Fellow South Dakotans, it’s time to wake up — and I am NOT talking about “woke-ism!” Our beloved state and country are in serious trouble.

This is not a partisan issue. We are all under attack from our own federal government. They are determined to take away our Constitutional freedoms and civil liberties by censuring free speech, destroying election integrity, denying us the right to attend church and family functions, depriving us of our right to bear arms, insanely overspending and willfully crushing our country’s economy, defunding our police and military forces while simultaneously pandering to terrorist organizations, heedlessly throwing open our borders, slashing jobs, making us reliant again on foreign energy and allowing radicals to rewrite our history. Must I go on? You hear it daily. You know it’s true.

For the sake of brevity, I am asking you to do two things: (1) Contact Keloland Media Group. Respectfully ask them to quit regurgitating the same worn-out information nightly regarding the China virus and instead let us know what Bob Mercer and the Capitol News Bureau say our own elected officials are doing to protect the people of South Dakota. (2) Look up “Conventionofstates.com/SouthDakota-1.” If you like their grassroots message, sign the petition and maybe even get involved.

I could give you addresses, emails and phone numbers to contact these people. But, if averting the catastrophe we face now is important to you, do your own research. Draw your own conclusions; make your own decisions. Then, let your voice be heard while we still have the right to speak out!  

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Chicken Little

The Sky is Falling‼️ The Sky is Falling‼️


Katherine, if you aren’t already wearing this headgear, ClownsRus says this tin foil hat is a real bargain.



Ok everything about this letter gives me a headache.

Lady if you knew ANYTHING about history, our constitutional rights or what the amendments or Bill of rights even are, then you need to go back to school and quit blasting your fear-mongering to the ignorant masses that will believe everything they read on the internet.

Also you obviously know NOTHING about what it means to hold a Convention of States.

In addition to potentially dangerous questions and concerns regarding fundamental values like human rights, there is also substantial uncertainty as to how an Article V Constitutional Convention could be convened fairly. Without concrete rules, a convention could put at risk many of the Constitutional rights held dear by those living in the United States. The number of balanced budget amendments inching towards two-thirds majority, along with novel attempts to call a convention using unrelated applications, increases the urgency for ensuring states and people know about the uncertainty and the potential harm an unrestricted convention could cause.

So be a good little sheep and sign up for something without doing your due diligence as an educated adult.


I agree that an Article V Constitutional Convention could propose almost anything, because it sure could. But to be in context, nothing such a convention passes would become constitutional law until then passed by the required majority of states, 3/4ths I believe. So I don't think a lot of fear over such a convention is valid. 3/4ths approval by the states is a very high bar.


Thank you Katherine for your words, they are all so true. Of course some of the responses you get are name calling and "avoid at all costs the truth" replies, the truth is not what these people want to see so they do nothing more than name call and belittle those they don't like, typical liberal tactic. So JMDrury says ignorant masses, of course he is referring to the liberals here, he said it not me. Keep up the good fight Katherine, I am right along side of you fighting for this country, it is going to be a tough battle. Look at the truth people, don't just listen to Nancy Pelosi and your president and vice president, your party is the party of hate, the party of spreading misleading information, most recently your vice president visiting the border and staying 800 miles away from where the actual crisis is and telling everyone in her words, I have been here several times, really, again, not the truth. How does anyone trust these people, how can cancelling a oil pipeline that is bringing jobs and low oil prices to the U.S. and then stop sanctions on Russian companies so they can continue to build the Nord Stream pipeline from Russia to Europe be the right thing for America? Who is in bed with Russia now, it wasn't Trump, he supported America and American companies and American jobs, Biden doesn't. Look at how people are staying home and not going back to work because they are receiving mine and other hard working taxpayers money to not go back to work, they are learning to become dependent on the government, like the socialist in your party want. But go ahead and stick your heads in the ground and ignore these facts. Sorry to highjack your comments Katherine, but again, thank you for your words, it is encouraging knowing there are people out there like you.

Mr. T

Ms. Larson’s most astounding statement (and the one most easily disproved) is her assertion, “You know it’s true.”

Yet it’s obvious Americans are deeply divided on how they see the truth.

Americans bitterly disagree on whether 1)- The election was stolen, 2)- Is the COVID pandemic a hoax, 3)- Should we vaccinate our citizens, 4)- Is Climate change real 5)- Do we need to change our voting system, 6)- Is all this irrelevant because the interstellar community has discovered us, and our hold on our planet is far more tenuous than we ever imagined?

And that’s just a partial list.

Look around you, Ms. Larson. The world is much bigger than your small community. And our Nation is as deeply divided as we were when the Civil War was fought over Slavery.

The good news is that - unlike during our Civil War - our Nation’s military men are refusing to take sides.

So far.

Larry Skow

Kathrine: You are right on lot of issues. The chicken little an others start the name calling. But no solutions. Hillary Clinton was right that Russians have puppet in White House. Its name is joe Biden. Christianity is not wrong. But the Church's have been corrupted. Look what goes on with molestation of kids by "religious leaders". Boy scouts were sued to let homosexuals in as leaders. They Bankrupted the organization with molestation lawsuits. Way too many praise the lord on sunday. Stab you in the back on monday. and give 20% to church next sunday. The leftards want to destroy USA but replace it with what? If they investigated history. It shows the communist purge them first after take over--they don't want the traitors around. If we lived by the GOLDEN RULE we would not be writing so many new laws. Which simply close the loop holes of old laws. Also Walk softly Carry a big stick needs to back into daily use. Hang on tho It ain't over yet--fat lady ain't singing yet(no insult to overweight ladies meant). Now watch yankton resident scream/Old Hugh start his blow/Clown Rus doing circles in his clown car. This reply will spark 15-20 new replies. Let er rip.

Mr. T

There’s a glaring contradiction in these Trumpster lamentations.

Ms. Larson thinks that deep down everyone actually agrees with her (“You know it’s the truth.“)

And Mr. VoiceforAll thinks he’s speaking for everyone.

And yet they both whine about all the people who don’t see the world the way they do.

Imagine how they’d react if Democrats did all the things that Trump and Republicans have done and do.

The only Trumpian Standard I can detect is a double one

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