There have been some strong, negative reactions to President Joe Biden’s decision to forgive student loan debt, up to $10,000 for those who qualify and up to $20,000 for Pell Grant recipients.

As with every issue today, the reaction is split among your political affiliation.

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Fran Livingston

Very well written indeed!


Hey Travis, please remit $30,000 to me ASAP in order to help cover the costs of the college education of my three daughters that my wife and I diligently scrimped and saved for years as responsible adults would do so that they could get an education. I will take cash. Oh, and me and my wife went to college many years ago that we worked to pay off that debt as well, often working two jobs each to do so, so please add an additional $20,000 to cover hers and mine previous expenses. Oh, and I have a car loan that I could use some extra cash to pay off, so feel free to send me any extra you have for that. And while you are at it, please send me whatever you might have left to assist me in my house loan. And since you love paying for others people's debt, I will start spending money on things using a credit card and will send you my monthly bill for you to pay (because of me and my wife's own hard work and being responsible we don't use credit cards to pay for things but will start since you are going to be paying for them). This is the problem, every democrat wants a government bail out as long as it is "other peoples" money (even though the government money is the taxpayers money, remember), every democrat thinks the government should take care of them, every democrat thinks they are "owed" this, and love how you point out all the corporate bail outs and bills that were passed and no one complained, which you are wrong about too. The only reason Biden and the democrats are doing this is to buy votes come November and they are doing it on the backs of the American taxpayers, again. Big government spending, again, higher taxes, again, more middle and low income burden put on them by the democrats, again, and all done during the democrats recession only adding to the pain that we are all going through. Thanks, again, democrats. I will keep an eye out for my cash that you are sending me, currently your bill is $50,000, I have many other family members paying off their college debts as well, I will get the rest of the democrats on this forum their addresses so they can send them their money.


Life isn’t fair, is it, Voice?

Everyone should suffer as much as you have.

But look at the bright side.

You have a whole new grievance to add to your list‼️

Old Hugh


Former Trump lawyer warns ex-president ‘in serious legal water’ and could be barred from running for office

Trump administration White House lawyer Ty Cobb believes the former president is “in serious legal water” and that the investigation into the Mar-a-Lago papers is part of a broader inquiry into crimes relating to the Capitol riot and efforts to overturn the 2020 election.

He also thinks that the former president’s actions on January 6 could see him barred from running for the presidency ever again.


Hey Travis, wonder if you are outraged about this - "Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden departed Washington for Delaware at roughly 6 p.m. Tuesday. They voted, hopped back on Air Force One and were flying back to Washington by 8 p.m." - Is that a good use of taxpayers money? Is that good for the environment, wonder how many tons of CO2 his little venture spewed into the atmosphere? Let's see, takes a Boeing 747 for a 1 hour flight, lands, gets in his motorcade with all the police escorts and what nots that come with him traveling, jumps back on the plane for another 1 hour flight, get's back in another motorcade with police escorts and arrives back at the White House. Think of the millions of dollars spent by Joey and Jill, JUST TO VOTE!!!!!!!!!! Both Obama and Trump voted by absentee ballot when they were in office, but not old Joey. Think how many $10,000 debts could be paid by just his one trip? Where's the outrage Travis?

Old Hugh

The BIG LIE really is the “gift that keeps on giving.”

From the NY TIMES:

🔲 Bolduc Wins New Hampshire Senate Primary, Realizing G.O.P. Fears 🔲

Don Bolduc, a retired Army general and 2020 election denier, has captured the Republican nomination for Senate in New Hampshire, according to The Associated Press.

The race was called midday Wednesday, as Mr. Bolduc held a lead of more than 1,500 votes over Chuck Morse, the president of the State Senate.

Mr. Morse was endorsed by Gov. Chris Sununu and helped by $4.5 million 💸💸💸 from national Republicans, who were worried that a victory by Mr. Bolduc would forfeit what they saw as a winnable seat in the quest for Senate control this fall.

Mr. Bolduc’s victory will come as a relief to Democrats, who also assume he will be the weaker opponent against Senator Maggie Hassan, a first-term Democrat.

Gimmy A. Breake

⏺ “Is that good for the environment, wonder how many tons of CO2 his little venture spewed into the atmosphere?” ⏺

🔴Voice sees hypocrisies . Easily found.

In Government. The Media. They do abound.

One or a hundred - it’s all a big game.

Yet science is science, all the same.

The seas will rise; the forests burn.

The creeks will flood; the rivers churn.

But a million hypocrisies cannot erase

The threat that stares us all in the face.🔴

Abhijeet Dokkarth

The lack of empathy certainly does continue.

