Another preventable school shooting. More breast-beating to come on top of what has been done.

Let’s face the facts. Neither GOP/Democrats care about the citizens of USA. Back the train up to Sandy Hook school shooting. We could go back in time to Austin shooting in 1960s. But from Sandy Hook forward, absolutely nothing has been done by either party to prevent tragedies.

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🫣 Ahh… take a wild guess, Mr. Scow.

Do you suppose this uniquely American carnage is because of the enormous power of the NRA and the gun lobby?

Could it be because right-wing politicians and their collaborators in the media deify a twisted interpretation of the second amendment to monetize their voters' paranoia and drive them to the polls? 🤔

Larry Skow

As usual SoDakd you are so wrong. This carnage could and should be stopped. Look you fool. We went 150 years without these mass shooting rampages. Back in 50's/6-'s/70's part of 80's without this carnage. In fact, in Midwest virtually every teachers/student's car at schools contained firearms in cars in parking lot. usually in clear view. Shotguns were carried started with pheasant season. May a father take his kids to town dumps to shoot rats in late afternoon/early evenings. No carnage like this. Stop and look when/what the core problem is with these shooters. NO FATHER FIGURE--single family homes. Women breeding and dropping whelps on the ground so rest of us foot the bill. Both in destruction of society/family structure and paying welfare for each whelp that drops on the ground. Throw drugs/abuse/mental illness/lack of core values what do you have? Magically todays democrat appears on the scene. But here is good question for you O Wise Wizard of Yankton. We have had T.P shortage/supply chain issues we can deal with that. But now a female hygiene product issue is happening. But maybe you don't know what that is. question is--how long do you think it will be before ladies raise bloody heck about that? This will get interesting indeed! Stay tuned folks the democrat lunacy continues to roll on.


And Larry, old buddy, do you suppose any of this has something to do with the fact that gun ownership in the USA has grown exponentially over the last 150 years?

It’s 120 firearms per 100 residents. Now we have more guns per person than any other country, including the runner up, Yemen, in which there are only 53 firearms per 100 residents.

So, Larry, how is it that “This carnage could and should be stopped”?

Sincerely, “You fool”


As usual SoDakD and the democrats only answer is to punish law abiding citizens, control at all costs is the democrats answer. If people have freedom, take it, it's what they do, outside of blaming everyone else for everything they do wrong, it's their next best answer. Here's the solution, first, close the southern border, stop the flow of illegal aliens, drugs, guns and terrorists. Second, lock up criminals and stop letting them out with a slap on the wrist, for some reason democrats love letting criminals out of jail with little to no punishment. Third, vote out all democrat politicians from all political offices from the cities, counties and states that they run, then vote out all the democrats that hold national offices as well. The cities and states that are democratically controlled are disasters and getting worse, and our whole country is now the same, what we are going through is all the evidence American's need to see what democratic control and policies do to their cities and states and country. So let's do this, let's give the democrats a few states, lets give them California, Oregon and Washington, they can then remove all the guns, get rid of the police since they hate the police anyways, have all the laws they want to control and get rid of freedoms, have no genders, let all the illegal aliens they want in, have no fossil fuels (only wind and solar to generate all the electricity they will ever need for everything), and see how it goes. They can tax as they want, they can punish, or not punish as they do now, they can raise their children as they want, on and on. I am guessing they won't want this, just like the rest of American's don't want it, but they will tell you this is what we have to do.

Larry Skow

SoDakD: Of course, gun ownership has grown over the years. In case you can't count so has the USA population. DUH! These events are preventable. Look back at the number of these people that done the dirty deed. Huge majority was known to FBI. The Sandy Hook shooter--His father should of been prosecuted for failing to provide mental help for his son--He had the means. He was in top five of leadership at huge corporation. Instead he cut and ran. Something is just not "right" on this Uvalde shooting response. Just not right. The shooter in Las Vegas? His girl friend was FBI informant! His Handler? That was preventable. Even kid in Michigan--turns out retired gov. employee was on his chat room--didn't do a thing. Something rotten in this fish bowl. Only 2 ladies killed in 1-6 were killed by a cop with BLM connections. And cops beat one lady to death in tunnel. Cop and fire extinguisher was made up story. Died natural causes. YES THESE CAN BE PREVENTED!


“YES THESE CAN BE PREVENTED! (But you aren’t saying how.)

All these anecdotes are interesting, but what’s the “therefore”?

PS Of course, the population is growing. It’s the guns per population that are relevant, old pal.


The Trumpster myth that violence is only soaring in big cities is a staple of Fox News disinformation, Voice.

Yet once again your apoplectic outrage is entertainingly amusing. Here’s what my Wall Street Journal says:

“Murder rates across the rural U.S. have soared during the pandemic, data show, bringing the kind of extreme violence long associated with major metropolises to America's smallest communities.

