To the Silent Majority

Are you still there? If you are, please stand up and be heard. Our country and our system of governance may be over. I, for one, don’t like what I see may be coming for our future.     

We are now witness to our country being dragged into lawless chaos by the radical left. These anarchists are hell-bent on the destruction of our republic through the rewriting of history, attacks on our culture and the violence and intimidation they perpetrate on our citizens. Their objective is to shut down all debate, push their radical views and completely control the population through any means necessary. They have a very compliant and complicit media wherever help is needed to push their narratives.

Continue to ignore these threats at your own peril. They pose a clear and present danger to our society. Our purpose at this time should be to unite in the preservation of our history, our culture and the improvement of our lives. We must not think only of ourselves, but of the generations that follow. Our families deserve this of us. We must arm ourselves with the education that many of our schools and colleges have failed to teach us. We must know our real history, not the history that is being rewritten for us.

Our country and its people are being accused of being “systemically racist.” This accusation is totally false. I believe that we are basically a good and decent people for the most part. I would be a fool to say that there are no racists in this country. But they certainly do not represent the majority of our people. Take an honest look through our real history and you will see that many of our citizens have poured out their blood, sweat and tears to rid all forms of oppression from our society. Our Declaration states “that ALL men are created equal.” There was no equivocation with that statement. Our nation was not born of slavery!

Our job is to build on all the good accomplished by the righteous men and women who have shaped this nation. We must not fail in our mission. The evil of Marxism is determined to have its way in our country. We must never allow that to happen. These Marxists are very dedicated and well trained as to their methods of operation. If America fails, the whole world will suffer. We are the bastion of hope for much of the world.

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