Trump’s presidency is simultaneously a plutocracy and a kakistocracy. A friend pointed out to me that a kakistocracy is literally a system where the government is run by the worst, least qualified, and/or most unscrupulous citizens. We’ve seen increased evidence of this in our government since the impeachment.  

Donald Trump has a simple playbook: If you want it, take it. If it’s illegal or immoral, hire lawyers to bury it. Now he’s tripping his way through a developing pandemic. The past three years have been a non-stop assault on American norms and democratic institutions. GOP members of Congress provide cover for Trump in return for his loyalty to Republican self-interests. John Thune and Mike Rounds are part of this ghastly kakistocritic mix. For instance, the GOP and president have given a free pass to the Russians to create chaos in our elections and in our politics. The GOP and president are now pushing a second tax cut for the wealthy.

Worse is GOP ignorance of Earth-warming causational factors. GOP has same access to scientific information as do we home readers and observers. They and we should understand that the numbers of people occupying our planet are doubling every 35 years. Earth’s population now is just under 8 billion. This burgeoning population, according to scientists at Population Connection, is the main factor that allows bad effectuation of all other atmospheric-carbon factors. Thus, accumulation of atmospheric carbon can’t be slowed without a population decrease.

Meanwhile, Sen. Mike Rounds and his GOP colleagues push closure of health clinics. And presidential gag orders prevent dissemination of family-planning information. Such political attitudes and actions conflict with humanity’s desire for long-term survival. Pro-life is a word-phrase that means nothing in the broader scheme of things.


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These are the usual laments of the ungodly. But the righteous shall not be stricken by this Heaven-sent plague.

And climate warming means so little to those who know earth is just a temporary waypoint on the path to our heavenly reward.

Come to Jesus and be saved before it’s too late!


I wonder what you would call someone one who favors overly simplistic depictions and understandings of complex situations which they have but scant actual knowledge of. Would you call such a person incompetent, or worse a fool? And what if they insist on spreading their crude take on affairs and on others. Would you judge them to be more than mean-spirited, even dangerous and bordering on a kind of bigotry? Finally, what if such hasty and crude characterizations are scattered in the midst of a crisis when cooperation was of utmost importance, and petty back-biting laid aside at least until the community was better healed, what would you say then? What would you call such a person? I'm just wondering.


Wow. What a bunch of nonsense....some liberals just can’t get over President Trump Making America Great Again....that’s why he’ll be President 2 terms. Maybe 3

Jolly Roger

You’re probably right, mmuncrief. If the Donald can keep the virus body count down to only 1 or 2 family members, Trumpsters will still support him.

Just like farmers who have gone bankrupt are still with him. Too bad he didn’t learn anything from South Korea.

But your grandmother has lived a good long life anyway. Right? Some people will just have to die to Make America Great Again.

Larry Skow

Couple things here #1. The Gift of God needs to stop with the religious balony. Keep politics an church separate. Voice opinion is fine do it without the balony. #2. all you anti Trumpsters. Get over it-- you lost. Also what you should be embarrassed/a shamed of is. How far politics in general have fallen into disgrace. That alone allowed trump to get elected. I voted for the best person on the ballet. Is he 100%? No. But he has done a lot. Zapped some bad guys in middle east. At least he didn't give them money like Obama. Evan Reagan sucked up an gave Iran Arms an TOW via Israel! Regan an Oliver north were pure traitors to USA! So was Casper Weinstein head of CIA that co ordinated it. Americans died because of their actions. Drugs were imported into USA. Sad part here is neither party has gotten any new DNA. Take Trump out of Republicans and they are as sad as the Democrats! Come on people wake up! Trump is handling this virus hiccup all right. It will pass. The stock market an oil prices were head down any way. Coronavirus was just kick in the pants. Trump's trade war didn't cause ag markets to collapse. That's been a 40 year disaster! Farmers don't farm by grain prices to make money. THEY FARM FOR FARM SUBSIDIES! How else do they afford a $750,000 combine every 2 years for 6 weeks worth of work. Wake up Hello any one home in there?

Friedrich Farmer

My, my, Larry you sure know a lot about a lot of things.

Maybe you can tell me how I can transition into one of those cushy farming careers that everyone but me is enjoying?

And you’re right - farming was stressed before Trump. Still, it looks to some of us like his trade war just pushed our biggest foreign buyer into the arms of the South Americans. And did you know those farm SUBSIDIES you don’t like were increased by your man to make up for his foolishness?

Oh, and what body count still qualifies as a “hiccup”? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention calculates between 200,000 and 1.7 million Americans will die. Would 200,000 still be a hiccup? What about when granny dies gasping for air because there are no ventilators?