Where's the empathy for people who can't get really great jobs, because they don't have a college degree, because they didn't go to college because they knew they couldn't afford it?

Do people not really get the outrage about being forced to pay for someone else to have an advantage over them?

Who are the "real" Americans being helped here? Colleges and academics are certainly happy about this pay day: Many of the students would probably have defaulted on paying back their loan to get that gender studies degree.

What's it teach about responsibility, that you can make a commitment and then not need to bother to keep it?

There's no outrage about corporate tax cuts because it's comparing unlike things. A more natural comparison would be the bank bailouts and now, the "incentive" to chip makers. Guess what? People were and are outraged about both. This is just as wrong:

The government shouldn't be a piggy bank. The government also shouldn't be paying off private debt. Just because it's "only 300 billion" instead of trillions isn't a very persuasive reason.

One way to decrease the deficit created by lowering a tax rate, is to spend less money. I have another thread where I complain about now only having a binary choice of either having internet access or not having internet access without a choice on price. Since I'm not a government I can't simply put bills on a credit card and never pay it back; I have to cut my purchases elsewhere instead (I'm telling myself I'm privileged to have the option of rice and beans... there are plenty of people in the world who don't even that that.)

We're responsible for our own debts. And something which apparently astounds many is some folks just don't want a handout: we didn't take out PPP loans, we wouldn't want someone to just pay off our car or our other debts. It's a matter of having personal pride in making your own way and handling your own affairs.

Larry Skow

Bear in mind all the Government really started the school debt issue. Look who blew it up? Why Obama/Biden did. Who "fixed" it? Why our good old Molester in Chief and Horizontal Harris with her golden knee pads. Dat Who.

Gimmy A. Breake

🔴 Again you spout such childish swagger.

So much nonsense. So much blabber.

Does madness drive these fevered threads?

Crack a beer and take your meds. 🔴


And there you have it folks, from the democrats, shut up and take your medicine, after all, they have this under control, don't they? And have a beer, because that will just fix it all, won't it? Their moto is "nothing to see here, just move on". Just look at our country, it's doing great, isn't it? Look what 20 months of democratic control has brought you, let's see, forced school shut downs, forced business shut downs, forced shots, forced mask wearing, higher taxes, higher government spending, higher illegal immigration, double the size of the IRS, higher crime, high drug overdoses, recession, inflation, record high prices, corruption, attacks on political foes, attacks on parents at school board meetings, censorship, division of an entire nation, vilification of a whole political party, chaos. What of any of this isn't good for our country, right? Democrats love all this going on, just look at their responses to these comments, and from their own leaders, and if you don't think like they do you are an extremists and they will do all they can to shut you down, just ask those that told the truth about covid, they were relentlessly attacked by the democrats. What kind of government is it that labels everyone in the opposite political party "threats" and "extremists" (I had to break that news to my 83 year old mother the other day that she is an extremist and threat to our country according to her president)? Is it the republicans that are doing all these things to our country? What kind of leader gets up in front of the nation and the world and holds a Hitler like speech attacking half the people in the country? Poor democrats can't stand to see the truth, they don't want to talk about any of it, just Trump and Jan. 6th, that's it, that's all they have, anything else is blabber I guess. Hope you are all enjoying the recession and the record high prices all thanks to the democratic party of America. I will keep typing, I will keep writing, I will keep fighting, because we all know that is the last thing the democrats want out there, the truth.

Gimmy A. Breake

🔴 The keyboard warrior “keeps on writing.”

Somehow - I guess - this is “fighting.”

I play for fun. A doggerel hobbyist.

Voice is here as a serious lobbyist.

His choir believes; all others make fun.

The game never changes; it’s never done.

Is “owning the libs” somehow meaningful?

(It surely doesn’t seem strategical.)

Not with the Senate slipping away.

We’ll return to that another day…🔴


Let's, how many people died from COVID or the ones that live are still having complications. How many didn't get COVID because of the masks. The inflation is WORLD WIDE and not something caused by the US. COVID was first lied about from tRump, he hid the truth and kept it up for months. Read the paper, we still have people dying from COVID and most are not Vaccinated (like over 90%). The entire GOP is not labelled extremists, but there is a faction that is. Proud Boys, 3%, Oath Keeps, Bikers for Trump, and more. You talk about like Hitler, look at you leader who still maintains he won the election, even after he is told by his staff, his attorney general, and his Supreme Court, he lot. You keep typing, but at least I tell the people who I am.

E pluribus

Covid didn’t go away, Voice. It’s just been tamed by a successful vaccination program.

