Attention: In the name of Justice for Tammy Laframboise, we are asking for your prayers and support.

In March 2019, Tamara Laframboise of Yankton, a soon-to-be enrolled member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, was a victim of a grisly homicide, which included dismemberment.

The man indicted for her murder, also of Yankton, allegedly pushed her into a wall, killing her by force. He then drove her body to his brother’s property in Michigan, where two young boys discovered Tammy’s torso in a creek while walking their dog. Tammy’s head, hands and feet had been removed before she was disposed of in this way. She was identified by her tattoos. The accused man has not yet disclosed what he did with the rest of her.

Tammy’s son, Ron; his girlfriend; and Tammy’s friend, Patricia Grant, are among the few people who have supported Tammy since day one. They refuse to forget the brutal crime which took Tammy away from us in the middle of her life.

Tammy needs justice. Tammy needs our help to get the rest of her body back so she can be laid to rest.

My husband Smokey and I are asking for your help. Here are several ways to show your support: By coming to the hearing on Dec. 6 at 10 a.m. in Yankton, which we will be attending; as well as the trial set for Jan. 13, 2020.

Support Tammy’s son, who will be in attendance, because no one’s son should have to go through this alone.

Show your support through prayers of every form, your inipis, your canupa, your devotions.

Let’s come together to bring Tammy home, and to bring justice for Tammy’s family. Let us come together to bring justice for Tammy Laframboise.

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What a terrible ending for a young woman. 💐 The demon who did it should never walk the streets again


Justthinking: Does your comment indicate that you put less value on the life of the victim than the person who killed her? Shouldn't the killer in fact be shown as much mercy as he showed his victim? What level of mercy did he show her, she wasn't allowed to live out her life? What is your determination of what is fair?


I want the daemon who did this to the poor young women to get the maximum penalty the state allows. Swiftly carried out!


Let's hope this Tammy gets more justice than Tammy Haas did.

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