I guess the fiasco in Virginia over the fact that boys in skirts were allowed into the girls’ bathrooms where one boy, pretending to be a girl, raped one girl and then another after being put in another school went right over your heads. Do people think girls enjoy this kind of thing? Boys certainly do.

So, I am disappointed that the Vermillion School Board is going to allow the stupid “Gender Equity and Access” Policy. Are you people nuts? Did the federal government pay you to do this? I mean, don’t we live in the Midwest where strange things from big cities don’t affect us as much? Never in my life would I have expected a Midwest school board pass this stupid policy, endangering girls in school.

If my female child was in Vermillion School, she would no longer be a student there. I refuse to let any school board tell us what we have to criminally do after we voted them in to that office in the first place. So, when the first rape occurs in the bathrooms there, let us know so that we can remove our child from the danger of some kid raping one of our students.

If they want to be a true transgender, then maybe they should have the surgery so they no longer are a girl or a boy. This is ridiculous. Or better yet, maybe the parents should stop making their child into something they aren’t.

God created man and woman — not man, woman, pretend man and pretend woman.

This indoctrination of our children is going way too far. Doesn’t what Hitler did remind you of anything? Remember what he did to the students there during the 30’s and 40’s. If you don’t know, look it up. It’s in most normal history books. Or perhaps that school board should retake history so they can see just where this is leading to.

I only pray Yankton doesn’t do it too — or any other school in South Dakota, for that matter.

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Thank you Kim for stating this as it should be and bringing attention to it, it is very concerning and very dangerous that Vermillion's school did this. I have had several children go through the Vermillion school system and unfortunately, I was not surprised when they voted this in, I was angry, but not surprised. When we were in Vermillion, the school and town was ran by and controlled by the democrats in that town, it is a small community with a large liberal university full of left thinking democrats, so I wasn't surprised. If my children were still in Vermillion my wife and I would also be pulling them from this school, having grown men or teenage boys masquerading as women being in the same bathroom as a young girl or another woman is one of the worst possible scenarios that we could ever put those little girls or women in, and anyone that thinks this is ok is sick, they are putting little girls, teenage girls and women at risk and making the choice of some man that wants to be a woman more important than their safety, how does anyone think this is ok, there is no justification for it. When did we stop putting the safety of our children behind anything else? I pray nothing ever happens, but if it does, the Vermillion school district and those on the school board have to be held accountable and punished for their actions, and them just thinking this is ok shows there is already something wrong with them. God help us all as this country continues to deteriorate under democratic control.


It's frustrating that the P&D doesn't provide any editorial pushback to the wild inaccuracies of Ms. Dale and the anonymous "VoiceforAll", who are promoting lies and misrepresentations about the Loudon County assault to justify targeted hate towards transgender members of our communities. Should wild and fearful and inaccurate stories just go unanswered editorially, or are we better than that?

A 14-year-old boy sexually assaulted a girl in a restroom in Virginia, he was wearing a skirt, and he was arrested and found guilty, that much is true. However, in this case, the boy and the girl had met in that bathroom several times previously for consensual sex. The assault occurred months before the school district even was considering a restroom policy, the attacker did not have permission to use that restroom, and he was expelled and criminally prosecuted. None of the crime had anything to do with transgenderism.

(Ms. Dale, you say that "boys certainly do" enjoy "this kind of thing". That's a strange thing to say to any parent of any boy. Do you have sons? I do, and my sons don't enjoy assaults and rapes.)

Ms. Dale and others are free to opine all day about how much they hate transgender children, about how much they distrust boys, to pretend to speak for God, and to compare people they don’t agree with to Hitler. (It’s what we’ve come to expect from the far-right extremists, because that’s usually all they hear from the media they consume.) Ms. Dale's fears and hate are plain for all to see. If Ms. Dale can write a letter to a newspaper, she can also read newspapers to discover that her wild stories aren't factual at all. The very least a responsible adult should do is base their decisions on facts. That's precisely what the Vermillion School Board did.

The Vermillion School Board did the right thing, and I support it. They are providing needed protections for marginalized kids who just want to exist as themselves, in peace. I've known some of these kids as friends of my own children, and the bathrooms they use are the least interesting or relevant thing about them. I've known many transgender kids and adults all my life, and they are just people in the community as normal as anyone else, and they are certainly no one to be afraid of.

I hope P&D readers reject the small-minded bigotry of targeting and disparaging fellow citizens with lies and misrepresentations.

