I feel compelled to respond to a recent letter by Jerry Wilson of Vermillion (Press & Dakotan, May 6).

It is my opinion that Gov. Noem’s April 20 column “A Safer South Dakota” supports common sense and the rule of law.

I read letters all the time regarding promotion of “compassion and human rights” for refugees and illegal immigrants. My response to that is, “What about compassion and human rights for legitimate United States citizens?”

U.S. citizens are being victimized by drugs coming across our border, and a host of other criminal activities as a matter of public record.

Donald Trump was not against immigration. He was against illegal immigration and rightly was for a “merit-based” system.

The fact that “most asylum seekers are Americans, just not residents of the United States” gives them no advantage over a refugee from Poland, or anywhere else.

America is a free, independent country. Gov. Noem is not a racist or a bigot. She is an American who supports the rule of law. It is my opinion that she does love legitimate Americans and South Dakota residents who live here.

If Mr. Wilson disagrees with Gov. Noem’s leadership, I would invite him to step right up and show some compassion and support for refugees and illegal aliens by demonstrating his leadership. If the group is random and diverse, you may get a drug dealer, a rapist, an MS-13 gang member, radical Muslim, a pregnant woman and a good old boy. Now, you pay for their travel, meals, medical bills, give them money and help them along for just one year. Then let us know how that works out because that is what you want the rest of us to do as a country, and that is wrong.

Illegal immigration is against the law written by Congress. The United States president and the Democrat members (80 communists) in that group are supporting the breaking of the law. This group is who represent a new low in hypocrisy and downright meanness — against legitimate, law-abiding, tax paying Americans — not Gov. Noem.

They are also an accomplice to any crime committed against any legal American in the United States by an illegal alien.

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Gimmy A. Breake

If only Joe McCarty were still alive to get rid of those 80 Communists.


Really? A “new low in hypocrisy and downright meanness”?

That’s saying something coming as it does on the heels of your ex-President who incited a deadly insurrection against our government while his Republican Party continues to back his BIG LIE that the election was stolen.

They won’t support an investigation into this assault on our Democracy, and they expel anyone in their ranks who tells the truth.

How’s that for a “new low in hypocrisy and downright meanness”?


When it comes to “hypocrisy“ and “meanness,“ (and I would add “COWARDICE“) - Trump and his Party have set the bar so low it’s hard to avoid tripping over it.

Larry Skow

OFF THE FENCE. Stay with the orginal theme of the letter here. Biden is a mess. Illegal immigration is has made a mess of USA. Democrats always point the finger away from the issue. Why don't all you illegal lovers go ask Molly Tibbits of Iowa how she feels about illegals! Ask the young ladies family how they Feel about illegals. I believe the trail is starting. here a solution. At every conviction of these criminals we also give same sentence to 12 illegal lovers. Mr. Wilson/off the fence you game for that. You are accessories to the crime by supporting them. Ask Molly how she feels on the matter.

Gimmy A. Breake



I believe we need to be companionate towards those wanting to immigrate to this country. The only difference between now and 100+ years ago, is that the immigrants were mostly white and entered via Ellis Island. Today, most, but not all, are Hispanic (also considered “white” by the US Census Bureau) and crossing our southern border. There may be a fine distinction here, but its not a big one.

The southern border’s real issue is funding. The Biden administration is clearly not funding protection of our southern border even close to the needs. The people that guard our southern border are overwhelmed by the numbers. The result is two fold. First, drug interdiction is taking a dreadful toll and not in a good way, because of the lack of border personnel. Second, there are some, not many but some, crossing the border who are just plain bad people who do not reserve our respect or the protections we give legitimate immigrants.

Both these issues can only be dealt with by funding. Perhaps we need to complete the wall, not so much to keep immigrants out, but to control their point of entry so that we can identify those trying to enter for nefarious reasons. We do not need to, not should we be, companionate towards drug pushers, gang members and those with established criminal records of violence.

Mr. Biden has clearly demonstrated his willingness to spend large sums of money. So why hasn’t he regarding our southern border?

Mr. T

Every businessman (like myself) knows that hiring illegals involves very little risk.

If there were a functioning identification system required for employment and serious penalties and most important, ENFORCEMENT, for Americans who hire these folks, the problem could be largely solved at much less expense than building a foolish 2000 mile wall across our southern border. As one of history‘s greatest military generals said, “He who defends everything defends nothing.“

Think about it - every farm family knows that the best way to keep mice out of your house is not to leave food lying around.

