Robert F. Lyons, Kennebunk, Maine

Within a 24-hour news cycle, I read three bombshell news stories about the governor of my native state which could be the outline of a Shakespearean comedy or tragedy: “South Dakota lawmakers question Noem’s meeting with daughter” regarding application to become a certified real estate appraiser (P&D); Gov. Kristi Noem tweeted that rumors of a Corey Lewandowski affair are “total garbage and a disgusting lie. These old, tired attacks on conservative women are based on a falsehood that we can’t achieve anything without a man’s help;” and, “Gov. Kristi Noem severs ties with political advisor Corey Lewandowski amid sexual harassment controversy.” (Argus Leader)

In Shakespeare’s “The Winter’s Tale,” when Leontes suspects his wife Hermione of having an affair with his boyhood friend, Polixenes, he cries:

“Too hot, too hot!

To mingle friendship far is mingling bloods.

I have tremor cordis on me: my heart dances;

But not for joy; not joy.”

South Dakota’s First Gentleman, Bryon, should read the whole play before reacting to rumors about his wife’s infidelity.

Noem has been called a female version of Donald Trump and sought his company at Mount Rushmore and numerous other occasions. In her pursuit to gain the spotlight nationally, Noem traveled extensively with Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s 2016 campaign manager and invited him to go hunting on her Racota Valley Ranch.

If accusations of marital infidelity and abuse of executive power prove correct, this “female Trump” might invoke in her defense a line from Shakespeare’s “Othello,” on equality and empowerment of women. Emilia declares: “The ills we do, their ills instruct us so.” (“We women learn well our sins from men.”)

Women have many male mentors available to learn how to be unfaithful to their spouses and how to violate their constitutional responsibilities. Noem has been mentored well by Trump and his cohorts.


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The same people that have already convicted Noem of wrong doing I can guarantee were no where to be found when your great democratic president Clinton was sharing his time in the white house with Ms. Lewinski, but democrats chose to have short memories. I get all the attacks on Noem, she is a rising star in the republican party, the democrats are so scared of this that you attack and attack often, it's what you do best, you can't support your own policies so you have to attack those that oppose them. Good luck, no one cares anymore about this stuff, the democrats have laid the ground work on how to get away with these kind of things, thanks for the guidance on it, you have had a lot of practice doing it. But one thing is for sure, keep the focus off Biden and his administration, heaven knows you don't want to talk about Afghanistan, the southern border, taking away freedoms, the $3.5 trillion equals $0 spending bill, the increase in crime, defunding police, CRT, censorship, inflation, it's easier to talk about rumors of a republican governor. Keep stretching democrats, you are digging deep to find stuff now.


A very eloquent letter but the reason Noem troubles are simple. She is corrupt, a grifter, and self serving. She has also attempting to negate the results of the last election in regards to initiated laws. I am a life long Republican and do not think of this as a Rep. Vs Dem matter. Noem has to go for the betterment of my party as well as every South Dakotan. Either party has better potential candidates Noem.

VOICE for VoiceforAll

So many Trumpsters suffer from “January 6th Amnesia.”

This affliction has struck three of our most high profile Republicans:


“The president bears responsibility for Wednesday's attack on Congress by mob rioters. He should have immediately denounced the mob when he saw what was unfolding."

Senate Minority leader, MITCH McCONNELL:

"There's no question, none, that President Trump is practically and morally responsible for provoking the events of the day. The people who stormed this building believed they were acting on the wishes and instructions of their president,"

South Carolina Senator LINDSEY GRAHAM:

“Count me out. Enough is enough. I hoped he [Biden] lost. I prayed he would lose. He won. He's the legitimate president of the United States."

Now the “profiles in courage” who spoke these brave words grovel before their Dear Leader in humiliating subservience.

Like so many of the long-winded Trumpsters who pontificate on this feed with their angry catalogs of Democrats’ wrong-doing, these hypocrites have forgotten all about the most serious threat to our Democracy since the Civil War.


