Racism is hate. For 10 years I have implored Sen. Thune and Rounds, and Rep./Gov. Noem that their words/actions mean something. With Moscow Mitch McConnell there was no change in their racism toward a black President Obama and no cooperation with him.

Last week we saw an avalanche of three mass shootings in California, Texas and Ohio. Trace hate. The gunman’s message had the same words as if it had been composed in the White House and Latino folks were selected. They’ve been referred to as rapists, 70 times as an “invasion” and worse.

The week before, U.S. Rep. Elijah Cummings got a racist dress down from the president.

Trace hate. A week before, Mr. Trump was attacking the black and brown “squad” of four congresswomen with blistering racial venom. “Send them back” is a phrase of unwelcome for hundreds of years. He did not silence that chant at a rally as John McCain did.

In an earlier rally, he asked, “What should I do with this invasion?” Someone said, “Shoot them,” and he joked about it.

Before that, he declared that he was a “white nationalist” identifying with a fringe terrorist group and giving them blessing to carry on. Add Charlottesville.

So, back to our legislators and their racism creating the vacuum, and Donald Trump was elected along with many more stories of hate. Thune’s, Rounds’ and Noem’s words and actions did matter. So do Trump’s. So do ours.

Jesus says, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Doesn’t matter if Democrat or Republican or what religion, the call is to all of us to love and to speak/act out against this toxic/deadly, hateful climate. Make America great again? The hate message is strong but our religion message is stronger — and it must win for our nation’s sake.


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It's incredible that you talk about hate and words meaning something and in your third sentence you are already name calling. How do you possibly think you can be taken seriously?


"Mexicans are rapists and criminals." - Donald J. Trump (current president of the United States of America)


Yanktondad, you ignore the premise of the op-ed. President Trump's vulgar hate speech. Your point is accurate, name-calling is childish and irrational but you ignore the fact that Donald Trump wallows in childish, irrational name-calling.


He has "Rev" in front of his name so he thinks he's got it all figured out. [wink]


dmilroy, I didn't say I agreed or disagreed with the OP's comment. I just stated that starting out by name calling does nothing in the way of getting your point across. I'm not sure how, from my comment, you can assume I ignored any "premise". Part of the problem is we are now to a point that so many of us talk AT each other and no longer are open for positive discussion to move forward. Name calling does nothing to promote healthy conversation and is just unnecessary, no matter who does it.

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