Here we are again, selling out South Dakota’s precious resource.

There are residents of South Dakota that have been trying for numerous years to get an elk tag but have not. They pay $10 every year to get preference points (me included) with no luck. But we are going to let out-of-state hunters come in and have a chance for $20 to get an elk tag.

This is so typical of Game Fish and Parks. How about $20 for residents who never get a tag try for this? There are hunters out there that have tried for 20 years or more but the hell with them! Let’s give out-of-state hunters the same chance.

Is there any common sense left in Game Fish and Parks or is it just about the money? Sorry, dumb question.

We live in a state with the lowest wages, so can we at least enjoy our hunting and fishing?

Is there in anyone in state legislative can help with this? This is so wrong!

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You are so rite! I have 24 years in points for a Custer Park elk tag and 14 points in the Hills elk tag drawing. I tried to draw a left over cow tag this year and was turned down on that also. I didnt use my preferance for it becouse I figured it should be a sure thing to draw a left over cow tag. I have a;ready spent more for the stupid preferace point than the tag would cost me if I had drawn one. I know people that have drawn there hills tags, set out there 9 years to reapply and drawn a second tag! The people on the game commission should be every day people elected by the population of the state in the primary election just like a senetor or represenative. Not appointed by the govener.

Frank Kloucek

agree with you having many friends and relatives in the same situation. Commission Contacts The GFP Commission consists of eight members, appointed by the governor for four year terms. Emails sent to one or all Commissioner members will be shared with the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks for appropriate response and included in the official public record if related to rule proposals and finalizations. Gary Jensen (Exp. 01/10/2021) Gary Jensen (Exp. 01/10/2021) Chair PO Box 9579 Rapid City, SD 57709 Ph: 605.484.3319 click here to email Scott Phillips (Exp. 01/10/2020) Scott Phillips (Exp. 01/10/2020) Vice Chair 16117 W River View Rd New Underwood, SD 57761 Ph: 605.985.5573 click here to email Russell Olson (Exp. 01/10/2020) Russell Olson (Exp. 01/10/2020) 221 Lake Ridge Dr Wentworth, SD 57075 Ph: 605.483.2223 click here to email Doug Sharp (Exp. 01/10/2021) Doug Sharp (Exp. 01/10/2021) PO Box 1654 Watertown, SD 57201 Ph: 605.886.8081 click here to email Jon Locken (Exp. 01/10/2022) Jon Locken (Exp. 01/10/2022) 13755 396th Avenue Bath, SD 57427 Ph: 605.380.8322 click here to email Mary Anne Boyd (Exp. 01/10/2022) Mary Anne Boyd (Exp. 01/10/2022) PO Box 588 Yankton, SD 57078 Ph: 605.260.8215 click here to email Travis Bies Travis Bies 25813 S. Fork Road Fairburn, SD 57738 Ph: 605.390.0889 click here to email Robert Whitmyre Robert Whitmyre 14408 431st Avenue Webster, SD 57274 click here to email


Remember, Neom is the one that puts the outside hunters priority over our people and the native animals. It’s her priority, not the department.


Hunting is bad. It hurts animals. Why can't we all just get along.

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