Wow, still talking about Jan. 6th, it amazes me how you can even come close to comparing a few hundred people "storming" the U.S. capitol to what happened during the civil war, that makes absolutely no sense to anyone. You just can't find anything else going on in this world but something that happened over 10 months ago, something so insignificant that is only kept alive by extremists and MSNBC and CNN, people just don't care anymore about this except those trying to deflect from the current presidents problems. Do any of you see or hear what Joe Biden has done in the last 10 months? Anyone? Hello out there democrats? This country is a complete mess due to Joe and his socialists agenda, does anyone see it? Since you are all afraid to answer that let me do it for you, yes, everyone sees it, but it's only those that are still wanting this country to fail that won't say anything about it, read that as you democrats and socialist's that are supporting this senile president. Day after day, week after week and now month after month, more and more failures, more and more bad policies, all hurting this once great country, but it is Jan. 6th that is destroying America according to you all. NO ONE CARES ABOUT JAN. 6TH. Jan. 6th is not causing inflation, it is not turning this country into a welfare state, it is not turning this country into a harbor for illegal aliens, it is not the cause of the increase in crime, it is not the cause of illegal drugs pouring across the southern border into this country, it is not the cause of all the front line workers quitting their jobs because some senile president is mandating a shot, it is not the cause of Afghanistan falling to a "professional and business like" (as per Joe Biden) terrorist organization that is murdering women and children and forcing them to not work, get an education, forcing young girls to marry the terrorist's, it is not the cause of men being allowed to go into women's bathrooms because they say they are women now. Holy cow people, why can't you see any of this going on? What are you looking at, what are you watching? This president lies to our faces, his press secretary lies to our faces, his whole administration lies to our faces, they take bribes, they take payouts from foreign countries, but you are still talking about Jan. 6th. To use your words, there is no question that Joe Biden is practically and morally responsible for the failure of the United States as a strong and free country. I have asked before and have been told to Google it myself, but I shouldn't have to, if this president is so great, tell me what he is doing to make America better, how are we better now than we were 10 months ago, give me this long list of accomplishments this president has performed, he has done so much for us, this should be real easy for any of you, without having to Google it, I am sure this site will be flooded with all his accomplishments, can't wait to see them.


This Voice post is similar to his response to one of Gimmy’s pieces of political doggerel.

Voice wrote, “Wow Gimmy, still talking Jan. 6… just can't bring yourselves to talk about anything else… it's all Jan. 6…”

If Voice had been around after the Confederates attacked Fort Sumter on April 14, 1861, he would have written, “Wow, Mr. Lincoln, still talking April 14… just can't bring yourself to talk about anything else… it's all April 14…

Voice would be sure to quote Jefferson Davis who reportedly observed, “You know, if you didn't know the Daguerreotype was from April 14, you would actually think it was just normal tourists celebrating with firecrackers.”

Thanks, Voice. Who knew you could make an insurrection seem so hilarious?


Where's all the presidents staff? A huge ongoing issue in America with the supply chain and where is the transportation secretary, on parental leave, he didn't even take the time to appoint an interim secretary during his two month hiatus and still is not speaking on the ongoing crisis, the supply chain is affecting all of us, and it isn't just Christmas toys people, it is everything and everything is going up because of it, but according to Joe and his team, this is an upper class issue, won't affect the middle and lower class, that was another of last weeks big lies. Where is Kamala, a huge crisis with the southern border and she is no where to be found, and refuses to speak on it, I am sure she is working so hard at finding the root cause, she just can't find the time to speak on it. We have a president that makes a few scripted comments to the nation and then turns his back on America and the media and won't, he refuses, to answers any questions. Where is the leadership? I am sure they are spending their time convening more studies on Jan. 6th. Oh yeah, and did you see the president and the first lady got caught walking through a high end restaurant in Washington D.C. without their mandated masks but the secret service agents were masked up? Yet another liberal, and the top dog liberal that stands in front of America and says wear your masks and get your shots, isn't wearing one in a restaurant in a city that mandates mask wearing, what a shocker, do as I say not as I do, right democrats? And still waiting for the long list of accomplishments from this president, shouldn't take anyone too long to list, there are so many, I am sure you don't know where to start, literally, I am sure you don't know where to start, because there aren't any.


Mr. VoiceforAll, you never answered Freidrich Farmer when he asked if you agree with Mr. Trump that you should sit out the 2022 midterms and the 2024 presidential election if the fraud isn't solved.

I’ve been suspecting for a while that your enormous output on various other topics is your obvious attempt to hide that you’re really one of the RINOS.

As our TRUE President makes perfectly clear, the stolen election is the number one issue that should unite us all.

But you won’t take a stand in support of President Trump. You just complain about all the lesser things the Democrats have done. Typical RINO smokescreen.

Tell us you know the election was stolen, and you won’t vote unless the fraud is solved.

If you refuse, I guess that makes you a RINO traitor, doesn’t it?


Someone should start answering my questions first, no one ever does because the can't. I do support Trump, I support the audits that are being done but the democrats are doing everything in their power to stop. Why don't you answer me this, why are the democrats throwing hundreds of lawyers into the states where the audits are being done? Why are they fighting so hard to hide the actual results? If everything is fine and there is nothing to cover up, wouldn't they just say to go ahead with the audits? Keep supporting your TRUE president, when you can find him, keep supporting all his America killing policies, keep supporting his blame game, keep supporting him, good for you as you are just as complacent as he is in the ruining of America. Again I ask, give me a list of what this president has done to make America better, what has he done to improve the lives of the middle class, the poor. You will bring up higher taxes, more handouts, more mandates, less freedom, more illegal immigration, etc., those really aren't making America better, but like usual, there will be no list, he hasn't done anything to improve anyone's situations in this country, except for the big pharmaceutical companies making the billions off of the vaccine mandates he sets, they are living the high life just like he is.


