Here is how I learned what I needed to know about public life.

First, as a young man, I read the story of possibly the worst system of government ever known — Soviet communism. That provided me a way to size up everything else.

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Jolly Roger

I’m so impressed by Mr. Shinkoskey.

I wonder if he got good grades in his academic pursuits as well? Did he make Eagle Scout? So many details I wish he’d included in this humble, “do it yourself” panegyric.

I hope the Press & Dakotan lets him publish his full resume in an upcoming issue.

If only I had the credentials to be thoroughly impressed with him - even half so much as he’s impressed with himself. 😏🙄🥱

Gimmy A. Breake

🔴Poor old Kimball tries hard to connect.😪

Just why is it he gets no respect?🫣

He takes his horn down from the shelf.

Again he’ll simply blow it himself. 🎉


When I read the Bible I guess I didn’t get the deeper understanding that came to Mr. Shinkoskey that it was all about an early democratic society that believed in God.

How did I miss the part about all those concubines and slaves getting to vote?

However, this does give me a better understanding of the Christian Nationalists.

Mr. T

Mr. Shinkoskey, when Livy’s “Early History of Rome” taught [you] about Rome’s democracy” did you happen to notice that Rome actually never was a “democracy”?

(It’s hard to classify as a “democracy” when there are all these slaves making the society work.)

But they DID manage a REPUBLIC of the wealthy and powerful for 482 years.

After that - until the fall of their empire - they were ruled by slave-owning despots. The Roman Empire lasted more than 1,000 years.

Is this what you expect for us?


Yes, Mr. Shinkoskey, I'm sure reading “about the Roman Catholic Church in the Middle Ages clued [you] into the relationship between church and state.”

It likely taught you - until the great Christian confusion of the Reformation - that pretty much meant that Church and State strove to be one and the same.

How timely. That’s what Marjorie Taylor Greene and her Christian Nationalists on the Supreme Court are working for.

Is that what you expect?


I can see where a letter like this would make all you democrats mad since he is not just bowing down and having only the same opinion as all you democrats do, he has actually done his own reading, his own research, formed his own thoughts, his own opinions, and isn't just rolling over saying yes sir, yes ma'am, yes "today's pronoun" as you democrats HAVE TO DO. It's called freedom, democrats, that's what confuses you, which is understandable to all of us that this word, freedom, would be confusing to you since you don't believe in it. We all understand that you democrats want to remove the word "freedom" from everyone's vocabulary and you won't be happy until it's done, really don't have to look very hard to see how democrats attack freedom day in and day out. And the attacks on the author and anyone else for being religious, where does that even come from anymore from the democratic party? What scares you so much that people have beliefs in God? But then again, the bible teaches people to love one another, and these last two years have sure proven that's not what the democrats want, so the bible and religion must be destroyed too I guess? This is a new revelation to me that democrats hate religious people too, so it begs me to wonder how anyone that goes to church can be a democrat, right? So, take it easy democrats, this is just one person's thoughts, one person's opinion, doesn't mean he is trying to take over the world and move into your territory, doesn't make him a threat to democracy (although democrats think free thinking people are the threats and extremists), people can still form their own thoughts and opinions AND SHARE THEM without having to be arrested, at least for now anyways, right, unless you all get your way of course.

Gimmy A. Breake

🔴Whatever the subject

Voice swallows the bait

and treats us all to

to more Democrat hate.🔴

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