The Democrats are at it again. Nancy Pelosi and crew want $3.6 BILLION of our money, to set up and run the mail-in vote for the November election.

Why do you suppose they want mail-in voting? I know of people receiving mail-in ballots, for their deceased family members, for our upcoming elections. Also, people are receiving stimulus checks for their deceased family members.

What do you suppose will happen for the national election? Democrats say the mail-in ballot is the only safe way to vote, to prevent getting the Coronavirus. Catching the virus, in this way, is no more true than shopping at Walmart, Hy-Vee, Bomgaars, etc., just to name a few businesses. These businesses have many people coming into their businesses, and nobody is complaining about catching the virus. Many people do not wear masks. Why not? The bottom line is that if we can shop at these businesses, go to our awesome state park and gather around the campfire, while sitting next to friends without masks. Why can’t we vote in person?

There is more than what meets the eye, as to what the Democrats want to do with the mail-in vote. Please remember, Democrats want $3.6 billion of our money, for a national mail-in vote.

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What are you talking about. South Dakota is one of the states that get far more federal funds than they contribute.

WalletHub ranks the states for dependence on federal government funding and jobs. In our region, Minnesota and Nebraska are the least dependent on Uncle Sam, ranking 4th and 9th, respectively, for paying their own way. South Dakota ranks 42nd, with only Montana (46th) more dependent on federal money.

E pluribus

Mr. Butzlaff, there is precious little evidence of voter fraud because of mail-in ballots. And for those of us who still believe in representative democracy, having everyone be able to vote without fear is critical.

This is worth spending a fraction of the money that the President has given to his business friends. Moreover it’s just a bit too early for you to dismiss the threat of the coronavirus to the lives of you, your family and your friends.

The president is mandating that all meatpacking plants remain open despite the lack of testing and adequate safety measures. So throughout rural America these fertile seed beds of the coronavirus will continue to expand the pandemic that you have not escaped yet.

Larry Skow

Mr. Butzlaff: Seems no one wants to comment on your letter. So lets add to it. Has any readers or anti Trumpers ever looked into the fact that under the Democratic leadership of Mr. Obama an group of clowns. Evidence is starting to show that after the 2014 biological agreement. $3.7 million was delivered to the Wuhan biological lab. Dr. Fauchi himself took it or transferred it to the lab. Done to study "Bat Viruses". He is on record at a speech he gave predicting a pandemic in late 2019 early 2020. Also he has ties to Unitaid. One also should look up who the major stock holders are of this new wonder cure Remdesivir. Read what the side effects are on this drug. So question is all you anti Trumpers. Did this get its birth under the Democrats? Another question. Why has it seemed all our congressmen-women gotten very silent on issues. Another question to everyone. Do you really think the Chinese wanted to deal with Trump calling them out or would they rather deal with Dementia Joe on this or the trade war/ Now trade wars go all the time. Has all way thru history. Did you know the Opium war--was a trade war between Britain an China? Funny how history books get cleaned up. But honestly. Why isn't our political partyies working to answer or ask some hard questions into this virus an other important issues. How much cash has showed up on doorsteps to silence the critics? One has to bear in mind the old saying. S#@t flows down hill. Guess who is at the bottom? Also control the media an one controls the minds. Or at least some of them. Dig into all this. Truth is out there. WE THE PEOPLE. Keep that in your mind. WE THE PEOPLE!


There you are, 🧁 Cup Cake 🧁‼️

I was starting to miss your litany of conspiracy theories that are so unrelated to any topic at hand. How do you keep track of them all, darling? Spreadsheet?

Good Golly, I wish the Greeley Tribune would again let you work out your psycho neuroses on their pages. 🤡


Blah blah blah, as usual your comment has all the makings of a "who dunnit" without any evidence. I heard from my neighbor that he said this lady was talking about her brother who said that this guy saw a post about a man saying that he saw Dr. Fauchi releasing bats in a lab full of Republicans...soooo it must be true!


Hey Brad, here is a fun fact: both parties vote in an election! WOW, newsflash! How ignorant to think that a mail in ballot would only benefit one party, I mean come on man...really? "Oh they will cheat and send in an extra ballot.." not buying it but nice try. Republicans are coming up with any way they can to keep the goof ball in the white house, and a fair vote scares them.


Hey everybody, we can all just ignore Boots' fear-mongering about elections being tampered with due to mail-in voting. In SD, we have no excuse absentee voting. Meaning anyone can request a mail-in ballot. Not that it matters, everybody knows that only Boots' Rethuglican party wins elections in SD.


Mr. Skow, do you really think Dr. Fauci went to Wuhan with 3.7 million dollars? Does that sound valid? Don't you think it would be kind of heavy? I find it's always a good idea to do a little research when something doesn't sound quite right.

Try reading the following. Don't cherry pick now. Read it all.

Larry Skow

Dear Clown: Please note I never said a word about conspiracy! Not one. I mention pure facts. That is what one deals with. Do you do anything but scratch your backside, sniff your fingers an pass gas all day long? Seems no one like Brad or David can have a opinion. There is a reason mail in voting is not used. It is opening for fraud. Remember the old tongue an cheek saying "Vote early an Vote often"? Now don't get me wrong there is place for mail in ballots. I have cast a vote from 4 foreign countries an used them here in USA because I wasn't home day of voting. But we have enough issues with hanging chads which changed a election outcome. Iowa caucus just had issues with E form. An Clown if you think your insults an this form of cyber bullying will stop me from expressing opinion--right or wrong. Bud you picking on the wrong Dude. Grow some hair in certain place an write your own letter to the P&D or Greeley tribune an express your opinion--rather then the snide comments you tend to make. Use the freedom of the Press. Buck the trend or go like lemmings over the cliff. Suck it up cupcake. It that simple.


Oooeee! Looney Larry is calling me a cyber bully and whining about my “insults” and “snide comments.” I really have taken up residence inside his Colorado Crackpot cranium‼️

I’m not picking on the wrong, Dude, sweetheart. And you can’t imagine how tickled I am to receive the attention and the imprimatur of the Master himself. I’m truly honored.

Though I confess I’m a little jealous of our Governor who starred in your conspiracy theory that she “slept her way to the top.” Do you think you could come up with something more clever than the lame, second-rate characterizations you’re bestowing on me?

But don’t look for me to be writing any letters to the Greeley Tribune. If they blacklisted you they’ll probably blacklist me, too

See? “It takes one to know one.”

Are we bonding, 🧁 Cupcake 🧁? Can you feel it, too?

Jolly Roger

🏴‍☠️ Here’s some unsolicited advice, Larry❗️

You may have noticed most of the serious folks (and I certainly don’t claim to be one) have stopped responding to your conspiracy postings.

I suggest you do the same, and ✋ 🛑 stop ✋🛑 arguing with a Clown 🤡 who’s gotten under your thin skin.

It just reveals how unserious you really are, Cupcake. 🏴‍☠️

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