But the business community and their lobbyists - whatever they may say publicly - want continued access to this cheap, illegal labor.

The political time never seems right. It certainly isn’t now with immigration being such a convenient wedge issue.

Still, eventually commonsense may prevail.


Out southern border isn't just about immigration. Its also about drugs. Do you have any suggestions about how to stop the drug running? Suggestions about what employers should or should not with respect to immigrants seeking jobs does not address the drug issue. A wall will impede the drug runners is build correctly. A wall does not have to stop immigrants if adequate points of entry are built within that wall. I certainly hope you are not thinking that the drug running is not a serious issue for our country. What I'd do to those drug runners probably cannot be printed here.


The question that keeps running through my head when everyone complains about better border protection, and "build the wall" cries, is since when do criminals go through the gates openly? since when do criminals follow political guidelines. If you think for one second because there is a wall, and a legal process to enter this country that, that is the only means of a criminal to enter then you are sadly mistaken.

If Biden is currently failing on issues that everyone finds important then look to the last president, he curtailed the transfer of power by refusing to act like an adult when he didn't win, no I will not debate the possibility of a stolen election since EVERY TIME Trump lost at something he yelled FRAUD. I remember a time a few years back when everyone was yelling "not my president"..... grow up people!!

Biden might not be the best president so far but he has just hit his "100 days in office" milestone that everyone finds so darn important and will judge him on this limited amount of time, but he is who we have and this is the way the government has done things for 100+ years, it is not about to change now.

E pluribus

Actually, JMDrury, “the way the government has done things for 100+ years” has ALREADY changed.


The precedent has been set. The unthinkable is now part of American Realpolitik. Losers of any election can deny an electoral loss and use the outrage to drive the next election.

And the Republican Party continues to single-mindedly pursue this anti-democratic strategy.

The American democratic tradition of a “Peaceful Transfer of Power” died on January 6th. It was buried, unmourned by the Republican Party

Their determination to promulgate the BIG LIE that their Dear Leader has foisted on his cowardly followers will ensure that it will not be exhumed soon.

The Cyber Ninjas and their ilk will be emblematic of American clownish “exceptionalism” across the globe



I couldn't agree more, here is an excerpt of an article about the "Cyber Ninjas", another part of this same article clearly states word for word that they have NO EXPERIENCE WITH ELECTIONS.

"Election experts noted that the company has already made rookie mistakes. For instance, Arizona Republic reporter Jen Fifield spotted auditors using blue pens, which is not best practice since there is a risk of altering the vote on a ballot. The state’s own election process manual prohibits anything but red pens from being used. When Fifield brought the issue up with Logan, she says he was unaware that the blue ink could be a problem and seemed unsure overall about the correct procedure. A judge later ordered the removal of all black and blue pens from the facility where the recount is taking place. The Brennan Center for Justice, a legal think tank associated with New York University, also sent a letter to the Department of Justice last week alleging that Cyber Ninjas has not been following basic security practices like locking doors to the facility holding the ballots and preventing unauthorized individuals from entering."

To clarify what I meant by the 100+ years of government with no change is sight was that they will do whatever they want, whenever they want, with no regards to common sense. So far that part of government has not changed and never will, just look at the Marijuana Bill for SD, Noem's claim to fame is "I trust my citizen to make up their own mind" but when we overwhelmingly vote pro-marijuana we are stupid and she KNOWS it's not what we really meant, but don't worry she will correct our behavior and kill the bill we stupidly voted for.


Oh yes, like when Melania Trump was here illegally from Slovenia. I guess that is ok though to you folks. Of course with Trump`s power and money, she magically became a citizen, and so did her parents. They never had to go through all the loops, paperwork and legal process. Look it up. A majority of crime in the U.S. is committed by Americans, not illegals. Yes, it does exist among illegals, but not on the scope of what American`s crime statistics are. Stop blaming the "illegals" for all your problems. And it does not matter WHO is president, they will keep coming across the border. They take the jobs American`s don`t want, for much less pay. And they are hard workers. Trump has done a great job of sowing hatred, division and confusion ( AKA conspiracy theories) . Conspiracy theories have no merit, Just because one man yells "fraud" doesn`t mean I am going to believe him, maybe you should try it.

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