Larry Skow

Fredrick; I never said this virus wasn't bad. But even if that estimate is right. There are 1.7 Trillion people in the world. It is just a hiccup--just a blip on the chart. Bankruptcys in ag bizzness has been climbing or steady for years. When was last time corn an soybeans had sustaining price? Wheat? LONG BEFORE TRUMP TOOK OFFICE! If you read up China hasn't bought from South America either. One has product someone needs--why sell it below market price? Everyone getting bailouts now. Even Boeing gets $17 BILLION! They not affected by virus. THEY MADE STUPID MISTAKES ON AIRPLANES THAT KILLED PEOPLE! How? Cutting corners on safety! An Fredrick no death is good. But nobody gets out of this thing alive. An no matter how wealthy one is when the bell rings. The survivors never seem to bury one with all that cash one gathered up in their lifetime. This virus was long predicted no one could see it coming. But just like the Black Plague/ Spanish flu/Hong Kong flu/Swine flu it will pass. Sure enough another disaster will occur--flu-weather-financial-man made. A hiccup or blip in time is all they are. Man kind will survive. An more letters to editors will be written. Just this is history we are living.

E pluribus

Larry, I guess you’re working with “alternative facts.”

My facts say Farmer Fred is right. Argentina and Brazil are replacing the US as the main soybean suppliers of China. In fact, Brazil is China’s largest soybean supplier. Do you really think the Chinese will come roaring back to US farmers when this thing is over? I’m guessing they’ll forever “hedge their bets” in the future. I would.

And, yes, “Mankind will survive.” Humanity’s body count has gone down steadily since WWII. So things are actually getting better.

But the President was unprepared. Coronavirus will overwhelm our hospitals. Our medical workers are falling sick because of their inadequate protective gear. A stretched healthcare system is playing catch-up producing tests and ventilators. There is already horrendous footage you can view online.

With a more competent President, so many people wouldn’t have to die. But I get you’re not concerned with the casualties. Like you say ”nobody gets out of this thing alive.” OK. So do we go back to work like the President wants? Maybe…

But think about this - economic life can’t go on as usual if too many folks have family gasping out the last days of their lives. It’s tough to keep your mind on work if you fear your loved ones will die.

I guess one man’s “blip” is another man’s pandemic.


The American people should be ashamed of themselves. Their response to the Coronavirus is selfish and uncaring.

And this holds true for ALL Americans - BOTH the right and the left. Left wingers say thousands will die because the President screwed up and didn’t make preparations. The right wing says this is really no big deal.

But we all need to come together in the realization that the most important thing in this time of crisis is to give our President the appreciation he deserves.

He’s tried to tell us this in his eloquent nightly briefings. “They’re not appreciative to me!” he pleads forthrightly. It’s clear our problem is not inadequate protective gear for our medical community. Or too few ventilators. Or lack of testing.

No, the problem is lack of APPRECIATION! And this problem cannot be solved until Trump can inspire all of us to recognize his great sacrifice.

I know our President will never give up on this. He’ll press this essential point every night until this problem is behind us. In the words of that Great Patriot, Patrick Henry, “Give me appreciation or give me death!”


Clown: What did the left do to prepare? They like to put the blame on one man and take no ownership of their role. You say that we must all come together, but isn't it the left that keeps pushing the divide?

Thanks for taking your usual low road in your interpretation of the "appreciation" comments. You have got to ask yourself, What did New York Gov. Cuomo and his health department do to prepare for the pandemic? Instead of pointing fingers, how about providing solutions.

Larry Skow

E.Plurbus. USA farmers have been overtaken by foreign countries. Brazil an Russia for wheat. Brazil is now biggest soybean grower . Argentina is right in there. NOW where do you think their market is at? DUH! Try China. MAYBE? It simple this all is purchased with US dollars. It cheaper to ship from other shores as well closer. USA farmers 1/3 of soybeans an corn is made into biofuels. A tremendous waste of food crops. Brazil uses a tall sweet grass for ethanol not food crops. The USA farmer is getting beat--by himself.

Farmers went over taught them how to grow. USA seed companies sold the products .USA fertilizer companies sold the fertilizers. All undercutting USA farmers. John Deere an ALL FARM EQUIPMENT COMPAIES SELL WORLDWIDE! Who gets better deal us or them? Come on people everyone has cut our throats. Politicians of all parties went along with it. HELLO KNOCK KNOCK ANYONE HOME? If you wish to bring everyone in line. It simple. All we have to do is cutoff all feminine needs an TP to these counties. 90-120 days when aunt flo is calling an women of the world are upset. PUTIN/Chinese leader an leaders of all these countries would come crawling thru miles of broken glass to cut a GOOD trade deal

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