Headline - Chicago mayor caught not wearing a mask at the WNBA game. Yet another do as I say not as I do democrat. People around her have their masks on, but the great and mighty Chicago mayor, no mask, just like the great and mighty president and his wife over the weekend, no mask in a restaurant in a mandated mask city, just like the democrat mayors in California. You all just keep doing what the socialists want you to do, be good boys and girls, they will just keep sitting around enjoying their freedoms while you can't. Good for you. I will be watching for the list.


It’s time for YOU to answer a question Mr. VoiceforAllRINOS:

Do you agree with Mr. Trump that we should sit out the 2022 midterms and the 2024 presidential election if the fraud isn't solved?

You SAY you support Trump, but I’ve been suspecting for a while that your enormous output on various other lesser topics is your obvious attempt to hide that you’re really one of the RINOS.

You keep proving it.

Trump is telling us the stolen election is the number one issue, and you keep ignoring him.

VOICE for VoiceforAll

Mr. Voice, when you're not writing your angry words, you're twisting the words of others.

I didn’t compare the January 6th insurrection to the Civil War. That’s obviously hyperbole. But it WAS unquestionably the most serious threat to our Democracy SINCE the Civil War. Which is what I said.

And never has a mob of Americans attacked our police and broken into our Nation's Capital.

There’s only one reason I can come up with for you and your fellow Trumpsters to want to downplay it. Because when the story becomes fully known, it likely won’t make your man and his allies look very good.

One only has to imagine how you would be clamoring for an investigation and consequences if Antifa and Black Lives Matter activists had been the insurgents.

Mr. T

Voice you write, “…why are the Democrats throwing hundreds of lawyers into the states where the audits are being done?”

But this seems to be old news you're remembering.

The teams of lawyers that the Democrats marshaled were active immediately after the election. The campaign for Trump and others filed and lost at least 63 lawsuits .

These cases that the Trumpsters’ BIG LIE perpetrators fielded were all struck down by the courts who were persuaded by the lawyers' arguments.

Democratic lawyers aren’t needed for the silly Cyber Ninja type “audits” since they have no legal path to undo an election that’s already certified.

These audit follies are just a political exercise in ginning up the Trumpster base. (Ironically it’s probably doing at least as much to motivate Anti-Trumpsters.)

In fact, most Democratic strategists are saying these silly audits are just spending red state taxpayers’ money and revealing the BIG LIE for what it is.

By the way, did you know that - despite Trump's saying otherwise - the Cyber Ninja’s report after the audit actually said they found a few more votes for Biden than the original, legal recount?


You refer to old news Mr. T, really, old news like from Jan. 6th, 10 months ago that keep showing up on CNN and MSNBC's news as headlines, funny how that isn't old news either. I will go look for the democratic rulebook that states the dates that news is still current or old, I am sure it is out there. still waiting for the list of Joe Biden's accomplishments by the way, not too much happening on that front, is there?

Why don't any of you ever talk about the current issues, you have control of the white house, the senate and the house, your party is destroying America but you just cant' get off of Trump and Jan. 6th, you are all good democrats for sure, push different narratives to avoid the issues. You are just like the shrinking CNN and MSNBC audiences, there are fewer and fewer of people that think like you, hard to hide inflation from the masses of people as most have to purchase everything they have and everything is costing more and more, but Jen Psaki says it is because of Joe Biden's successes. Really, I guess in a democrats eye higher prices, higher inflation, higher taxes, more on welfare, more illegal immigration, higher crime rates, more drugs on our streets, those are successes to a democrat.

Joe Biden and his administration compared the "attack" on the white house as being worse than the civil war, that is what these people do, take something like this, keep it in the news, make sure the liberal news outlets push their narrative to try and keep their eyes off of the real issues American's are having, I will say it again, no one cares about Jan. 6th except CNN, MSNBC and the people ignoring what is going on in this country. Hopefully Joe runs his next campaign on bringing justice to those people that attacked the capitol, as it is right now, that is all he will be able to promote as something he accomplished, of course unless he is proud of destroying America, that is one thing he is surely good at. I will watch for the list of Joe Biden accomplishments, have yet to see any from you good democrats, must be having trouble finding something I guess, can't imagine why?


More smoke for your smokescreen, Mr. VoiceforAllRINOS.


Trump is telling us the stolen election is the number one issue, and you keep ignoring him.

E pluribus

Mr. Voice, it occurs to me that your continuing minimization of the January 6th insurrectionists’ violent assault on our Democracy has the potential to make you look increasingly foolish as the details of what actually happened emerge.

E pluribus

Actually, Mr. Voice, since most Republicans share your view on January 6th, it also occurs to me that the entire GOP will look increasingly foolish as the details of what actually happened emerge.

Perhaps “foolish” is too gentle a word to describe looking the other way when our Democracy was violently attacked by America’s homegrown terrorists.

And the judgement of history will not be written by FoxNews.

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