Homicide rates in rural America rose 25% in 2020, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It was the largest rural increase since the agency began tracking such data in 1999. The rise came close to the 30% spike in homicide rates in metropolitan areas in 2020.”

And it turns out that the states with the highest homicide rates are the red states of Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Missouri and Arkansas.

And did you know, Mr. Voice, that since 1987 the number of South Dakota’s murders, rapes, robberies and aggravated assaults per 100,000 population has been steadily RISING?

During the same time these same numbers NATIONALLY have been steadily FALLING. Today these South Dakota numbers are just a bit HIGHER than the national figures.

Please, good buddy, put “VIOLENT CRIME IN SOUTH DAKOTA” in your favorite search engine for a more complete analysis of this reality before you offer up this tired, old canard one more time.


Well, ol' buddy, maybe if the democrats would quit coddling the criminals, crime would drop, how about we try that? It's just like out in California, have you seen the videos of people just walking into stores and walking out with arm loads of merchandise, and no one can stop them or prosecute them. What do you expect is going to happen, criminals are like drug addicts, they just keep wanting more and more, the crimes keep getting worse and worse, but you are good with legalizing drugs, just like you are good with not punishing criminals. And maybe if your party would give one single thought to closing the southern border, maybe, just maybe, crime would drop, and maybe our law enforcement would be able to concentrate on something other than dealing with millions of illegal immigrants pouring into our cities and neighborhoods, why won't you shut down the southern border? Maybe if liberal DA's would enforce the laws on the books and stop letting criminals out of jail with no punishments. Maybe if democrats would quit tearing the American family apart and let parents be parents, maybe just maybe our kids could be raised right and get through school and get a good paying job instead of turning to crime. And maybe, just maybe, if democrats would quit flooding our children's minds with everything other than learning to read, learning math, learning history, learning job skills, instead of spending their days in schools being taught about their gender identity, what pronouns they should go by, how awful their parents are, why America is bad, how to vote democratic, maybe our kids could get a good education, do you think that would help? Of course you don't, it is called democratic grooming, it is happening for real in our schools, all of this is happening. You will deny it, you will call me a wacko, an extremist, a Trumpster, go ahead, good, if that is the kind of person it takes to get rid of these stupid liberal policies destroying our country, then fine, I'm a wacko, I'm an extremist, whatever you want to label me as. We are all seeing what a country looks like being controlled by democrats, who thinks any of this is good? Any of you? Of course you do, you want liberalism, you want socialism, you want a country in chaos, you want control. Your president has a hard time keeping track of what day it is let alone setting good policy, your press secretary can't answer a single question without looking at her book for answers, Pelosi makes zero sense anymore when she talks and the laughing Kamala is the exact same way, and these are supposed to be our leaders, they are nothing, they do nothing but cause problems for all of us. I and many like me are done with it, and we are calling all of you out, we are tired of you destroying our country, enough is enough.


So have the red states start coddling their criminals?

That’s what these statistics would seem to show. Right?

Is this why South Dakota statistics are slightly higher the national ones?

Or is there something else going on? What do you think?


If this problem were just because of the Democrats, wouldn’t South Dakota’s statistics be lower?


Why do you want to know this SoDakD, you want crime to increase, you want people to suffer, if you didn't, your party would do something about it instead of just standing by and watching it all happen (sound familiar, just like you did before Russia invaded Ukraine, your party did nothing like you are doing now). Your party is doing nothing, absolutely nothing to fix crime or anything else, the statics, the suffering, the pain, is all working in your favor, so what's it matter anyways, you are getting what you want.


When you finish with your straw man argument and stop arguing with your imagination, you might consider my question:

If this problem WERE just the fault of the Democrats, wouldn’t South Dakota’s statistics be considerably lower?

And no other country on the planet has this problem. Britain, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and Norway all had a culture of gun ownership, and all tightened restrictions anyway.

Their violence statistics now diverge sharply lower than those of the U.S.

But guess what? The Democratic party doesn’t exist in any of those countries.

What’s wrong with us that we won’t solve our problem?


🔴Even when you argue with your imagination you sound silly.🔴

If this is all some nefarious Democratic Strategy as you contend, it makes no sense. Seems to me they’re likely to take a big hit on this.

What polls are you watching that say this is all working in favor of the Democrats?

Can’t you at least try to make your misinformation internally consistent?


