Gov. Noem’s April 17 press briefing, with the Secretary of Health, caught my attention by virtue of an internet video feed. Dressed wearing a camouflage baseball cap and blue jeans, the unspoken message was one of honest hard work focused on a critical mission.

Camouflage won’t keep COVID from finding her and given the social distancing I witnessed, that could be sooner than later.

She described recent issues and the adjustments that citizens are making in the wake of the pandemic, not unlike the people of Alberta where our premier declared a public health state of emergency March 17. Noem thanked the individuals and organizations that have contributed to the state’s success to date. It conjured up an image in my mind, of a theme seen in movies or TV shows, where faced with insurmountable odds, the enlisted troops and officers succeed by virtue of their initiative to overcome the failure of their superior to issue the necessary orders.

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Yep. Our Governor has did a great job! This Covid 19 numbers are not accurate and the media is driving up fear....thanks Governor!!


Hey, bobble head, the MEDIA reports what is given by each county's proper authorities. The Media REPORTS. You and fox News and that Spoiled Brat, the crooked lying Trump lie or pass on Lies! You are Fake Media!

Concerned & Proactive American

Keep watching Hogan's Heroes , Gerard B. How is Canada doing these days? Big Thank You to our Governor Kristi Noem for handling this professionally , calmly and confident for our future here in South Dakota. I hear other States here in the USA complain and wail about our methods here also... too bad for them .

E pluribus

It’ll be interesting to revisit everyone’s opinions after the total death number is clear.

Whether it’s very low because some of us were too pessimistic in judging this threat or astronomically high because some of us ignored it - either way, it’ll be hard to spin a body count. Won’t it?

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