Hey, neighbors.

I’m a Huronian who graduated from USD, now reporting from home in Queens, New York, with just a single boring message: please, please, please stay in if you can. This strain of coronavirus made me the sickest I have ever been, and now I’m better, but I’m under 40 and generally healthy.

If anyone you know is doubting the deadliness of this COVID, send them to me. We’re counting funerals we’ll have to have later, and you will be, too.

If anyone you know doesn’t quite understand that the scientific answers to COVID-19 are fuzzy because humanity hasn’t seen this one yet, send them to me. (The “19” is from “2019.” Just making sure you know, too.)

It’s just not at all a political issue. It’s a boring, horrible thing wherein you have to stay apart from whatever comes out of other people’s lungs. That’s it, and that’s difficult. If you don’t stay apart physically, it can get you. Or worse, it can ride along with you and get the people you love. My friend lost both her parents, a week apart. She was trying to take care of her mom and bury her dad, but her mom was also too sick.

The immediate situation is not political You, you there? You going outside puts other people at risk and might kill them. Or you. We don’t want to kill you. Please, PLEASE stay inside.

If you bop around outside right now? You will probably kill people. It’s boring science and you could be a murderer in actual fact if you don’t heed it for a month or two. Hugs later. For now, all the caution you can muster. Please. I will also hug you later, if you want.

Thank you so much to everyone working to keep everyone alive and fed. We see you and owe you.

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Well said Huronian! As someone who also grew up in SD but no longer lives there, I echo what you are saying. Just because you haven't been directly impacted in SD doesn't mean you won't be at some point in the future. Be smart, be safe, and stay at home as much as you can. If you absolutely must go out, protect yourself and others. It's just the right thing to do!


Pathetic, echo the lamestream media and say stay in. How long? 3-4 months? 18 months till they get a vaccine? Cower in your house in fear if you must. Just know this, this virus will not kill 99.5% of the population. So should the 0.5% of the people require that the 99.5% of the people give up their liberties for their safety? Sorry but that is not how our Country is supposed to work.


This many people die every day in America from the listed causes. That's 2,590 people, day in, day out.

1,315 Tobacco

241 Alcohol

684 Medical mistakes

350 Taking prescription medicines as directed

Shouldn't we shut down the country and get to the bottom of this?

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