Double “kudos” to Lois Harris’ letter to the editor on Jan. 21 and Joe Vig’s response Feb. 1. They hit the nail on the head. I could not have said it better.

What was said about mail-in ballots was absolutely true. Between Pennsylvania and Georgia, over a million more ballots were cast than eligible voters. It amazes me how those dead people vote. This was all covered up by the deep state.

As for Mr. Trump, put yourself in his place for a minute. Who could do more good for this country, the economy, unemployment, immigration, justice, etc., all the while being bashed by the news media, Democrats, the bureaucracy, left-leaning Justices and some of his own party. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t. The average person would have been driven nuts — he tried to run the government like a business instead of a political game. It drove bureaucrats and politicians crazy, but it worked.

I agree his worst enemy was his mouth, BUT by and large, he did a super job.

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You've got to be kidding? This is what happens when you watch FOX News exclusively -you become completely disconnected to the real world. Ms. Johnson, FOX probably didn't tell you that there were over 60 lawsuits that Trump's team filed that were dismissed out of hand - mostly by Republican judges. The Supremes ruled against him. There was NO stolen election, to tampering with votes, a million dead people didn't vote. And haven 't you ever asked yourself "What about the states where Trump won? Why isn't his team fighting the election results in those states?" or even "What about all the Republican's that won their seat - why aren't the contesting THOSE elections?" Ms. Johnson - it's probably too late, but you must learn to think for yourself and stop listening to the trash FOX calls "news". Also, it just cracks me up that you blame it all on the "deep state" - can you please define that term form me and tell me exactly how they were able to rig the elections of the most Democratic nation on the planet? You're just parroting what you've heard on TV without any real understanding, or thought about what it all means. Just stop it. You're embarrassing yourself.

USA Strong

Over a million more votes than eligible voters? You should research before you vote. That’s why we have all these crazies storming the Capital, etc. they believe the same lies

Jolly Roger

Fran, your claims of fraudulent election practices have been thoroughly disproven by over 50 unsuccessful Trumpian lawsuits, the Supreme Court and even the president's own lawyer, Bill Barr before he resigned.

But I’ll not continue an argument with a fool over this point…

But, yes, you’re completely right that “he tried to run the government like a business” - his PRIVATE business. And he made a lot of money doing so, but what did the rest of us get?

Let’s see, 1)- an armed insurrection, 2)- a runaway pandemic and 3)- an economic collapse.

How about it, Schnucki, you tired of winning yet?

Yankton resident

Just for clarification Fran Johnson is a Mr., not a Ms.

Having said that it is clear that Fran has no understanding of elections and election laws that govern our elections, if he did he would not have written the comments that make him look foolish.

Elections have a canvassing process at the local and state level which takes place after the election. In that process after the votes are counted it becomes clear for election officials whether more people voted within their jurisdiction than were registered. next local elected officials tabulate those canvass results to make sure numbers match, then those tabulated results are sent to the state election supervisor and are once again re-checked for accuracy. This does include mail-in ballots.

For Fran to use an unsubstantiated conspiracy theory in his argument that has been proven in courts is beyond being uninformed and teeters on the edge of total ignorance and understanding. Fran should know better, but has been blinded by the QAnons and is recklessly following them to the destruction of our great nation.

I guess I could support Gov Noem's civics program if it were aimed at those who should know better, but don't, rather than aim it at high school students who already have a better understanding of how our government works than many in our adult population.

For Fran to s


Ms. Johnson, I’m very pleased to hear you complaining about your cult leader being “bashed by some of his own party.”

I’m so grateful to you Trumpsters for tearing the GOP apart.

You go, girl‼️


lets do the math real quick about "over a million fake votes"

Arizona their 2019 registered voters list says that there were 1,228,745 (active) Dems and 118,292 (inactive) that makes 1,347,037 (active/inactive) registared votes in the state. Now for Reps there were 1,363,935 (active) and 115,200(inactive) equalling 1,479,135 (active/inactive) voters.

according to the polls per state Dems votes were 1,672,143 Vs. Reps votes of 1,661,686. a difference of 10,457 votes. Thats a close call.

so your telling me over a million people "faked" the polls so then there was only really 672,143 people to vote Dem and it was really 2,661,686 that voted for Reps if the election was "stolen"???

There isn't even that many registered voters (stricktly Dem/Rep) for the state to make the numbers game of your opinion even feesable.

Do some research and learn to think for your self before you bramble on with FOX news doing all the thinking for you.


Mr. Johnson, there were thirty-eight judges appointed by Republicans involved in Trump’s election fraud lawsuits. One of them, Judge Bibas, wrote, “Free, fair elections are the lifeblood of our democracy. Charges require specific allegations and then proof. We have neither here.” You wrote, “between Pennsylvania and Georgia, over a million more ballots were cast than eligible voters. It amazes me how those dead people vote.” I looked. I could not find anything to verify your statement. Honestly, it sounds like something from a social media meme or video. There’s so much inaccurate information spread that way; it shouldn’t be taken at face value. You also mentioned Mr. Vig’s letter in regard to mail-in voting. In the last election, I voted by absentee voting which has many similarities to mail-in voting especially in states that have “no excuse absentee voting” like South Dakota. Actually, in some states, the terms “absentee voting” and “mail-in voting” are used interchangeably. Only nine states had universal mail-in voting in the last election. These states did not include Georgia, Pennsylvania, or Arizona, where voting seemed to cause the greatest contention. This does not mean that ballots were laying around in piles for anyone to fill out like President Trump suggested, but sent to all registered voters. Finally, praising Mr. Trump because he ran the government like a business seems misguided since he has six business bankruptcies on record.


YTgr3: [thumbup] Because you posted a reply that kept to the facts. All other posters, all 7 of them, engaged in personal demeaning attacks. I don't know why the P&D permits personal attacks, but they obviously do. Doesn't speak well for the P&D's policy on comments does it.


@ Fran ............Another delusional Republican, who would have guessed?

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