If you want to see the biggest waste of taxpayer money since Cash for Clunkers or the last Middle East War, drive six miles north of Avon.

The Prevailing Wind Park is under construction. They burn up more fossil fuels in one day than the whole wind farm will offset in a lifetime. They ruin the roads and are hauling enough gravel for the turbine project to gravel every road in the county. It almost resembles a military operation.

Money is no object. PUC Commissioner Chris Nelson recently noted the tax credit from one wind turbine is about $3 million over 10 years. If you take any of the projects being built now, the average cost per turbine is approximately $3 million. Guess what? The taxpayer pays for the whole wind farm. And when they’re done, they raise our electricity rates.

The production tax credit is supposed to phase out. Not on your life. Thune, Rounds, Johnson, Noem and Grassley all support more PTC. The campaign contributions are just too much to pass by.

In five years, there will be few places in eastern South Dakota where your view will not include a wind turbine. Our beautiful state will be destroyed by this scam. Our politicians make fun of AOC but support the Green New Deal as much as she does.

Contact your legislator. Let’s try to save South Dakota from this destruction.


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It’s the Dirty Fuel industry that owns our politicians. In return for the donations to them, they give the fossil fuel 5 Trillion , That’s Trillion in subsides a year. You should check the figures for yourself and not parrot FOX Entertainment


If you want to stop wasting taxpayers money, stop Trumps trips to DelMar. . It’s costing us $3.4 million for each trip.


Trumps Mar-A-Lago trips cost us $3.4 Million each trip. Now THATS A WASTE.


Wind-energy boosters like to claim that the oil-and-gas sector gets favorable tax treatment. That may be so, but those tax advantages are tiny when compared with the federal gravy being ladled on wind companies. The production tax credit is about $23 per megawatt-hour. A megawatt-hour of electricity contains 3.4 million Btu. That means wind-energy producers are getting a subsidy of $6.76 per million Btu. The current spot price of natural gas is about $2.40 per million Btu. Thus, on an energy-equivalent basis, wind energy’s subsidy is nearly three times the current market price of natural gas. It’s the scamming "green" energy industry that owns our politicians. You should check the figures for yourself and not parrot CNN Entertainment.


The Subsidies are in addition to the Tax Brakes.


So sorry to hear that change is such a pain in the rear for you Gregg. You really need to do a little research on the advantages of wind power (and solar if it doesn't freak you out too bad). I hear the coal industry is booming as much as the manufacturers of covered wagons are riding an all time high.


In talking with the company that will own the new wind power project it appears that the people that are complaining the most got greedy with the compensation package they were offered a few years ago by wanting more. So the owners went elsewhere. Some of us remember the business dealing of mr. Hubner as an auctioneer.


The roads they are using will have to be restored to better than than they were. The gravel they are using is provided by a local landowner. Money for the local economy. The trucks hauling it, a few are local, money for the local economy. Truck repairs, groceries, housing rentals, bank accounts, vehicle gas, meals and entertainment. Please remind us again Mr Hubner how the money that these people are spending in the area is a bad thing. Tell the local coop that is selling fuel, the grocery store in your town, the retired couple renting out a spare room to make extra money to pay there bills how this is all bad. Sure it's not going to last a long time and they and their money will be gone but why is it bad for people to make a profit when they can? Please remind us. It appears you have done pretty good in business remind us again why others shouldn't have what you have even if it comes in a different form.

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