Our current economic disaster and unnecessary deaths can be largely explained by analyzing the president’s missteps. Shortly after taking office, President Trump defunded and dismantled government pandemic watchdog committees. Regarding coronavirus, Donald Trump got his first warnings in late 2019 or early January 2020. The president called it a hoax when speaking at his political rallies prior to late February, assuring audiences that it would soon disappear like magic.

Trump claimed in March that testing for coronavirus anti-bodies would commence very soon. However, complete tests for coronavirus anti-bodies are still unavailable as May approaches. Nor are contact-trace tests available in sufficient quantities. Because of Trump’s delayed response and verbal distractions, the strong economy that Donald Trump inherited from Obama is now a disaster. This has resulted in much suffering, endangerment and death. The truth is that Donald Trump takes no personal responsibility for his weak leadership. Rather, he does his daily TV rallies where he continually shifts blame and creates confusion.

In current performances, he has announced the end of funding for the World Health Organization (WHO). Pulling out of WHO will create more repercussions to the entire planet. Trump is also using his bully pulpit to persuade states to reopen business right away. It matters nothing to him that useful quantities of tests aren’t available, nor that coronavirus vaccination is still 12-18 months in the future. More future danger is a reasonable expectation for the rest of us.

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E pluribus

It’ll be interesting to revisit everyone’s opinions after the total death number is clear.

Whether it’s very low because some of us were too pessimistic in judging this threat or astronomically high because some of us ignored it - either way, it’ll be hard to spin a body count. Won’t it?

Larry Skow

Mr. Wegner; We all face danger everyday. In virtually anything we do. When driving on two lane road you meet un coming vehicles an pass within 5 feet of each other. Sure there is body count. But 7400 + - die everyday. One can debate all day long if warnings were given. Do you realize how many threat warnings there are every day? Are all heeded? In reality the chain goes like this. Municipalities then county then state level are the readiness chain of command for civilian safety. Remember the old civil defense drills? Used to happen on regular basis. Federal level is last in the national chain of events for protection. Why didn't cities/counties/states have masks on hand? They all face state/local emergencies that require them. We have became so reliant on the government bailouts it unreal. If you don't keep 90 days supply of food on hand or extra cash rat holed away who's fault is that? Just because the original saying was don't use a mask. Mask's make common sense to start with at least in public. It common sense to keep a distance anyway why be told. Maybe instead of the state wasting taxpayers money on a comical anti meth add program masks could of been purchased. There really no excuse for JBS/Smithfeild/Tyson plants to have had the issues they have. They all have highly paid plant safety personal. They can take action. I sure someplace in their safety book it firmly states any employee can bring up an shut down operations if critical issue at hand. I have seen an read/reviewed hundreds of these safety manuals. That is required reading by all employees. One usually reads an signs document stating one read an understands it. Safety meetings are held on regular basis. Mr. Wegner staying alive is our personal responsibility. Common sense tells one that. But common sense is not so common any more. I suggest don't let your guard down an don't wait for government to protect your backside.

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