John Campbell, Yankton




John Campbell you are right on the money here!!! Reading your response gives me hope for this part of the country!!


Thank you for this, John!


Wow, so once again you are dictating to everyone what can be discussed or written about, you own the truth and you want to control the narrative if it goes against anything you want to control instead of letting the people decide and make their own decisions, thank you P&D for allowing an open discussion on such a serious matter. And congratulations John Campbell, you as do most democrats, find a way to "justify" this attack on an innocent child, you have already determined what happened and what you say is the truth, and all you have to go on is what the liberal news outlets want you to know. You truly amaze me, how can you in good conscious think allowing men into bathrooms that have little girls in them that will at some point of being in there be partially undressed, think about that John, and you are ok with that, you and others that think this is ok have some serious problems and you need to reflect on how you are choosing to take the side of a few transgender individuals over the safety and protection of thousands of children and women. I will repeat, anyone that thinks it is ok to have grown men standing in the bathroom while 3, 4 or 5 year old children are using the restroom really need to be examined, this is not right. For once, stand up to all this wokeism, stand up for our children, everyone owes our children this, this is wrong, you are wrong, the democrats are wrong, God help our children as the people they rely on to keep them safe are not, this cannot be justified in any way!


"VoiceforAll", the "voice of only one who shall apparently remain so bravely anonymous" - facts can be so inconvenient to people without real arguments. I said quite clearly "Ms. Dale and others are free to opine all day", so no one is dictating what you or Ms Dale can say. I'm the one who pointed out that the 14 year old was found criminally guilty, not you, so I don't understand why you think anyone is justifying a sexual assault. Where do you imagine transgender people have been going to the bathroom all these years? I'm not sure what public bathrooms you visit, but I'm not undressed in open areas of bathrooms, as you imagine, and neither is anyone else. Apparently, the one and only argument you have is a sad one of unfounded and uneducated fear, not facts. Go ahead, tell everyone how scared and fearful you are - just don't expect anyone to determine public policy from that.

John Campbell




You know what John, I don't know if you had daughters, I have three of them, and at 3 or 4 years old they don't have the whole what I do at home might not be acceptable in public thing down and if they are not 100% decent when walking out of a stall and now, as any man that says he is transgender and has the "right" to enter a women's bathroom is standing there as this little girl comes out of the stall, he gets what he wants and maybe more. I find it absolutely dumbfounding that I even have to spend time defending this. My God this is insane, you fold and give in to anyone that says they have this or that right, no they don't, we have to draw a line and apparently that line is men being in women's bathrooms. As children, they have the right to be safe and protected as well, this is why parents are fighting back against things like this, things that to any decent, common sense person make sense but the liberals don't say they are anymore, and nowadays as the liberals continue to embrace this wokeism movement, you have successfully and without regard put our children in harm’s way, all so that some transgender man can use the bathroom he designates. Fear? My God yes I am afraid, for these little girls, you defend men wanting to be women and use women's bathrooms and I defend children and want them to be safe. In your eyes, it is worse for a man to have to use a men's restroom than it is for a little girl to be in the same bathroom as a man, this is insane, don't our children have rights too John? And you are so wrong John, it is not fear of transgender people, never has been, it is anger over people like you that are ok with exposing these children to harm. I am afraid for the children in our society, you on the other hand are afraid for the men that want to be women and "forcing" them to use a men's bathroom, you care more for them then protecting our children and people are sick and tired of it. You can call me uneducated and whatever you want, I will never, ever say this is right, I know you think anyone that has a different opinion than yours is uneducated, you liberals have played that hand to death, but it doesn't take a genius to figure out this is wrong in every way, maybe you thinking this is right is showing your level of education John.


Take a breath. Relax. These arguments for “safety” can only be justified by some evidence of a real “danger” – any evidence at all – that what you suggest is true, that transgender people are somehow a sexual threat to others. There is NO evidence of this, which is the main argument of my original comment to the author of this unfortunate letter.

Does an educated person make arguments with no evidence to support them? Show me the evidence that transgender people are a threat to others, and I’ll listen. But you simply have no evidence to support your fears and your bias. For some reason, you want respect for that position, but there is no respect for ignorant and unsupported bigotry.

I'll appeal one more time for you to attach your actual name to your breathless proclamations. I'm not hiding my opinion or my name, and I want my neighbors to know and understand that mature and responsible citizens in South Dakota reject your rhetoric and histrionics.


I pray for you Ms. Dale because of your lack of compassion and understanding.

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