Since 1957 Lyndon LaRouche has been warning the nation of a collapse of the financial system. He said why and proposed the American System to replace it. You didn’t listen. Now see what you don’t have!

Since 1984, LaRouche warned of the re-emergence of old diseases and the advent of new ones. He said why and what should be done to prevent them. You didn’t listen. Now you’re caught.

In my campaigns for Congress, I warned you about the collapsing financial system, about the collapse of agriculture. I asked for your vote to send me to D.C. to introduce the legislation required to preserve and expand the productive economy. Most of you voted for the other guys. See the results of your folly.

Two viruses confront the world today: The monetarism of Wall Street/City of London and the British Empire geopolitics underpinning it; plus the novel coronavirus. Both are mass killers, the former responsible for the latter. Both must be defeated; the earlier it is done, the fewer of you will die.

Wake up, my friends. Pay attention to what will allow you to survive and prosper again:

We must immediately implement LaRouche’s proposals:

1. Re-enact the 1933 Glass-Steagall Act, separating the investment banks from the commercial banks, protecting the latter from the former.

2. Establish a national bank (done in 1791 by Alexander Hamilton) whose purpose is to increase the physical economic productivity and standard of living of persons and households domestically and internationally. Close the Fed.

3. Issue vast amounts of credit to build infrastructure, and support manufacturing. Cut out usury and gambling. Return to parity pricing for agriculture. Hold an emergency summit among the world’s four major powers — the U.S., China, India, and Russia — to coordinate top-down cooperation in a Bretton Woods style of agreements to set national currency exchanges at fixed rates, facilitate fighting COVID-19, as well as fund trade and joint infrastructure projects.

4. Fund R&D and science-driven programs, such as space exploration and fusion energy development.

Build the future. Treat causes and symptoms. Call the White House: 855-948-2311.

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Larry Skow

Mr. Wieczorcek: Couple items you are over looking here. No economic model exists where no growth takes place in market place. That is what the world faces now. American Ag market has been no growth for years. We use 1/3 of our corn/soybeans to make fuel for cars. Waste of food. Countries have like Russia an S. America on wheat. S. America on soybeans have cut the export market. Russia used to buy tons of chickens. They were taught how to grow their own. Beef same way in Austrailia/s. America. Ag has overproduced market for years. Prices have been under water an propped up by support for way too long. World can make more widgets then it consumes in all arenas. Everything was overproduced. Oil has collapsed simply due to over production. Economy was propped up for too long it was collapsing. Oil prices were coming down . The virus was just a kick in the pants. Jury is out on natural or manmade who knows. Every 100 years or so the economic model collapses. A virus or sickness sweeps the world. But the world has never faced a no growth period in market place. That is what you have now. We will enter into socialism--weather we like it or not. We will have a 10-20 year period to come back out of that model. If not then one declines farther into the abscess. We are close now. Look at all the support shoveled out now. All forms of higher education/Ag market/Health industry/auto/Social Security. It will be simple matter of which form do we take. One day they will come for our guns. An don't kid yourself neighbors will turn on neighbors. Our own military will turn on citizens. Already has happened. Kent State---50 years ago.


LaRouche was commonly regarded as a conspiracy theorist, for example by his Fox News obituary. An article in the Southern Poverty Law Center website names him as "a fringe ideologue and conspiracy theorist whom Chip Berlet, senior analyst at Political Research Associates and an expert on the radical right calls “the man who brought us fascism wrapped in an American flag”." An NPR obituary is titled Conspiracy Theorist And Frequent Presidential Candidate Lyndon LaRouche Dies At 96. The Washington Post obituary reports he was "often described as an extremist crank and fringe figure" and that he "built a worldwide following based on conspiracy theories, economic doom, anti-Semitism, homophobia and racism".

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