As a state legislator, I had a sincere respect for the committee process. Every issue that we would address would have two committee hearings, meetings were open to the public and we would hear both sides of the issue. You could be sure the truth was told or the credibility of the person would be damaged.

Most of the information on the Prevailing Wind Park project was in area papers. We were told in 2015 Tripp school would receive $1,000 per student per year from Beethoven Wind Park. Not true. They receive $112,000 and had 162 students in 2015. We were told Avon school would receive $1,300 per student per year from Prevailing Wind Park. That also was not true. In 2016, the Legislature made major changes to school state aid. The money from the wind park will be counted the same as local taxes. The formula is very simple: the more local taxes, the less state aid the school will receive. The Tripp school has a wind park in their district and has already passed a tax opt-out because of loss of state aid.

As units of Prevailing Wind Park are built, about 80% are not close to where land owners live. They will not have the noise or shadow flicker from blades turning or have to look at these 600-foot-tall units.

I have been involved two different times when I had a special appreciation for neighbors. It was only because of neighbors working together we saved the life of a neighbor caught in a corn head. A few years ago, a neighbor died unexpectedly. When the beans were ready to harvest, neighbors with combines, grain carts and trucks came to show the true colors of being a neighbor.

Why are wind parks built? Warren Buffet, the third richest man in the world, said publicly that tax credits are the only reason he builds wind parks. They don’t make sense without them. Germany is going back to coal to have a reliable energy source.

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Wind farms have been tried all over the world. They never make sense but hey . . . South Dakota has low population and their politicians are easy to bribe.

Jolly Roger

So what’s the point here, Ed? 1)- South Dakota legislators are stupid? 2)- Wind Energy is bad for (some reason)? 3)- You’re a life-saving Hero? Focus, man! And what’s the beef with Tax Credits? You collected well over $100,000 in agricultural subsidies when you were farming.


Iman, you’re my favorite South Dakotan “Useful Idiot.” Don’t waste your ignorance on Wind Energy. Please focus on supporting the Party of Trump. Let me assure you that the “I’d rather be a Russian than a Democrat” T-Shirt that I promised is on its way. After Trump himself, you’re one of our best assets. Don’t loose focus, Comrade!!


You are confused Putin. Good name for a liberal by the way. You are the guys that want socialism/communism not me. I don’t want the government (or liberals) dictating what I can or cannot do. We’ll see how it goes at election time. If a Dem wins we will need to start impeachment proceedings immediately. My T-Shirt says . . . . “Democrats cause more problems than Russians.”


“You could be sure the truth was told...” Ed, more falsehoods are told out of ignorance than mendacity, and you actually can’t be sure the truth is told if you don’t have the facts. And you provide so few of them. Why not try again?

Jolly Roger

Good lad, Iman! This is the most erudite response you’ve managed since I‘ve been following you. Hey, how about this? - Maybe next time you try weaving a fact or two into your postings instead of giving us those tired old “bumper sticker” stereotypes?

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