This is in response to Larry Skow’s letter (Press & Dakotan, Aug. 19) regarding the “cast of characters” at the Democratic Convention: I wait with bated breath to watch the Republican counterpart. The president who has had five children by three wives, affairs with porn stars and countless others, also a good friend of Jeffrey Epstein, six business bankruptcies that left communities and contractors holding an empty bag just as he bankrupts the morale of the nation.

This is an administration with more indictments and criminal convictions than any prior.

There is a vice president who is a sycophant who never challenges Trump as Joe Biden did with President Obama and was a respected and valued member of that team as we heard often during the convention.

Is any candidate perfect? No. But, in this election, is one person morally and ethically challenged? Yes.

It’s time to end the authoritarian, anti-democracy rule of Donald Trump and his confederates.

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Gotta wonder about the Thumbs Down. Do you resent the facts? Because they are all true. There isn't a single statement there that can be refuted. This is the most morally and criminally corrupt administration we've ever been subjected to. If you're giving a Thumbs Down, then I'm hoping you're not going to vote to re-elect him - because you'll just get more of the same.


These facts have been well documented. How do you ignore them? Those still having their integrity and morality still intact have to stand strong in this time of uncertainty and not be afraid to speak up against this atrocity in our government.


[thumbup][thumbup] Great letter. The Trump enablists can`t stand facts. Facts evade them because all they can think about is the clown in the oval office.

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