This coronavirus pandemic will be a blessing in disguise if it draws our world back to God.

But, how can we expect his blessing as long as we have legalized abortion, legalized so-called “gay marriage,” rampant pornography and so much sexual immorality, etc.?

God gave us the Ten Commandments. They are not suggestions. They are commandments!

Luckily for us sinners, ours is a very merciful God, but he does require our obedience and true repentance for our sins.

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Thank you, Mr. Pinkelman. God is removing hundreds of thousands of heretics from the World of the True Believers.

Sinful liberals and their faithless Fake News ask why America is losing so many more people than anywhere else. It’s a false question.

It’s not because the Chosen One in the White House doesn’t care about his flock - it’s because God is clearing the way for the Righteous in the most sinful Nation on this planet.

Prepare for many more deaths of those unworthy of God’s True Love.


Oh, Get Real! People ain't going back to God! And, no, the Coronavirus is NOT a blessing! Unless, perhaps, you got it...and God Called You home! I am sure you worship at the feet of your God, Donald Trump.

Larry Skow

Lazor: Who do you bow to? Queen Nancy/Perverted Joe/Hillary. I will leave religion out of this for time being. Everyone has their right to believe as they see fit. But who do you bow down to? What cup of Kool-Aid do you drink from?


Thank you, Brother Skow, for pushing back on this wicked unbeliever.

You may not fully understand just yet, but our Jealous, Loving God manifests himself through your earthly presence.

You have taken your first, strong step in saving yourself from the fires of eternal damnation! Come to Jesus, my friend. Welcome!

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