To all the thinkers, planners and doers that put together the recent Yankton air show:

If you had any doubts that Yankton was ready for an air show, they were certainly squashed by the enthusiastic and happy feeling of the thousands of fans.

I thought it was wonderful, beautiful, amazing, all the superlatives you can think of apply. I’ve been to Oshkosh (Wisconsin) three times. Ours was just as good as theirs — just on a smaller scale! You involved the entire community: the police doing traffic control, the Scouts the parking, the fire department, the ambulance, the food vendors, not the least the Porta Potties. All made it a great experience. You can all feel proud, very proud.

I hope this becomes an annual Labor Day event. You can make it happen. I’m an old pilot; I hope I’m still here to see Air Show 2020.

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