Attention! Do you fish, ice fish, boat or camp along the Missouri River especially near the Platte-Winner Bridge?

There is something happening there that you need to know. A company from Minnesota is trying to ruin your fishing, ice fishing, camping and boating on the Missouri River by the Platte Winner Bridge. The 13-inch water fluctuation will affect the ice fishing. All your camping spots will be gone, taken by construction workers for 5-6 years. The water quality of the river will greatly affect the Randall Water District which serves Charles Mix, Douglas, Bon Homme, Aurora, Brule, Hutchinson and Davidson counties. This monstrosity will ruin our river as we know it. Who wants to fish, ice fish, boat or water ski in turbulent, murky, sediment filled water? Who wants to camp near this eyesore with its constant noise and lit up like a prison? These companies are using eminent domain to force us to give up our land and our rights. This project is called the Gregory County Pumped Storage Project.

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Larry Skow

Susan: One important item you forget. Well a couple items actually. Those year-round construction workers will generate more $$$ spent locally then a few campers on the weekends. Secondly the water will not stay Murkey and filled with sediment. Now that said the Mighty Mo is not known for crystal clear water. I.E all the sediment filling at Lake Andes and elsewhere. Lastly the project will generate needed electrical power. That way everyone can drive their EV's to camp and recreate there. Think of that next time your lights flicker.


Have you ever ice fished the river in the area you talk about? It not uncommon to drill a hole and find the water 1 to 2 feet under the ice, with now worning from the Corp of Engineers. If ALL the camping spots werer FULL for 5 or 6 years wouldnt that be a boom for the campground owners and there cash flow? Just wonder if you would be fighting the Pick-Sloan plan wtih such zeel? Would you fight to save Ft Randall Dam or fight to remove it? I guess if the trend is to a green energy socity were is power going to come from? Will you accept 200 wind towers instead of a pump storage? Will you accspt hundreds of acers of solor panels instead of pump storage? How about a nuclear power plant? You say water will be affected, your water is already poluted from cattle feedlots in the area. How much runoff from feedlots runs down Platte creek into the river and rite into the water intake? How much chemical and fertelizer already are you putting into the water already? Better cleanup your own house before you tell the neighbors what to do? I guess if water sturing up sediment was an issue, how come the river isnt a mess already, ? Oahe,Ft Thompson,Ft Randall and Gavins Point should be wreaking havic on the eviroment if water discharge from a dam is so bad. Would you or any menber of your group support the removal of all those dams and let the river run free again? Would you have fought the Goverment on the development of those dams? The irrigation water from Lake Francis Case has been a real benifit for the area from Geddes up river. But that was progress, rite?

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