Yankton County commissioners are elected officials whose job is to represent all of Yankton County citizens. As elected officials you should look at all sides of a controversial subject.

When county commissioners attend a meeting for Quality of Life and watch a movie about hog CAFOs, clearly geared to sway an opinion one way, a commissioner should take the time and effort to look at it from another perspective so an educated decision can be made with all the facts.

I also want to point out the message that having an emergency meeting to shut down CAFOs (being built by family farms in hopes to keep adult children farming) due to 30 complaints gives the citizens of our county. The appearance to scramble to shut them down only continues to encourage hysteria and divide in our community, especially with inflammatory remarks made at the emergency meeting to include Dan Klimisch’s statement about the community being scared they will wake up surrounded by CAFO’s — again, without completely educating one’s self on the subject.

Leadership should attempt to bring our community together. It should encourage neighbors to talk with neighbors instead of reading emails from Quality of Life members into the minutes.

It is concerning to me how some commissioners continued to try to shut down the hog-barn construction even when the state’s attorney had told them numerous times, due to the process written out in our county ordinance (there to protect citizens’ rights), the current hog barns under construction are within legal parameters. Most concerning is Dan Klimisch’s statement “these are the laws, unfortunately, we have to follow.”

The commission’s job is to be unbiased and run the commission for all citizens of Yankton County based on ordinances designed to protect our rights, not to pick ideas you like and scramble to get rid of anything you don’t. Yankton County citizens should be scared of the current commissioners’ idea of how a government is run because, from this angle, it looks a lot like a dictatorship, and who knows what is on their chopping block next.

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Hogs, cattle, chickens and turkeys are all needed for human exsistance. If the land grabbers from the towns and cities want to move to the country they should have to accept the country for the way it is. Do they all smell? Yes. Deal with it. The county is being driven by money. Be it a special interest group or "friend" of a commisioner who just loves being in the country and wants to bring his town ways with him. How many times have you come across someone in a fancy new pickup dumping leaves and lawn and garden waste on your rouad or in our ditch? I guess we should drive through town and disspose of things we dont want, fair is fair, rite?


The county commission’s level of credibility and honesty is somewhere between Lance Armstrong and Jussie Smollett. As they have lied, intimated, and destroyed evidence to make their case, is it still a valid case?


I'm just curious why you think 'your rights' are greater than your neighbors. Furthermore many of the Commissioner's either do farm or come from a farming background and I'm sure are aware of both sides of the picture. Two of them even attended an event you folks sponsored, held many township meetings and have never made themselves scarce in receiving your input. Behaving like a spoiled entitled child that is not getting their way, is no way to conduct constructive dialogue. Of course, Bullies have never placed respect for others as a fist priority.


Coming from the bully of the Yankton Buzz.... LOL.


Every town kid should get a summer job on a farm. Leave the phone at home and do a little honest work. Learn what farming is. It would do them all some good to have to scoop some manure.


The current of change in this country is towards free range animals. Thus the Commission is correct.


Really? You might believe that, but the truth is the current trend in this country is for more efficient and safe food production. Free range is not efficient and no more safe than other methods. Free range is a great slogan to sucker people into paying more for essentially the same product.


Iman. Along that train of thought. Every farm kid should work in an inner city Soup Kitchen, They would learn what poverty is.

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