Keep the faith, all that voted TRUMP.

Dec. 9 is when the Electoral College casts its vote. Our founding fathers knew ballot boxes could/would be stuffed. They knew vote counters could/would be corrupted. They set this system up for a reason. Our system will stand to the test of time and work. The only time this election process is used is on the presidential election cycle, and it’s done so for a reason. Rumor has it watermarks were put on official ballots. It’s logical to do so. If true facts all come out between now and then, the system will work.

The fat lady ain’t singing yet!  

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"Rumor has it"? THAT'S what you're basing your comments on? This has been the most closely watched, controlled election we've ever had. For you to continue to hope that - somehow something went wrong and Trump actually wins the Presidency - is to hope that our Democratic system is dead and we just start awarding elections to the folks who complain the most. Why isn't anyone contesting results in states where Trump won? Trust me Mr. Skow, if the Dems has really figured out a way to jack up the system, we'd also be rid of Moscow Mitch, Susan Collins and Lindsay Graham. Get over it - your guy lost. Bigly. Fair and square.



Fat Lady

Larry, the Founders also created a third branch of government - the Judicial Branch - which can reject frivolous and unfounded lawsuits.

Put in your hearing aids, cupcake 🧁. Soon I’ll sing my favorite song - especially for you:

“Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye.”




In the days of the founding fathers there were no ballots, people voted by voice in assemblies. I do agree with you on one thing though: our system will stand the test of time. It will do so despite the skullduggery of Trump sycophants. Why do you bother writing in to small local papers when there are online platforms that embrace this imbecility? Places where "rumor has it" carries so much weight.

How’s this for "true facts" as you call them? The top cybersecurity outfit inside the Department of Homeland Security has called this the "most secure election in US history". Judges (some of them appointed by Trump) are throwing these lawsuits out en-masse because Trump’s lawyers are admitting they’ve no evidence for their claims. You can find these court transcripts easily enough. But then again, easily enough you can find so many reputable sources for news and information; unfortunately, it is clear you’ve no interest in doing so.

Mr. T

Despite your loose grip on reality, Larry, you’ve made a few points I must agree with.

First, you are now reduced to your faith. And keep it or not, this is no more than a “strong belief based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof.”

Second, I must agree that “our system will stand the test of time.” Specifically our legal system will show that there are nowhere near enough disqualified votes to disprove that your man is a loser.

How unfortunate that more than a quarter of a million folks have to die to spare you Trumpsters the embarrassment of admitting your president failed to protect the American people.


The watermark rumor has been debunked, along with many other rumors of fraud in voting. The frivolous lawsuits are being thrown out. I cried when Hillary lost four years ago, and it seemed that something had to happen to keep Trump from becoming the POTUS. But nothing did; he won. Now four years later, those who voted for Trump are hoping against hope that something happens to keep Biden from becoming the POTUS. But nothing should or can; he won.


@ larry skow......I did not capitalize the first letters of your name because you do not deserve such recognition. IF there was massive voter fraud, then WHY has Trump been talking about it for months? That is like a burglar

@ larry skow....I did not capitalize the first letters of your name because you do not deserve such recognition. If there was widespread voter fraud, then why has trump been talking about it for months? That is like a burglar telling the homeowner what night he is going to burglarize their home. Sorry, it doesn`t work that way in either case. There is no proof of widespread voter fraud. All it is, is because a petulant man-child named Trump cannot accept defeat. Look up the word " narcissist ", it describes Trump perfectly. BIDEN WON, so it`s time you get over your trump Utopian fantasy. trump`s team of lawyers cannot provide any evidence, so the courts are simply dismissing the lawsuits.

trump is acting like a good old Fascist. Hitler also had millions of followers during WWII. Being willfully ignorant is no way to go through life.


We, as the American voting people, better be concerned about the integrity of our voting process! It appears to have WAY too many dead peeps voting , corrupted software and illiterate government officials making up rules on their own! We better pray the processes put in place by some uber smart people ( much smarter than ANYONE on the payrolls now) a long time ago or the FAT LADY will be singing “it’s all over America”!

Larry Skow

Lets see how it all plays out in the end. To BJS12258. I guess your Moscow Mitch must of passed by Hunter Biden as they entered an exited the Moscow office? May want to google Joe Biden's Cancer Initiative SCAM he had going. AMAZING scam that was/is. To the fat lady we will likely see how the Supreme Court goes on this. Remember all. Biden is not President elect until he is declared so. Media does not cannot call it. Election has not been called yet. To those that cried when Hillary lost in 2016. EC did not fallow protocol. 13 total cast against her. Some for Trump--some for V.P but went for Trump in end tally. Don't forget that. To who didn't cap my name. Who cares? My day isn't lost as you don't recognize me. At least I don't hide behind a moniker If you have opinion. STAMP YOUR NAME ON IT! BE PROUD. Hiding behind a moniker is for cowards. I hope the lefts shorts an panties get all knotted up in meantime. But don't forget. Mr. Trump put the wheels in motion for the vaccine. It is ready in his term an will likely be put into use in his term. I find it somewhat amazing that all the democrats of Yankton county seemed to reply to my letter which must be high point of their month. Have a good day all---- Mask up if want. If you don't that fine as well.

Grateful Dead

Our hospitals are filling to capacity and Trumpsters like Larry think the “rumors” of death are just a liberal hoax that will go away after the election is declared for their dear leader.

Google “COVID-positive patients don’t believe virus is real” Even Trumpsters on their deathbeds cling to the lies of Trump and FoxNews.

It’s hard to be sympathetic to such willful and deadly ignorance.

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