I am writing to you about the letter published in Oct. 8 edition of the Press & Dakotan from the Rev. Dan Brandt.

I have read all of his published letters and each time I feel nothing but disgust. His letters are filled with so much hate. No man of the cloth would, could, or should have that much hate inside them.

He claims to be from Avon and knowing some people there, I called two of them. What they told me about “Rev.” Dan Brandt could not be published in this paper.

He refers to the Fox News Channel as “The Fox News weed patch.” I turned 88 recently and that is the only channel I watch because it is the only way to know what’s going on in the world. Mr. Brandt should go and apply for a job with the other news channel because he would fit right in.

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So you’re motivated to write this letter to quibble with Rev. Dan when 225,000 Americans are dead from the Coronavirus - more than any other civilized country. And the body count is still growing...

And have you noticed that a higher percentage of people are dying in South Dakota than almost any other state? And this is just the beginning as winter approaches.

This is a much greater threat to you as a senior citizen than Rev. Dan’s liberal politics.

Your priorities are very strange, Ms. Whatling, as you ignore the very deadly “elephant in the room.”


Off The Fence must have hit his head when he landed. It is impossible to stop something that can replicate itself 40 times inside the human cell. This pandemic was released by Joe Bidens friends from China, and would be much worse had Trump not put a travel ban in place, and was ridiculed for it Covid will have to run it's course- The consequences of a Biden (Harris) presidency will last for decades.


@ arc........Lady, you are not the brightest crayon in the box. You have been brainwashed by Fox fake News. Sure, you`ll believe anything that pathetic channel puts out and I`m sure you don`t even check for the real answers and fact check them, but you will gladly believe the garbage and lies Trump said about Biden prior to the election. NONE of it was true. NONE. It`s sad that your ilk can`t decipher fact from fiction. All Trump has to do is move his lips and he`s lying. You people puzzle me. Use your head! And yes, it is FACT that the U.S. is only 5% of the world population but has 25% of COVID cases. Where in the world have you been ? I cannot believe you refute that FACT. And it`s all because your wonderful lying, crazy president didn`t act during the first stages of the pandemic. The death toll would be at least cut in half if Trump had acted, so yes, dear, your little pathetic man in the WH is solely responsible for THOUSANDS of deaths, actually tens of thousands. I would certainly love to hear your answer of a question regarding Trump`s incompetence to a COVID victim`s relative. And it`s really sad that Trump played golf for THREE days after the election was handed to Biden. People are dying every day from COVID, people are sick with terrible symptoms, people are unemployed by the millions, but he takes it upon himself to golf for three straight days. Wow !! Unbelievable. the man does not care about anyone but himself. Deal with it and I thank God every day after the election was called that this narcissist will be OUT. He can spend the next 20 years licking his "wounds" because he cannot accept defeat. No virtue, no integrity, no class. That describes your wonderful president.

Mr. T

arc, I have a simple question for you:

Why has it been “impossible” for the United States to confront this virus as successfully as other developed countries? The US has 4% of the world's population, but we have 25% of its coronavirus cases. That’s a hard and deadly fact. Why do you give our government a pass on losing more lives than in all the wars and conflicts since WWII? And the count is skyrocketing as winter comes.

Are you ignoring the President’s incompetence because you think his policies are worth this horrendous bodycount?

Or did you, too, hit your head on something?


Where do you get your statistics from, CNN?

Red Cloud

If you immigrants weren’t so intent on denying what’s happening to you, you might understand what it’s like to have the US Government standby while a disease ravages your defenseless population.

Most of you make excuses for it. We at least understood what was/is happening.

Yankton resident

arc: Who are Biden's friends in China that released the virus. Are you saying Trump has no friends in China that could have released the virus? Give us some facts, names and scientific evidence it was Biden's friends so we can fact check you along with Trump. Furthermore you maintain that Biden's efforts should he be elected, would negatively impact the U.S. for decades. Prove that statement, he hasn't even served as president yet. We already know that the current President's action will negatively impact the U.S. for centuries. I would prefer to deal with a decade, rather than a century(s), as the current President's policies and leadership are impacting us currently.


I never said anything about "friends". You apparently are unaware of the millions the Biden family took in via his son Hunter from the CCP. Common sense is all one needs to figure out what the Green New Deal will do to us. I am sorry you can't stand prosperity, safety, and protection of religious freedom. It is well proven the virus came from a lab in Wuhan- neither Biden or Trump had anything to do with the inept attempts by the WHO in concert with the Chinese government to corral it. 48 crematories were running around the clock in Wuhan incinerating bodies- air quality measurement showed high sulfur content over Wuhan, plus the last figure I heard was 40 thousand cell phones went dead, which would only be a fraction of the total deaths. I'm also sorry for the whipped up hate generated by CNN and MSNBC against Trump that you have fallen for. I suggest you watch One America News Network for a while to get all the facts you need to make an INFORMED decision on who to vote for November3.


I replied but it appears to have been deleted- is the P&D an arm of Facebook or twitter? Maybe I just don't see it.


Way to Go Bonnie.

Brandt is a Misanthrope unless your a Liberal.

I don't bother on his comments but the one article he wrote when talked about the Ten Commandants a while back and the 6th one sticks out and I wanted to spill some beans but like you I choose not too.

Dan your a snollygoster for your party, and Surly towards the Right.

I highly recommend what Bonnie's advise because you do speak in a Blatherskite and Quixotic ways.

[thumbup] Bonnie!!!


Thank you, arc. This clears things up. One America News Network (OANN), is a far-right, pro-Trump cable channel that describes itself as one of the "greatest supporters" of President Trump.

The channel is always promoting falsehoods and conspiracy theories.

Can you do us a further service and post your instructions for folding a tin foil hat?

Yankton resident

Arc: Your comment on this thread Oct. 21 at 1:17, and I quote, "This pandemic was released by Joe Bidens friends from China". That quote , by you, shows your total lack of credibility and indicates that no comment or response from you is at all truthful, factual, or remembered by you. How shameful for one to deny something they have written and signed and then expect others to believe them.


Going back and reading my post I did say that and can see how it can be interpreted as personal friends- I stated in the next post Biden was not responsible and take responsibility for the confusion.It is no secret the Obama administration sol us out to China. In addressing the post about OANN lying, even though someone chooses to believe that, truth always prevails and never has to be defended. You were right for calling me out, but I hope this clears up my intent .


Ms. Whatling. EVERYTHING Rev. Brandt said is true. You people don`t know the truth, go ahead and refute something he wrote about. I know the truth hurts for Fox News watchers, they would rather believe Trump`s lies and conspiracy theories. It`s too bad that freedom of speech includes Fox News, because most of what they "report" is misleading and non factual. And I think Laura Ingraham is not playing with a full deck. Her own brother refuses to talk to her because of her stubbornness to choose to not accept his lifestyle. Of course she wound`t accept it, she works for Fox.


Oh, I forgot. Yes, the truth hurts for you people, you cannot even accept the election results. NEWSFLASH! It`s done, over, Biden won fair and square and the Fascist in the whitehouse can`t accept it. All I can say is thank God Trump is finished.

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