Everyone has opinions and viewpoints, and the right to express them—and surely such expression should have, at least, a modicum of civility.

I have followed, with interest, Rev. Brandt’s writings on the editorial/opinion page over the last couple of years — noting his way with words.

However, the rabidity of his rhetoric belies his posturing behind certain Christian principles. Given his obvious political acumen, perhaps Rev. Brandt might consider pursuing another career path, as a Democratic senator or congressman.

Firmly ensconced — with A.O.C., Sanders, Warren, and others—in the midst of the progressive far left — in Washington D.C., would afford him a far superior bully pulpit from which to castigate, demonize and excoriate all us deplorable (and obviously racist) knuckle dragging Trump voters, who ignorantly cling to our Bibles, our guns and the Constitution — BUT who still possess the good common sense to NOT vote for the socialist/communist ideologues of the extreme left, who vie for the presidential nomination, with the purpose of turning our nation into something that would have the Founding Fathers turning over in their graves.

Hopefully, that is enough said. Deo volente!

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Oh Jesus

Dear God! Another righteous politician in a clerical collar.

(Reddite igitur quae sunt Caesaris Caesari, et quae sunt Dei Deo.)

Jolly Roger

You may wish Trump could face A.O.C., Sanders and Warren in November’s contest, but it looks like the Dems are lining up behind Joe.

And don’t write off Socialism so quickly. South Dakota has depended on Agricultural Socialism for our farmers for years. Especially now that your man’s Trade War has handed our markets to the South Americans.

Without Socialism, South Dakota couldn’t continue to receive more money from the Federal Government than it pays in Federal Taxes. You can’t help but notice that this example of Socialism has been very good to us.

Be careful what you wish for, Rev. Your THEOLOGICAL posturing is of little consequence, but your economic posturing could be painful for South Dakotans


Boy, the "F Your Feelings" crowd sure is sensitive when someone has an opinion that differs from theirs. "Go to the Senate and join your fellow libtards. Waa! Waa! Waa!" Kind of a snowflake, aren't you Rev. Ellis?


The Republican definition of Socialism:

If government money 💰 is going to someone else, it’s Socialism. If government money 💰 is coming to you and your friends, it’s not. 🤑

Larry Skow

Jolly Rodger is absolutely right. But Trump did not start this slump in ag prices. It been un going issue for 50 years. Now then maybe the good reverand can answer the simple question. lets start with one. IF money is root of all evil. Why do churchs have so much money? This simple question strikes at the very heart of religion. Why do all fear to answer it? Any one remember the story in the bible about Jesus an money changers in church? Remember don't steal. The government an churchs don't like competion

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