Recently, I had an appointment to renew my driver’s license in Yankton. I was surprised and disappointed to discover both driver’s license workers did not wear any kind of face coverings.

When I asked why they weren’t wearing face masks, they said they weren’t required to wear them, they didn’t believe in them and it was their right to not wear them. There were small plexiglass barriers with holes in them at their work stations which didn’t prevent the flow of air droplets.

I was masked, kept my distance, and used hand sanitizer after every time I touched something.

Bottom line: If you are concerned for your health, renew your driver’s license online when it is time to renew it. Because of eyeglasses I could not renew online. And if you cannot renew your license online, wait to do it in person until after there is an approved COVID-19 vaccine and the driver’s license workers wear masks.

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Ah yes… The rest of the Nation looks on in disbelief as South Dakotans ignore the Virus. "Live Free and Die" may become our new state motto.


My thyroid compromised mom was there the same morning with an appointment at the beginning of the day. She should not have had to face both state employees and random comers and goers sans masks during a pandemic.


I renewed a couple weeks ago. Didn't have the same experience. All 3 of the state workers were wearing masks. But some do and some don't is no excuse. My biggest concern was over the eye test machine. I was relieved to see that it was cleaned right after the person before me used it. But there were some children along with a parent who were not masked.

Old Hugh

What would you expect from folks taking their cue from a president who won’t wear a mask, gets sick and then goes around holding maskless rallies?

And it BEARS observing that the “White House coronavirus response coordinator” Vice prez Pence won’t even self-quarantine after his chief of staff and others in his inner circle come down with the 🦠 VIRUS🦠

These people won’t protect themselves. Why would we believe they will protect us?

Grateful Dead


MAGA - Make America Grateful Again!

Forget those FAKE mourners, we're turning the corners‼️

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