The current pandemic has only made it more urgent that laws be passed to improve access to reproductive healthcare. As explained below, abortion must be recognized to be an essential service. The stigma over abortion needs to be removed in order for it to become easy to talk about by everyone, especially by the young.

We must take steps to ensure every pregnancy is wanted, that no unintended pregnancies be conceived. This can only happen if women and men have access to preventive options. Right-wing religion and politics have succeeded in gaining control of women’s sexual and reproductive lives. Planned Parenthood is a terrific resource for information regarding the core components of reproductive justice. In a nutshell, this alludes to accessing (or overcoming roadblocks to) abortion and birth control services. Reproductive justice is linked to social-political-economic inequalities that hinder women from access to reproductive services.

Why is this important? First, many of the candidates running for election are avowed pro-life people. You need to determine where the candidates stand on these issues. Secondly, planet population has increased from 2.5 billion people (in 1945) to 7.8 billion people (in 2020). The carbon created and the forest absorption diminishment hugely impact climate change. Thus, while “pro-life” cults get laws passed that restrict “family planning” services, the planet’s population grows and grows; and therefore, carbon in the atmosphere continues to accumulate and the planet gets warmer.

Your vote for candidates who will preserve and improve reproductive health care will help save the planet.  

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I agree with you that the earth's population is getting to large. So perhaps we need to get rid of the elderly that are very expensive to care for. Maybe we can get rid of the people that are handicapped or are drug addicts or that can't work, for they take a lot of resources, too. What? Your conscience won't let you do that? I would hope not. Why not have actual "family planning" instead of teaching the kids at fourth grade level how to have sex? Why not give them information about abstinence instead of giving them condoms with a high failure rate? Why not offer birth control for an affordable price instead of offering them abortions that take away billions of potentially productive lives?


LKAS: Offering birth control at a reasonable price is exactly what Planned Parenthood is about - don't you see that? Pro-Lifers keep insisting that PP is all about abortions - nothing could be further from the truth. They perform many services at PP, and you only pay what you can afford. Unfortunately, they have been chased out of many places and women in rural areas no longer have access to their services - what a shame. The real way to get rid of abortions is to take away the reason women have them - family planning and access to cheap, reliable birth control is the answer. Abstinence is not - for thousands and thousands of year teenagers have been having one is going to stop that. Get real.


Dave: I was going to give you a [thumbup], because I agree with most of what you said. But then you said "right wing religions". You do understand that the Catholic Church is by far the largest denomination in the US. The Catholic Church is clearly VERY pro-life. I have never associated the Catholic Church with being right wing. djs12258: I agree with what you said also, but its the world population that is the issue, and what we do with regards to family planning here in the USA does not have a major impact on world population.

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