This letter is not about any conspiracies ... Just oddities.

Let’s start with the bat. Never in known history of mankind has it been known to spread illness, outside of case of rabies or two and lung infection from prolonged exposure to bat guano. It has been used as food source in certain parts of world. Bats are everywhere.

Yet its first virus is a doozy! Just dropped out of its backside one day on an animal in China market. We have an 80-year old-expert of infectious diseases — one Dr. Fauci, who has been in his position for eons. It’s his job to head these off. He DROPPED THE BALL! Think about that.

We have one of the world’s richest men who has long advocated world vaccination and population control/depopulation of the world. It’s odd how he has been called “expert” — no medical training no firsthand knowledge, just bundles of cash. Yet he’s hailed as “expert” by some. Good friends with failed expert Dr. Fauci.

We have president that’s not in the “D.C.” circle — economy is booming, taking on China, doing things not the normal political way and had several notable accomplishments that no other president could do. Only way he could not be re-elected was an economy stumble. Bang! Virus drops out of a bat’s hind end! Where were you, Dr. Fauci?

Then before the world can grasp what is taking place, a mystery virus has a name — articles start to appear in several financial articles about how the virus and pandemic will cause the “GREAT RESET.” What “RESET” we talking about? Why are we talking about it?

So question is this: Was 2020 a year of oddities all lined up, or were other forces behind all this? One rich man’s dream of mass vaccination/depopulate the world in one move? Just asking questions is all. That is my right as citizen of the constitutional republic of United States of America! We are not a democracy. Look up the difference. They are HUGE! Examine the rights given to each. Example of Democracy: Two wolves an lamb sitting around discussing what’s for supper. That says it all on democracy.

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Thank you for pointing this out, Mr. Skow. I can tell you’ve found Jesus. Yours is no conspiracy theory. It’s GOD’s truth.

How right you are! This pandemic was manufactured to bring down our President and must be laid at the feet of Dr. Fauci, Bill Gates and the Deep State where it belongs.

God wouldn’t have chosen Trump to be the Savior of American Christians if he were really responsible for 400,000 dead Americans.

I laud those Patriots who stormed the Capitol yesterday to restore our President who God has chosen to rule over us instead of our corrupt democracy. From your courageous words, I know you agree.

I wonder when they’ll set things right in South Dakota’s state capitol. Onward Christian Soldiers, Marching as to War‼️ ⚔️


[thumbdown] I put those who stormed the capitol yesterday in the same class as those who threw fire bombs at the church in D.C. earlier this year. I find neither action acceptable.

E pluribus

I’m beginning to see a pattern in your postings, MyThoughts.

You compare mountains to molehills and pretend to be an impartial and even-handed judge - totally above the fray.

Thus you excuse the true threat to our Democracy - your President.

You take your place alongside a long list of Trump apologists who pretend their cowardice is really wisdom.

In the future I’ll not waste time trying to understand your ramblings…


You obviously don't like anyone who is not in 100% agreement with you. THAT is pretty obvious from your posting history.

Larry Skow

To my thoughts an e plurbus. The storming of the Capitol was not right. Was NOT mentioned in the oddities at all. So please stick with the content. Wat happened at the capitol is for another time of discussion. But at same time you don't mention violance in Portland/seattle by BLM/Antifa. What happened was wrong an denied a person to the due process of the process. Just because our courts refused to hear evidence of fraud doesn't mean it didn't exsist. If you would take your blinders off an google Arturo D'Ella an election theft. The truth is out there somewhere on this. After all what Democrats/Republicans have been saying all along is "There is always election fraud taking place. Every election has it. There just wasn't enough to change the results!". Now ask your self. Are they not admitting fraud? But in meantime you two an others fallow the content of the letter. But maybe you two dropped from a bats behind.


God Bless you, Mr. Skow. God Bless you for standing up for God and our Saviour and our Chosen One who is being unjustly ejected from the White House by the wicked unfaithful. Your veritable flood of letters and posts to the Press & Dakotan identify you as a true Christian Soldier.

I know what it is to be labeled a Crack Pot by the unfaithful. How joyful I am to see I’m not the only one!

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