Again, call it what you want SoDakD, no amount of labeling, insults, whatever your side does to defend the defenseless isn't working. You and your party are in complete denial of the current situation in our country, you deny inflation claiming we have a strong economy, you deny indoctrinating our children claiming your are "doing it for the children", you deny there is a crisis at the southern border by not spending one single minute discussing it, you deny crime is sweeping over this country by continuing to let your liberal DA's release criminals from jail and blame guns, somehow you deny high gas prices are hurting American families by telling us all we are in a better situation now then ever before. When you and your party won't wake up and face any of these facts or many more like them, what point is it of arguing any of them with you. You will continue to push the lies, you will continue to push the democratic narrative, what's the old democratic motto, "tell a lie often enough and eventually they will believe it", that's what you are doing, that's what the democrats are doing, from the top liar in chief on down to you, good thing is, no one is buying any of it anymore. What was Biden's last polling numbers, 28% approval and 64% disapproval, the worst of any modern day history president. Enough said.


Here is more what the democrats call misinformation - Biden said the other day during an interview the U.S. has the worlds fastest growing economy, this is a lie, Libya, Panama, Peru, Botswana, Turkey, India, Greece, are just a few that have a faster growing economy than the U.S., but he said it out in front of everyone and the world, IT'S A LIE. Your party has denied defunding police departments when there is evidence all over the place of it actually happening. Biden is running around the country claiming he has sparked "historic economic boom", all the Jan. 6th lies your party keeps telling, just yesterday capital police reported that part of the "made for tv" clown show you democrats put on last week was false, in other words, lies, made up. It just goes on and on, day after day, with no end in site. And you think American's are so dumb we are all just taking it in and believing it. Strong economy? Historic economic boom? Families in a better situation than ever before? Really? Quit lying, grow up, start running this country like you might have a clue what is actually going on, stop making all of us suffer under your stupid liberal policies. What's your end game? What do democrats hope to do by driving our country into the ground? There has to be a reason, doesn't there?


And yet today, Biden is out in front of American's blaming high gas prices on Putin and he is demonizing the oil companies in todays blame game. Are these the same oil companies that from day one in office Biden said he was going to shut down? Are these the same oil companies that from day one in office Biden shut down their Keystone pipeline that would allow them to move huge amounts of oil across this nation? Once again, the democrats create a crisis, and now they are out in front of the world saying "I will use emergency powers" to force these same oil companies that he wants shut down to increase production. Why should they, why should they spend billions building refineries when the democrats want to just shut them down anyways? Do you see the problem here SoDakD, you have basically told the oil industry they are going to be shut down, you have threatened them with not allowing them to drill more oil, oil prices skyrocket, inventories drop, and now Biden threatens them, blames them, blames, Putin, blames OPEC, whomever he can think of, but takes absolutely no responsibility for any of his actions. But again, this is all part of the democratic plan to destroy our economy and nation, and it is working really good for your party, isn't it?


So which is it democrats? Biden threatens oil companies with 'emergency powers' if they don't boost supply amid inflation spike, or is it Biden's own climate czar John Kerrey about more drilling, "No, we don't," he said. "We absolutely don't. And we have to prevent a false narrative from entering into this…" Why would either one of them care, none of this affects them, Kerry is a married into millionaire and Biden has been in Washington for 40 years and is richer than rich and does not give one hoot about any of this. But here is another example of the confused messaging from this administration, it happens each and every day, they are all just making it up as they go, and then if it isn't in the press secretaries answer book, she has no idea what is going on. What a clown show this administration puts on every day.


I know SoDakD is just soaking all this up, but here's another lie from your great leader - President Joe Biden falsely claimed in a Tuesday speech for the AFL-CIO that inflation is hitting the rest of the world worse than in the United States. Evidence it is a LIE - However, data from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) shows that the United States boasts higher inflation rates than many other developed countries. The 8.3% inflation rate seen in the United States as of April was higher than the 7.8% rate in the United Kingdom, the 7.4% rate in Germany, the 6.8% rate in Canada, the 6% rate in Italy, the 4.8% rate in South Korea, and the 2.5% rate in Japan. - Lie after lie, day after day, they are just making it up as they go, complete and total denial of what is actually happening to this country and to the families in it.


I AM soaking all this in, Voice.

I was wondering if you’d set a new record for serial posts to avoid trying to make your misinformation internally consistent.

Seems to me when you are arguing with your own imagination that’s the least we could expect.

PS Keep trying. Six would have done it.

Larry Skow

Again SoDakD and his word salad with zero credible suggestions on how to stop this. Brings zero to the table to solve the issue. Lot of water bottles were thrown at the 1-6 free speech meeting in D.C. so we better ban that dangerous weapon as well. We wonder why we in situation we are in. Yet his DNA walks among us.


So, Larry, why are we the only developed country that can’t seem to solve this problem?

How about this? Britain, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and Norway all had a culture of gun ownership, and all tightened restrictions anyway.

Their violence statistics now diverge sharply lower than those of the U.S.

What’s wrong with us that we won’t solve our problem? There are numerous examples…

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