn't the current county commission! It appears to me that the current commission is attempting to bring civility and compromise to an ordinance that may be poorly worded and misinterpreted by many including some that may have been in elected and/or in administrative positions.

I see the current county commission as attempting to find the middle for all parties concerned. However, some feel that ambiguity should prevail. I personally feel the CC should appoint a committee equally represented by both sides, all who are of sound mind and rational, to meet behind closed doors in an attempt to find common ground without the radicals of either side attempting to derail any constructive recommendations. Of course with open meeting laws that is not an option. An option might be that both sides could come together on their own to come with a plan without the CC appointment.

What I do read into Ms. Radech's comments is that maybe the hatchet should be buried and a honest attempt made to open meaningful discussion should begin sometime soon. I would hope that local 123 could agree to that and dispense with his one sided argument, he has certainly suggested through his comments that there is no middle ground. I ask the age old question when in comes to opinions by one to another, "who is really calling the kettle black?".


I don't know what county commission you are talking about. I don't think Pat Garity or other former members of the Planning and Zoning board are feeling the warm blanket of "civility and compromise".

The previous county ordinance stood up to over a dozen legal challenges. But, according to people who know nothing of the law, it confusing. It's far easier to ram a new ordinance down onto the county in order to win a argument. An argument that many people lost in court. So the "civility and compromise" plea is a little transparent.

Local Resident

Exactly the comment I expected you to make Local 123. You are correct and everyone else is wrong! I suspect I know a bit more than you, but even evidence and proof would not convince you.

An olive branch has been extended,except it and work with it or keep your comments contained to yourself for the good of EVERYONE. Apparently you want to be a part of the problem with no consideration of working together. I guess you can call that tough love.

This county commission has just appointed a new P & Z member. A respected and respectful livestock producer I have known for many years. He was also part of the group that drafted the current ordinance. He is a fair man and will give everyone that is respectful, careful and thoughtful consideration with a meaningful and educated response. I would hope that in the future you to can be worthy of that as well Local 123.


I will not sit down and shut up. It was lies and misinformation that got Yankton County to this point. Many people want to forget that but I will not. Arrogance and ignorance can not be used to govern the County.


Implying Local 123 is not worthy a meaningful and educated response is an ad hom attack. If you want a more polite and rational debate, then drop the snaky responses.

Local Resident

MY, my, my Local 123 are you upset? The only arrogance and ignorance I see is your's. To imply or insinuate that you would not believe or accept evidential facts and proof only shows the total disregard you have for anyone or anything. Furthermore what you are doing now is exactly the same thing you are accusing others of doing in your opening and preceding posts. That being said I would guess that you think as little of yourself as do of those who are not of the same exact opinion as you. I see your total disregard for other opinions, your total ignorance of, at the very least, protecting yourself from self-incrimination by some of the foolish statements you make backing yourself into a corner, and your arrogance that makes a jester appear to be a genius. I am certain some of your acquaintances would appreciate you not dragging this our any further.


Two thoughts here, I believe many people today are allergic to facts. I also believe that people tend to forget that their rights end at my nose, and mine at theirs.


The results of the feedlots contamination has been exasperated by flooding carrying the waste into a much larger area.


The hypocrisy is that Ms. Radech herself has often engaged in bullying and name calling on that distasteful online forum.


The Confinement locations are experiencing flooding as well as everywhere else. The let’s the waste spread over a large area.
Some people claim that it’s family farmers who are benefiting from the confinement facilities. That’s not family farming. That’s working for a big corporation, without health insurance, etc.


I'm just so mad. Mad I tell you. I hate everyone. Oh wait. . . I haven't had my coffee yet. Never mind.

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