We Americans need to stand up for our rights and not be stuck with a stimulus bill that is going to affect our taxes for the rest of our lives. Congress tried to pass this bill on to President Trump, and thankfully he also took a look at what was in it and decided not to sign it unless they take some of this (pork) stuff out and give those hurting $2,000 instead of a measly $600.

Congress does not give a rip for any of us. They are too busy lining their pockets instead of helping the American people during this virus baloney. And now it’s Christmas and we are still sitting here waiting for those idiots out there to do something. And this is not limited to just one party.

It is both parties. In case you haven’t seen what they originally passed, here is a quick rundown on the original bill.

• Egypt is getting $1,300,000,000

• Sudan — $700,000,000

• Ukraine — $453,000,000

• Israel — $500,000,000

• Nepal — $130,000,000

• Burma — $135,000,000

• Cambodia $85,500,000

• Pakistan — $25,000,000 … $10 million of this goes to gender studies. What does that have to do with COVID?

• Asia R.I.A. — $1,400,000,000 (who is that)?


• Kennedy Center — $26,400,000

• Smithsonian — $1,000,000,000

• National Art Gallery — $154,000,000

• National Art and Humanities — $167,000,000

• W Wilson Center — $14,000,000 (isn’t he long dead?)

• American People — $600 per person.

And now, true to form, it is Trump’s fault, according to them, that the people didn’t receive any money.

Hold on to hope. Trump will get them to do as he asks and if they don’t, then they won’t get their pork either. And maybe they should get $600 also instead of what we pay them to do nothing for us.

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Americans HAVE stood up for their rights, Kim. It’s why your President is leaving the White House.

And it’s interesting to see Trump supporters now suddenly concerned about the deficit.

This incompetent president should have spent a little less time on the golf course and even half as much time as you put into writing this letter working on the negotiations BEFORE his representatives, the House and the Senate came to their compromise. (You DO know what a compromise is, don’t you?)

Enjoy your virus “baloney” lunch, Kim. Casually denying the science lets you compare 400,000 dead Americans to cheap sandwich meat. Bon Appetit!


All of these so-called "pork" items are NOT part of the stimulus bill. They are a part of the overall funding bill and were previously included in the budget approved by the White House. President Trump should have been fully aware of what was in the budget.

Mr. T

Gosh, Kim. You say “this is not limited to just one party,“ but it’s the REPUBLICANS who are standing in the way of replacing the measly $600 with $2000.

If you had been reading the news you’d know it’s the DEMOCRATS in Congress and the Senate who are joining Trump to try and deliver for folks like you and me.

So it’s the RINOS who don’t “give a rip for any of us.” They take your vote and increase your debt to give their donors tax breaks. (Have you looked at the deficit after four years? Your numbers are “Chump Change.”)

And we little folks get left with an economic collapse, the worst pandemic in a hundred years and a trade war that’s handing our farm markets to the South Americans.

Looks to me like “hope” is all you got left. Time to “wake up and smell the coffee” as they say, Kim...


[thumbdown] And of course it wasn't the democrats who blocked any bill prior to the election - or was it? Of course it was. Trump proposed a $1.9T bill this summer. Democrats would have none of it. Then they agree to a $900B bill. House Democrats could have easily rammed a bill through last week for much larger than $600 BEFORE it got over to the Senate. They had the votes in the House. So why didn't they? I don't know. Ask Nancy.

Old Hugh

They say hope is not a strategy, Kimmy. Nonetheless, I truly HOPE you're giving lots of money to Trump and his “the election was rigged” fundraising scam.

I really don’t mind if Trump makes a mint from his gullible true-believers. Not if his new war on Republicans brings the party down.

They knew he was a snake when they picked him up. They thought they could tame him.

It would be poetic justice.


[thumbdown] Election is over Trump lost. Time to let it go.


You really think “Trump will get them to do as he asks”??

You’re grasping at straws, Kim. He’s gone in just a few weeks. He lost. If you don’t know it, the GOP politicians sure do. Why would they buckle to help us little people now?

When they WERE afraid of Trump, starting a trade war wasn’t too much. Sucking up to Putin was no big deal. Pumping up the deficit seemed worth the tax cuts for their donors. Putting kids in cages was no big deal. And playing down the pandemic and calling it a hoax - hey, no problem. Right? Right?

But helping out ordinary Americans during an economic disaster? WHOA!! That’s where they’ll draw the line and finally stand on principle.

Plus they know Trump is soon to be a powerless loser - even if you don’t. They’re going to help themselves. If you're lucky you’ll get $600.

Best Wishes for the New Year, Kim.


The "kids in cages" photo out there was taken during the Obama Administration. But what ever, Trump is to blame for any and everything that has happened since the Civil War. Just be glad Trump is gone. Just remember one thing: Trump lost - Biden didn't win. And no, I'm not talking about voter fraud. I'm talking about the nearly 1/3 of Biden voters who only voted for Biden because they didn't like Trump. Biden has no mandate. The only voter mandate was to say bye-bye to Trump.


If you read the news from time to time, MyThoughts, you will know that 5,400 children were separated from their parents by Trump. The parents of 545 of these children STILL haven't been reunited with their kids.

You are “deflecting” from this crime against humanity with your silliness about a photo.

More importantly, Trump’s deceit and incompetence will kill more Americans with the coronavirus than we lost in WWII. This is enough to make me vote “bye-bye” to Mr. Trump.

Biden won with exactly the same margin in the electoral college that made your man president in 2016. Was that a “mandate”? Even though he got a MINORITY of the popular vote?

With 7,000,000 more popular votes than Trump, I think Biden gets a mandate to use science and competent leadership to fight Trump's deadly runaway pandemic.

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