The Mayo clinic and Johns Hopkins University still tell us that unvaccinated people are 14 times more likely to die than vaccinated folks if they contract the disease.

We're not there yet. But Covid is on its way to becoming (at least in the United States) like the flu with primarily the unvaccinated among the body count.

No doubt there will be investigations of Fauci, et al, if Repubs take the house. I’m sure we’ll both be watching closely.

I can’t wait to see Abe's documentation.


Have you seen the latest outrage by the democratic party, how they are all upset at illegal immigrants showing up in their "sanctuary" cities? Talk about hypocrisy, when Trump had the border shut down (remember the good old days) and we weren't letting millions and millions of illegals into our once great country, all these liberal cities said they would take the immigrants, they were all sanctuary cities and wanted all these illegals in their cities. AND NOW - "Martha's Vineyard declares a HUMANITARIAN CRISIS over receiving 50 migrants" - Yep, a whole 50 migrants and it is a humanitarian crisis. Do you realize how dumb all you democrats look complaining about 50 or even a few hundred migrants. Let's compare something here - Martha's Vineyard population, 17,000, number of illegal immigrants, 50. Del Rio, TX population, 34,584, number of illegal immigrants, 49,563. But hey, not your problem is it democrats, let someone else deal with it, right? Please, since you are all so smart, tell me, why should Del Rio put up with 50,000 illegal immigrants, zero help from Biden and the democrats, yet Martha's Vineyard, Chicago, Washington D.C., all are crying about a few hundred? Tell me, is that right? Where should these illegals go? All these democratically run sanctuary cities all of a sudden have a problem being sanctuary cities? This is just one example and there are thousands of cities dealing with this, and not democratically run cities either. Del Rio has more illegal aliens in their city than they have legal citizens, and you are all ok with it, as long as it isn't happening to you, you are. Job well done, again, democrats.

Old Hugh

🔲President Joe Biden receives another boost in his approval rating🔲

An AP-NORC poll suggests that President Joe Biden has a 45% approval rating, up nearly ten percentage points from a July poll that found he had a 36% approval among Americans.

Biden's approval has been on the rise since signing several new bills into law, including the Manchin-Schumer climate bill, labeled the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022.


And there you have it folks, covid has been tamed by the democrats. Any evidence of that E? Any evidence that it's the shot that "tamed" covid? Nope, just like all of this, you all take Fauci's word for it, oh, and the greatly trusted Biden administration as well. Millions of still unvaccinated people running around this country (millions more if you count illegal immigrants pouring into our country), and now figures show that this is the pandemic of the VACCINATED", you are all getting covid more than the one's that have natural immunity. So E, ever wonder how many studies Fuaci, the NIH and the CDC ever did on natural immunity to covid? Let me answer that for you ZERO!!! A million people die in this country having died WITH covid, not all FROM covid, and your great and trusted leaders have done zero studies on natural immunity, zero. Wouldn't you think it might be worth theirs and our times to do some research, maybe have a meeting? Oh that's right, if you have natural immunity you wouldn't have to be forced to get the jab, you wouldn't have to be forced to wear a mask, how are they going to control 350 million people if those people have natural immunity against something their government is using scare tactics and threats against to control them? Plus, how else would all the big pharmaceutical companies and the democrats invested in those companies get richer, and you know that is true E, trillions of dollars of tax payers money to pharmaceutical companies and the democrats. We are there by the way, it's never going away, get used to living with it. You can keep getting your shot, keep getting your boosters, keep wearing your mask, it is never going away, just like the flu that kills thousands a year yet we aren't locked down for, just like all the other viruses in this world, it will never go away, and so never will the democrats excuses at using threats and hysteria to scare a nation into thinking their government will control your every move and your every need, just like all you democrats did for over a year to all of us, destroying an economy in the process. Never again, the people in this country (except the democratic sheep) will never again do what we were forced to do by your government. I, myself, never got the shot, never got covid, and now, I will never get a flu shot, nor are many people that I know, the democratic party and big government (heck even the CDC and NIH and even doctors to a degree) can no longer be trusted, and it is the democrats that ruined this for so many. Never again.

E pluribus

*️⃣…covid has been tamed by the democrats. Any evidence of that E?*️⃣

Yup. Statistics. Again. Hospitalizations and deaths are down. Read the numbers.

As Project likes to say, “Facts, not opinion.”


This is fascinating, Voice.

Where did you find this information - “now figures show that this is the pandemic of the VACCINATED.”

The Mayo Clinic and Johns Hopkins say just the opposite.

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